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Good Products To Enhance Your Skin During Harmattan

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and as such, it needs adequate care to boost its health and quality. It is known to perform many functions such as protection, sensation, heat regulation, excretion, beautification, etc. What concerns us more is its beauty function especially during this season of harmattan, hence the need to take action to enhance your skin during harmattan.

The skin is of two layers – dermis and epidermis. The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin known for giving our skin its colour through the melanin it produces. If you are nonchalant about your skin during harmattan,  you suffer the consequences which are dry skin, dry lips, cracked heels, ashy complexion, etc. Hence, it is necessary that we apply very good body creams/ lotions on our skin.

We have brought to you six Oriflame skin products which do not only enhance the skin but also protect it from the adverse conditions of the harmattan season.

enhance your skin during harmattan

This Loving Care Body Lotion is a gentle body lotion for the whole family. With nourishing PH-balance formula infused with natural almond milk and a caring scent, your skin will not cease to glow. Almond milk is a known source of vitamins and minerals that help nourish and condition the skin. This body lotion, which has been tested dermatologically, is big enough for the whole family.

enhance your skin during harmattan

Do you have a flaky skin? Do you usually experience rashes or wrinkles no matter the amount of cream you apply? Well then, worry no more because Happy Skin is just for you.

Happy Skin Body Lotion is targeted at people with dry skin. It contains sesame oil to help moisturize and soften the skin. This sesame oil is full of anti-oxidants that not only keeps the skin fresh and clear at all times but also keeps the skin from aging fast. Regular usage of this lotion fights of wrinkles and makes the skin age at a slower pace.

With Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Deep Exfoliating Cream, your dry and rough skin diminishes just after one use. All you need do is to use this exfoliating cream to scrub your feet. This rich, creamy, high-performance rinse-off foot scrub with natural origin pumice beads and nourishing shea butter effectively exfoliates, purifies and conditions rough skin to leave your feet soft and perfect. It also has a soothing fragrance.

enhance your skin during harmattan

This also is a very wonderful product in Oriflame. It is called the Tender care balm but normally referred to as GBOGBONISE. It heals chapped lips. It can also be used on elbows to banish dryness and protect skin from cracking. To soften and soothe skin, rub it in dry cracked cuticles. Use on the sides of eyes to instantly hydrate skin and help minimize fine lines. Massage into dry, rough heels and toes to keep feet soft and supple.

Use this Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heels Repair & Smooth Cream to treat rough and cracked heels. It is a rich and deeply conditioned cream formulated with Mineral 4E blend and three intensive moisturizers – Urea, cocoa butter and panthenol. Together, they restore and protect the condition of dry, rough and cracked skin with visible improvement in three days.

enhance your skin during harmattan

This moisturizing Avocado hand cream infused with Avocado oil helps to soften, condition and promote smoother skin.

With these products, it is guaranteed that you can enhance your skin during harmattan.

The aforementioned Oriflame products are all consumer and dermatologically tested. To get any of them, contact Faith on 09024045714.


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