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7 Tips How to Wear Bum Shorts and Turn Heads

When it’s time to go to the beach, chill out by the poolside, go clubbing, or do any casual activity, these shorts are statement pieces on their own. They flaunt your thighs and highlight your silhouette in an admirable fashion. But if you don’t know how to wear bum shorts and turn heads, you’ll never achieve this.

It goes beyond simply wearing bum shorts outfits. You have to combine it the right way to create that classy look that draws attention otherwise you’ll show your skin in vain.

How do you do this as a chic lady you are?

lady wearing denim coordinated bum shorts outfit

We’ve answered in this post you’re reading.

So, if you’ll like to go beyond flaunting your thighs to making a style statement with your denim or leather shorts, keep reading.

You’ll know how to wear bum shorts and turn heads before you arrive at the last word of this article.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Bum Shorts, the Sexy Apparel for the Sexy Fashionista

lady layering top and bum shorts with kimono

Bum shorts are very short shorts women wear to flaunt their legs and thighs. Depending on the length, these shorts also show a bit of the bum. They are sexually appealing and quite revealing. 

They can be high-rise or low-rise, loose or tight-fitting with different designs or prints. Furthermore, they mostly come in fabrics such as denim, leather, crepe, chinos, silk, chiffon, etc. It all depends on your style and preferences.

lady wearing light blue blazer with matching bum shorts

For instance, you can have a two-piece bum short ensemble that comes with a blazer. You can as well have one as lingerie or jeans.  These outfits are versatile but are strictly FOR  casual or smart casual dress codes, depending on how you style them.

And as such, don’t wear these shorts to the office unless you run your company and set the rules.

How to Wear Bum Shorts and Exude Class

lady wearing white T-shirt with orange bum shorts and sneakers

Although bum shorts outfits show much skin, they exude class so long as you style them right.

How? You ask. In the following ways: 

1. Layer with an Outerwear

Victoria Willie wearing bum shorts with kimono

This works in two ways:

  • Layer with a long outerwear
  • Layer with a short one

If you’re not comfortable showing off your thighs and legs or your bum short is too short, go for the first option. This includes outfits like kimonos, coats, dusters, or button-up dresses.

red cap lady wearing red blazer on jeans bum shorts

You can leave the buttons unfastened in front while it shields your behind from the prying eyes of people. Furthermore, this helps to add more accents and proportions to your look.

For the second option, blazers, short denim jackets, shirts,  sweaters, cardigans, etc., come in handy. If you’re comfortable flaunting your back view, go ahead and layer with these options. 

lady wearing kimono on tank top and bum shorts

Regardless of anyone you go for, you’ll love your look.

2. Coordinate Your Look

lady wearing red coordinated set with bum shorts

If your shorts are denim, pair them with a denim jacket. If it comes with a top or blazer made with the same fabric or prints, wear them together.

lady wearing black denim jacket with matching bum shorts

Co-ords are stylish. The best part is they save you from racking your brain about the best top to complement your bum shorts.

lady wearing pink coordinated

3. Pair with a Shirt

lady wearing shirt with bum shorts

You can wear your bum shorts with any style of dress shirt be they button-downs, button-ups, or one without buttons. Whichever way, you’ll look great as you add a touch of formal dress code to your look.

lady wearing white shirt on jean bum shorts

Also, this is one of the ways to style a white shirt.

lady wearing white shirt on jean bum shorts

4. Pair with a Turtleneck

lady wearing shades with turtleneck top on bum shorts

Another tip on how to wear bum shorts is to combine them with a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are chic outfits. They’ll add a subtle look of modesty if you pair them with your bum shorts.

lady wearing blazer on a green turtle neck and bum shorts

You can go for a long-sleeved or sleeveless turtleneck top. Need more inspo? Check out our guide on how to style turtleneck.

lady rocking turtleneck top with bum shorts

5. Wear with Tees or Sweatshirts

lady wearing T-shirt with bum shorts

This is another tip on how to wear bum shorts that you’ll always need. You’ll need them on the days when you don’t feel like spending hours rummaging your wardrobe.

lady wearing T-shirt with denim bum shorts

Just grab on your T-shirt or sweatshirt, pair it with a nice pair of bum shorts, and get going.

lady wearing sweater with bum shorts and sneakers

6. Pair with a Crop Top

lady wearing white crop top with jean bum shorts

This is a great option if you wanna go extra by showing more skin. You can go for a crop top with any neckline that suits your style.

plus sized lady wearing crop top with bum shorts
lady wearing black crop top on a black bum shorts

7. Pair with a Bodysuit or Tank Top

lady wearing layered tank top with bum shorts and sneakers

Another chic option to add spice to your bum shorts outfits.  It also serves as what to wear to the beach. To add more details, you can layer as usual before stepping out.

lady wearing tank top on bum shorts
lady wearing animal print tank top with denim bum shorts

Accessorizing Your Bum Shorts

lady wearing red blazer on denim bum shorts

As we earlier established, bum shorts are statement outfits on their own. And as such, your accessories should be toned down for your shorts to be the focus of attention.

lady rocking all-black bum shorts outfit

But if you don’t care about that, by all means, feel free to accessorize as you wish.

Wear a hat or any headwear for women that suit your outfit. Grab on your sneakers, stiletto, knee-high boots. Add long or short necklaces with your earrings and other jewelry.

lady rocking lemon blazer with jeans bum shorts

Mix colors and prints the right way.

And while at this, keep your makeup muted so the rest of your outfit shine.

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