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Floral Prints: How to Wear Them and Make a Fashion Statement

Sometimes, to make a fashion statement, all you need is one style-gical print to enhance your good looks and pop you out from the crowd. Floral prints are one.

They don’t just remind you of a beautiful garden basking in the beauty of the glowing sun. They transform you into that garden, making you the cynosure of all eyes with only one dress, shirt, shorts, or pants as the case may be.

But this doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of a deliberate effort to look good and stand out in floral clothes.

And if that’s the goal that brought you to this page, you’re right on track.

You’ll learn how to style your floral prints in this article. But for them to work for you, you have to resolve to use the tips in this post every time you pick up a flowery outfit.

Ready to upgrade your floral styling instincts? Great. Let’s dive in.

Floral Prints and the Fashion Industry

lady wearing flowery top in a flower shop

Never for once has this print gone out of style. They’re always in vogue, whether on the runway or the streets. 

As the name implies, these prints come with flowery details on them. They’re a representation of mother nature and her beautiful gardens and vegetations laced with flowers. Hence, they symbolize freshness and beauty. 

Furthermore, this print mostly comes as pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, rompers, jumpsuits, vintage shirts, etc. 

They’re your perfect summer outfits as you can wear them to the beach or just anywhere and have the sun kiss your skin.

lady wearing black top on a floral print short skirt

Floral prints can be dark-toned or light-toned. For instance, you can have a mixture of flowery icons on a white background for one flowery fabric, and another with a dark background.

They’re also versatile as you can find them in different colors. Fashion designers from time immemorial have harnessed the power of these prints to get creations that rake in massive sales.

They’ve become a must-include staple in every season, most especially Spring/Summer collections. That aside, they are timeless and are never bound by fashion trends.

How to Wear Florals and Get Compliments

lady wearing flowery dress

Since these prints are statement pieces on their own, you can always wear them like that and make a good impression.

But what we at Svelte Magazine want for you goes beyond that. We want people to look at you twice and wonder if it’s the regular flowery pattern they know.

And for you to achieve that, follow these tips to the letter:

1. Wear One with Statement Details

lady wearing flowery outfit with a statement hat

Do you have a floral print shirt, dress, or pants with bold details? If yes, then that’s an easy-peasy way to rock floral prints. This detail could be the sleeves, collar, pocket, hem, etc.

pretty smiling lady wearing short floral print gown to make a fashion statement

Wear it and get going. The details will add more accent to your look and fetch you compliments.

lady wearing a floral print dress as a statement outfit

2. Simply Accessorize

lady wearing floral outfit accessorizing right

Accessories never fail to magnify your outfit. It can be something as simple as a drop necklace, luxury wristwatch, a belt, a handbag, scarf, a pair of sunglasses, or even a wide-brimmed hat.

lady wearing shades on her floral long jacket

Add a statement accessory when styling your floral print dresses. They’ll save you from getting worked up about the rest of your outfit.

lady wearing white top with flowery shorts and bag

3. Pick the Right Shoes

lady wearing flowery gown with high boots

Picture a nice pair of kicks on your feet as you rock your floral attire. Feel the silky-smooth knee-high boots adorning your pretty legs. Envisage how gracefully you walk into the venue with your dazzling stiletto heels complementing your midi floral dress.

lady wearing flowery dress on heels

Feels perfect, eh?

lady wearing flowery dress with white sneakers

That’s what the right shoes do to your outfit. Whether they’re a pair of formal shoes, some nice kicks, or any beautiful types of shoes for women, they add class and aplomb to your look.

4. Mix Prints

lady mixing floral and polka dots prints in a dress

Yes! Another way to rock floral prints like a true fashionista is to mix them with a matching print.

Polka dots, plaid, animal print, and stripes are a good fit for this. You can also combine different floral prints.

lady mixing floral and ankara prints in a dress

A pro tip for achieving this is to work based on the color palettes. There are other guidelines for mixing your flowery patterns with other prints. We explained them in our piece how to mix prints.

lady mixing floral print with another type of print

If you’d like to try this option, go ahead and check it out. Other than that, let’s proceed.

5. Pair it with a Plain Fabric

lady pairing flowery top with plain bumshorts

You can use this hack to make a one-piece or simply pair your flowery shirts with plain bottoms.

Jhené Aiko rocking floral print kimono on a plain material outfit

A rule of thumb is to work with neutral colors such as beige, black, silver, white, nude, etc.

lady wearing flowery and plain outfit

Rules to Guide You When Wearing Floral Prints

Consider Colors

lady matching colors perfectly with her flowery outfit

To be safe, pick neutral colors or a color that complements the dominant color of your flowery outfit. But if you aren’t scared to leave your comfort zone, look at the flowers on your cloth, pick one of its colors and work with it.

lady showing how to choose colors when wearing floral prints

Start Small

lady wearing flowery scarf with dark glasses

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Floral scarves, floral print heels, floral socks, etc., are also flowery prints.

floral shoes

That’s to say the little things matter too. So, go ahead and use that flowery blazer to layer your outfit. You’ll see you’ll make an effortless style statement.

Keep it Minimal

lady rocking minimal floral print outfit

Your fabric is already doing the job for you. So, try not to bombard your outfit with too many details.

lady wearing floral print boots

Live by the less is more rule knowing full well you can wear a single statement accessory and look like you’re wearing more.

Let Others Inspire You

Jennifer Osei rocking floral print outfit
Jennifer Oseh showing you how to rock floral prints

Starting out to make a style statement with floral prints may not be easy at first. But you can simplify it for yourself by imitating others.

Follow those fashionistas whose style and confidence you find attractive. Observe how they combine prints and colors. Save their photos on your phone and consult them when it’s time to recreate.

Jennifer Osei inspiring you

A dazzling style influencer you can take endless clues from is Jennifer Oseh. Her pictures abound in this post and that’s because she’s become a pro at mixing prints and vibrant colors. 

For more flowery patterns inspo, visit her Instagram page and see how one of her photos doles out a thousand style lessons.

Remember They’re not Seasonal

lady rocking sweater on flowery skirt in winter

These prints aren’t bound by trends. They are timeless. And as such, you can wake up any time of the year and wear them to any part of the world.

lady wearing floral print in summer

So, rock them with pride and become that walking garden basking in the beauty of the sun. 

One thing I haven’t mentioned in this piece is the fact that floral patterns add more color to your outfit. Let’s agree I saved the best for the last.

a blond lady wearing a white outfit with a touch of floral print

But rocking flowery patterns isn’t the only way to wear more colors. Wanna see others? Read up our guide on how to wear more colors without looking too loud.

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