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3 Great Tips on How to Wear Knee-High Boots

Thinking of turning up in a different yet exotic look this weekend? Try pairing your outfits with knee-high boots. This type of shoes for women connote style, class and adventure. Don’t fidget. I know it’s not quite a popular item here in Nigeria and that’s why these tips on how to wear knee-high boots are here to guide you. From mini skirts to midi skirts and skinny jeans, knee-high boots are now must-have wardrobe staples for statement fashion lovers.

Meagan Good rocking black knee-high boots

Knee-high boots are boots that either rise to the knee, go slightly above or under the kneecap or are high enough to almost graze the knee. Initially, they were made of synthetic rubber and leather and used by dairy workers, fishermen and other menial workers to protect their feet from water and mud. However, this style of boots sauntered into the fashion scene in the 1950s and ever since then it’s been a killer add-on to basic outfits.

Is it Knee-High Boots or Over-The-Knee Boots?

woman in all-brown outfit including a brown knee-high boots
Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots are quite different from over-the-knee boots although some people mistake them to be the same.

lady in all-black rocking a black over-the-knee boots with heels
Over-the-knee boots

The major difference between these two boots is in the appearance. Over-the-knee boots are long boots that partly or fully cover the knees. In the 15th century, they were originally designed to be riding boots for men but later evolved to be fashion items for women around the 1960s.  However, like knee-high boots, OTK boots also serve as work boots for fishing or other jobs that require protection for the legs. They are also known as thigh-high boots or cuissardes.

lady rocking leopard design over-the-knee boots with heels
Over-the-knee boots

Regardless of the difference in the height of the boots, many knee-high and over-the-knee boots come with heels, stiletto or block, to further highlight the legs and suit the style needs of various wearers. So if you’re a lover of heels, you can still exude confidence while wearing a pair of knee-high or OTK boots or go for the heelless ones. However, it is said that over-the-knee boots suit ladies with longer legs more because there’s more skin to show when the shoes go way above the knees.

How to Wear Knee-High Boots

African lady rocking black over-the-knee boots with heels

When wearing knee-high boots, you can decide to go monochromatic, analogous or simply stick to neutral colour-matching. Whichever way, the goal is to pull off a look that turns heads and tempts people to take a picture of you for inspiration. So whether you pair your knee-high boots with a pencil skirt or a flare dress, they still will elevate your outfit.

1. How to Wear Knee-high Boots with Jeans

woman in jeans wearing brown over-the-knee boots with heels

When wearing knee-high boots with jeans, make sure the jeans are skinny so they can go under your boots. You can pair with a peplum top or tuck in your shirt and use a belt to flatter your waist. You can as well layer with a loose sweater, jacket or kimono to add more details to the look. Just ensure your jeans are skinny so they don’t pop out underneath thereby making your leg lines unpleasing.

2. How to Wear Knee-high Boots with Leggings

woman in leggings wearing brown knee-high boots

When wearing leggings with knee-high boots, ensure your top is long. You can wear a long tunic or sweater. Short tops are a no-no for leggings with knee-high boots.

lady in leggings rocking black over-the-knee boots

3. How to Wear Knee-high Boots with a Skirt or a Dress

lady in a short dress rocking black knee-high boots

Knee-high boots also go well with dresses whether A-line, flare or pencil. They can be short or midi skirts/dresses too. As you know, midi skirts are long skirts that come down to mid-calf while mini skirts do not get to the knees at all. When pairing knee-high boots with a midi skirt or dress, you don’t have to worry about the hem because it will definitely cover your boots. That is, your boots should be underneath the skirt. However, if it’s a short skirt or dress, let the hem be a few inches above your thighs. Just don’t wear your knee-high boots with a skirt or dress if the skirt touches your boots yet it isn’t midi. Showing enough skin between the hem of your skirt/dress and your knee-high boots gives your legs a flattering silhouette. Hence, if it isn’t a midi dress or a short dress, then don’t pair with knee-high boots.

pregnant woman in a red midi gown wearing white knee-high boots with heels

Knee-high boots can be styled in limitless ways. Garnish the look with the right accessories and headwear for women to add more accents. If you’re thinking about the right knee-high boots to start with, simply go for black colours; they keep you safe and sound.

woman in leggings wearing brown knee-high boots
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