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What to Wear to the Beach — Outfits for Men and Women

 The beach is one place we go to let off steam and appreciate the beauty of nature. But in order to fully enjoy the experience, we need to dress for the occasion. If you’re unsure what that means, don’t worry — just follow these simple tips on what to wear to the beach and you won’t have a problem!

Style Guide on What to Wear to the Beach

guy in shorts with lady in bikini at the beach

You want to feel good and comfortable while you catch fun at the beach. If you wear the wrong clothes, you won’t be able to achieve that.

Moreso, you wouldn’t like to appear inappropriate when others at the beach look good for the occasion, would you?

This itself is enough reason for you to use this style guide on what to wear to the beach. It’ll come in handy once you have a beach occasion. 

In view of this, here are the outfits you should wear to the beach:

1. Shorts with Vest, Shirt or T-shirt

smiling guy in shorts

You want to move freely while at the beach. You want the wind to touch your face, hands and legs without restrictions and as such, a pair of shorts with a vest or loose shirt will do the magic. 

If you choose this outfit, there will be no constriction around your legs. You’ll feel comfy and breezy despite the hot weather.

guy in bright shorts and unbottened shirt

Furthermore, your shirt can be of any colour and print of your choice. But one with floral prints will make you look vibrant and cheery as the weather. Just make sure the shirt isn’t tight on your body or better still, wear a vest or tee. You can button halfway while you leave the top buttons to flaunt your chest a bit.

2. Bikini

lady in a yellow bikini

Wanna flaunt those curves your mama gave you? Just slip on your bikini. You can as well layer with a kimono to hide some skin while you relax or walk on the beach.

black lady wearing black bikini

3. Maxi Dress

lady weraing maxi dress

Do you need something that would billow with the wind? Wear a maxi dress. When the beachy wind blows and your dress billows, if you’re quick enough to capture that moment, you’ll have an awesome picture.

lady wearing brown maxi dress

Your maxi dress can be plain, floral or multicoloured depending on what you want. However, to look more stylish, wear a bright coloured dress that blends in with the scenery.

4. Sunscreen

 This is very vital considering the fact that you’ll be walking or sitting in the sun while at the beach. Sunscreen is a lotion, cream, spray, gel or any product you apply on your skin to absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays and protect against sunburn

Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. It will block 97% of the UV rays of the sun. If you don’t use sunscreen, the sun may cause you to get serious heat rashes or burn your skin. 

5. Romper

lady in a pink hat and romper at the beach

A playsuit will also give you comfort and style while at the beach. Remember this when you are confused about what to wear to the beach. It’ll help you flaunt your legs.

smiling lady wearing romper

Just make sure your rompers have a zipper so when it’s time to use the restroom, you won’t find yourself struggling.

6. Shorts and Tank Top, Tees or Crop Top

smiling lady at the beach enjoying pineapple

You can as well wear this to flaunt your legs, look good and enjoy your stay at the beach.

lady wearing shorts with hat at the beach

7. Hat

lady rocking bikini and wide brimmed hat

Wearing a hat will act as a shade from the sun and prevent sunburn. It will also protect your hair from the wind especially if a strong wind blows. With your hat on, your hair will remain nice for as long as you’re at the beach.

guy in sunglasses and hat

Furthermore, a hat is a stylish accessory and knowing how to rock a hat will do you much good in a public gathering like a beach.

8. Boyfriend Shirt

lady wearing boyfriend shirt at the waterside

A boyfriend shirt is a loose shirt that looks like a short, sexy shirtdress when worn. You can wear a pair of shorts underneath or just go on with the shirt and your undies. It affords you comfort and free movement while at the beach.

lady wearing shirtdress and sunglasses to the beach

9. Short Dress

lady wearing wearing outfit for the beach

This is also what to wear to the beach as a lady. Ensure your short dress is loose-fitting or flared and preferably short-sleeved so you can have a really nice time at the beach.

lady wearing short flare dress

10. Sunglasses

lady rocking sunglasses

This is also what to wear to the beach. Sunglasses are direct protection for your eyes against the harsh rays of the sun. Once you have your sunglasses on, you can look up at the sky while you relax on the beach. Moreso, it’s a stylish add-on to your outfit.

lady rocking sun shades

Shoes for the Beach

footwear for the beach
  • Flip flops
  • Palms
  • Sandals
  • Crocs 
  • Pool sliders
  • Slippers
  • Water shoes and any other footwear that is easy to wear and take off especially when sand creeps in.

What NOT to Wear to the Beach

1. Tight Clothing

It will only restrict your movement and leave spots of sand where there was none before. Instead, opt for loose clothes made with lightweight fabrics.

2. Sweater

Unless you’ll be visiting the beach at night, you shouldn’t wear this. The weather will be hot during the day. Wearing a sweater will only make you sweaty and uncomfortable.

3. Black

Black absorbs heat and light. And since the beachy weather is usually hot, you know what this means.

Hence, rather than wear black, wear white or other light colours. They’ll help to reflect light and heat from your body.

4. Jeans

Unless the jeans are loose or short, don’t wear them to the beach. If you wear jeans and get into the water, you’ll return home soggy and wet. Furthermore, sand could get into your jeans and leave you feeling itchy all over.

5. Sneakers

When sand gets into your sneakers, you won’t be able to endure the discomfort. You’ll have no choice but to untie the kicks, take them off, wear them again and tie the laces back.

Isn’t that stressful?

Why don’t you wear the right footwear for the beach instead or better still, go barefoot? This way you’ll be able to have enough fun at the beach, play with the sand without feeling uncomfortable.

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