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How to Treat Sunburn

There was a time my face looked darker than the rest of my skin and if I wore a sleeveless top, my chest region turned pale and red. I noticed this happened whenever I got too exposed to the sun and as it got out of hand, I had to reach out to my dermatologist who told me I was suffering from sunburn. To salvage my skin problem, he shared with me great tips on how to treat sunburn and some medications too. These tips I have all culled in this article.

Sunburn happens when your skin gets overexposed to the UltraViolet rays of the sun. It can cause the skin to blister, wrinkle and result in skin cancer if care is not taken. Due to the fact that the sun scorches us almost every day, it is important to know how to treat sunburn in case you get one. But before proceeding to its treatment, since they say prevention is better than cure, let’s look at some easy ways to prevent sunburn.

How to Prevent Sunburn

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The best way to prevent sunburn is to reduce the amount of time your skin is exposed to the sun. This you can do via the following ways:

Always Wear a Sunscreen

Avoid going out when the sun is too scorching but if it is important that you do, then don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is a cream, to be spread on the skin, containing organic compounds that absorb the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. You can get a good sunscreen from a cosmetic shop. Sunscreens are very important as not all body creams contain enough Sun Protection Factor. So when you wear one, you can bet you’re safe.

Stay in Locations with Shade

If you are waiting for someone, don’t just stand in the sun; look for a shade and wait. Staying in a location without shade exposes you some more to sunlight.

Wear a Hat

Besides being a stylish accessory, hats, especially the wide-brimmed ones, protect your face from the sun. It isn’t needed for the beach alone so when next you are headed out and the sun seems so scorching, grab a hat and get on your way. It protects you from sunburn and as well improves your outfit.

Wear Sunglasses

Never step out when the sun is mega hot without your sunglasses. Just like hats, sunglasses do not only protect your eyes, they also make you look more stylish. There are different types of sunglasses available. You just have to grab the one that suits your face and get going.

How to Treat Sunburn

Black woman treating sunburn - How to Treat Sunburn

1. Hydrate Your Skin

There are two ways to do this: you either drink enough water or moisturise your skin. When you get a sunburn, moisturise your skin preferably with an aloe vera-based moisturiser as it helps soothe burned skin.

2. Take a Pain Relief

If the sunburn causes you pain, take Paracetamol or any pain relief capable of relieving pain and erasing inflammation such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen.

3. Wear Loose Clothing

Wear loose-fitting clothes that allow your skin breathe. When you get a sunburn, you should dress as you would when the weather is hot.

4. Don’t Rupture Blisters

If you’ve got blisters, don’t try to peel or rupture them. Let them be as this will reduce your chances of getting an infection and fasten the healing process.

5. Prevent Further Damage

If it is possible for you to avoid standing or walking in the sun while treating your sunburn, then please do so. This will help reduce the impact of the sunburn by minimising the exposure of the affected area to the UV rays of the sun. You can also prevent further damage by wearing a sunscreen regularly, putting on sunglasses or a hat whenever you step out.  

There you go with five tips on how to treat sunburn. You should begin looking after your skin in earnest so it doesn’t result in further skin damage.

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