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How to Wear a Bikini Confidently for the First Time

If you’re like me, then there’s a high chance you admire ladies who wear bikini in public. I really do and it’s most especially for one reason: they know how to wear a bikini confidently.

It doesn’t matter your body type. What matters is your ability to pull off the look with confidence.

Let’s be frank.

We all have our body insecurities and they are the main reasons we seldom or hardly wear clothing as skimpy as a bikini.

two ladies in colorful bikinis

But rather than admire ladies in bikini when you go to the beach, pool or surf social media, how about you learn how to wear a bikini confidently even if it’s your first time?

That’s the best thing to do if you’ve never worn a bikini before but would like to do so someday. However, if you don’t see yourself ever wearing a bikini, you can as well stop reading further.

Still here?

That means you want to learn how to wear a bikini confidently for the first time.

So, let’s dive in.

What is a Bikini?

lady wearing bikini

This is a brief two-piece bathing suit worn by women, especially one that exposes the midriff and navel.

Not every woman feels comfortable wearing a bikini in public. It’s either they are held back by cultural values or they can’t stand the thought of exposing their physical imperfections to public glare.

lady wearing flowery bikini

If you are “not every woman” yet wish to don a bikini in public someday, this article was written for you.

Therefore, to confidently rock a bikini at the beach, pool or for photography sake, follow the tips herein and thank us later.

How to Wear a Bikini Confidently

To wear a bikini confidently for the first time, you have to consider the following factors:

1. Consider Your Body Type

hot lady wearing orange bikini at the beach

This is by far the most important factor to consider. Since you’ll be showing too much skin, you have to ensure that your bikini suits and flatters your body type.

But first, what’s your body type?

 To ascertain that, consult our style guide on how to dress according to your body type.

That aside, are you pear shaped, apple shaped, rectangle or hourglass?

Knowing your body type entails recognising your best features, highlighting them with what you wear while camouflaging your physical flaws. It’ll help you to decide on the part of your body you want to flaunt.

lady rocking animal print bikini and lying by the pool

For instance, if you’re apple-shaped, that means your upper body is wider than your lower body. You may want to wear a bikini design that adds more details to your body.

 To do this, go for swimsuits that mimic an hourglass figure. For example peplum, handkerchief cuts, ruffled tops or bottoms, etc. They’ll give you an illusion of a curvy waist. You can also wear bikini bottoms with horizontal lines as they create a widening effect.

lady in bikini in the water

In the same vein, if you aren’t busty, you don’t have to wear a skimpy bikini top. 

Something like a ruffled top, push-up top or a voluminous crop top will enhance the look of your bust and shoulders. To elevate your cleavages, don a push-up bra. It’ll give you seamless cleavages even if you aren’t busty.

2. Don’t Wear an Extremely Bare Bikini

lady in white tankini with sunshades and hat

Since it’s your first time, you don’t have to wear a very skimpy bikini. Just wear a modest design and get going. 

You may not be able to withstand the stares that come with wearing a very revealing bikini. So, go for modest designs. Remember, it’s always a gradual process. Don’t hurry into going all bare in your bikini when you can start small 

lady wearing a crop top with panties

For example, you can wear modest designs such as high-waisted bikinis or swim shorts. They’ll cover your butt cheeks if you aren’t comfortable or confident enough to let people look at them.

Moreso, if you don’t want to show your tummy, you can opt for a one-piece swimsuit. You can also wear a swim dress or a tankini. With any of those, you don’t have to worry about anyone looking at your belly. 

lady wearing peplum bikini top with full panties

And if you’ve got belly fat, a tankini with a peplum design will not only hide your belly fat but will also create an hourglass illusion.

3. Layer with a Cover-up

lady wearing bikini with kimono

A sheer skirt, shirt, dress or kimono are good cover-ups. 

For instance, a kimono doesn’t just come in handy when you dress for work, church or any fully- clothed gathering. It’s more than welcome at the beach too, especially if you’re a bikini first-timer.

lady in a shirt and bikini

With your kimono or shirt, you can cover up your butt cheeks and stomach even if your bikini is a very revealing one. And when you leave the water to the restaurant or bar, you won’t freak out because there’ll be no awkward eyes following you.

Depending on your choice, a sheer or opaque cover-up will be good. A transparent one will act as a teaser to your skin while an opaque one will cover everything.

lady wearing black bikini under a black sheer dress

To look more stylish if your cover-up isn’t translucent, don’t cover up your front view; flaunt it while your kimono watches your back. 

4. Grab on Your Accessories

lady rocking a black one piece swimwear

You must have read this times without number and that’s because accessories are very important.

lady in bikin wearing a hat on a boat

If you check out our style guide on what to wear to the beach, you’ll see we outlined everything you need to look good and have a swell time at the beach.

lady in a beach hat, kimono and bikini

So, while rocking your bikini for the first time, don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

5. Walk With Your Crew

It’s easier to relax and feel comfortable when you aren’t alone. So, if you want to wear a bikini confidently for the first time, don’t do it alone. 

ladies wearing bikini

You’ll be more motivated when your friends are also bikini babes. And even if you were shy to show your tummy or butt cheeks, your friends will psyche you up.

friends wearing bikinis

However, if you feel like you don’t need the physical presence of anyone to feel motivated, go ahead and don your bikini at the beach or pool.

People will definitely stare, but if you make it worth their while by following these tips on how to wear a bikini confidently, there’ll be nothing to be ashamed of.

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