Jurio Luti Drops Patches & Blings 2021 Black Tie Collection For His and Hers

Jurio Luti is bending fashion rules by introducing a collection featuring a mix of men’s suits and women’s evening dresses tagged Patches & Blings.

The Nigerian fashion brand thought about creating a collection with matching outfits for His & Hers with an aesthetic that is subtle yet sophisticated, which also serves as a way for a couple to look and feel like a matching set.

Every lust-worthy piece in the collection is made with so much love, and is also integrated through modern tailoring and silhouettes.

Luxe fabrics with longer hemlines and detailed embellishments formed the female dresses.

While the male suits feature razor-sharp outlines, unusual cuts with sharp and tailored patch pockets made with first-rate fabrics and with no doubt will ensure a unique class and fit.

All the pieces come in timeless colours which glitters and light up the collection.

With Jurio Luti’s Patches & Blings, you are bound to receive the highest accolades and attention!

Designs: @jurio_luti
Photography: @ayoalasi
Models: @izzydahniel @bankeolutimehin
Makeup: @belize_makeup
Male shoes: @jurio_luti
Female shoes: @gliterati_ferrare
Publicist: @moafricapr

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