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How to Hide Bra Straps — 5 Simple Tips

Kate looked at the dress and gave her mother a wan smile. It was beautiful no doubt but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she was about to turn down the dress because she didn’t know how to hide bra straps.

“It’s lovely, mom,” she said handing her mother back the dress “but I can’t wear it.”

“Why?” her mother asked, surprised. “You love stylish clothes like this: spaghetti straps with a low back design. So what’s wrong?”

“That’s the problem, mom. My bra straps would show and I don’t have strapless or claspless brassiere that would be better worn underneath the dress.

Her mother sighed and took Kate’s hands in hers. “That’s not a problem. We can get you strapless or claspless bras.”

“Extra expenses, mom,” Kate demurred.

“Extra expenses but worth it.”

And that was how Kate’s mother ended the discussion. After buying her daughter a beautiful dress, she still had to go shopping for a bra too.


But was her solution the only solution to Kate’s problem?

Let’s find out.

Women and Bra Straps

Do you have those dresses and tops that reveal bra straps?

There should be at least one in your wardrobe even if they aren’t your style.

Some say your bra is an underwear and it isn’t supposed to be out in public. However, women like Melodi Erdogan of Bustle counter that claim. She believes that bra straps need not be hidden.

But not every woman is like Melodi.

Some want to keep those straps out of the public eye unless they are in a bikini or sheer dress.

If you aren’t like Melodi, how then do you hide those bra straps without incurring extra expenses like Kate’s mother?

What if you don’t have the time to start sourcing for that special bra when your event is close?

It’s no biggie.

There are bra hacks to follow to help you hide those straps. 

So, sit back, relax and have a good read because you are about to learn how to hide bra straps without buying a new bra.

Tips on How to Hide Bra Straps

Not every woman has bras that are suitable for backless or strapless dresses. However, not having them doesn’t mean you can’t rock those chic dresses in your wardrobe.

With these tips on how to hide bra straps, you won’t have a problem at all.

Simply remember these hacks on how to hide bra straps and you’ll be good to go.

1. Make it a Racerback

racerback bra - backview

If you don’t have a racerback bra and you want to wear a racerback tank top, use a safety pin, paper clip or bra clip to hold your bra straps together.

The clip will make them invisible under your tank top.

2. Attach the Cups to the Dress

bra cup in dresses

This applies to your backless and strapless dresses.

Simply sew in the bra cups to the dress. This way, it looks like a built-in bra. So, when you slip on the dress or top, a bra will be completely needless since you have the cups in already.

However, to do this, you must be willing to sacrifice one of your bras and attach the cups with a needle and thread to the dress you have in mind.

3. Get Clear Straps

clear bra straps on white bra

Clear Straps don’t have any colour and are usually transparent. So, even if they show, it’s no big deal.

Get these straps and swap them with the original straps of the bra you want to wear anytime you want to wear that top.

4. Buy Strap Cushions

strap cushions on a black bra

Strap cushions are pads that stay underneath your bra straps. They help to keep the straps from digging into your skin. 

But that isn’t the only purpose of strap cushions.

Since they fit snugly under the straps, they also prevent those straps from leaving your shoulders to an ostensible point.

5. Invest in Bra Strap Converters

bra strap converter

A bra strap converter comes in handy when you want to wear low back dresses. When you attach a bra strap converter to your bra, it pulls down the back clasp of your bra.

This way, the back of your bra goes invisible when you wear the dress.

6. Remove the Straps

lady wearing strapless bra

If the straps are disrupting your look, kindly take them off. But to do this, you have to be certain your bra fits perfectly so it can support your breasts well without the straps.

Bras That Don’t Give Strap Stress

If you don’t want to use any of those tips, invest in any of the following types of bras:

Convertible Bra

convertible bra

As the name implies, you can convert this bra to anything. It could be strapless, racerback, one strap, two straps, halter or cross-back. 

The straps are detachable. You can also adjust them in several ways by hooking them onto different slots at the front or the back.  

Strapless Bra

lady in a black strapless bra

These ones don’t come with straps so there really is nothing to hide.

Racerback Bra

lady wearing red racerback bra

This style has a fixed point at the rear where the shoulder straps join. The straps may or may not be detachable.


smiling lady wearing bralette

Bralettes are designed to be seen. Even if the straps show, you have nothing to worry about.

Moreso, they usually come in different designs such as halter, racerback, low back, etc., which creates versatility.

Tank Top With Built-in Bra

lady wearing tank top with in-built bra

This one makes a bra needless and you don’t have to worry about your nipples protruding because there’s a bra already in the top.

Damn It and Let the Straps Show

lady letting one strap of bra show

If you’re comfortable enough, go ahead and flaunt the straps. Just make sure the colour doesn’t yell.

To be on the safer side, flaunt black or clear bra straps.

There you go with the tips on how to hide bra straps.

You should use them one of these days when you’re stuck with those stubborn straps poking out.

By the way, do you know your correct bra size? Find out by checking out our guide on how to measure your bra size


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