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5 Signs That You Need to Change Your Underwear

You just finished having a shower and as usual, you have to dress up. So you go through the drawer for your undergarments before proceeding to your clothes. You find an underwear and you slip it on. It’s like breeze just said hi below. So you touch your undie only to realise you’ve got a hole right below. Oops! This just means one thing — you never paid attention to the signs that you need to change your underwear.

Your underwear is the closest clothing to your body. It not only shields your private parts; it also absorbs microorganisms and the sweat that your body effuses. This makes it very necessary to avoid wearing a particular underpants for a long time.

If you don’t know when you should go to the store to get new undergarments, this article will open your eyes to the signs that you need to change your underwear.

You probably have that particular underwear you like to wear very often. Not just because you love it so much but because of the comfort it offers. If you’re like most people, it’d be difficult to do away with such underpants especially when they start showing you the signs that you need to change your underwear.

Not to worry. There’ll always be a better replacement. So, if any of your underwear are giving you the signs listed in this article, be ready to do away with them right away; at least, for the sake of your hygiene.

5 Signs That You Need to Change Your Underwear

When I was a kid, my mother used to hit on my wearing neat underwear all the time to school. According to her, something could happen that would require helpers taking off my school uniform. How shameful if that happened and all they saw was dirty, torn underwear. Pheew!

That never happened though because mother’s advice was always heeded. That aside, your underwear is like nothing. It wasn’t designed to last forever. Therefore, check out these signs that you need to change your underwear so you don’t get stranded along the line.

1. They No Longer Fit as They Used to

If your underpants no longer fit as they used to, then it’s time you did away with them. It’s either they are now too big because the elastic has become loose or they are now too small because you’ve put on weight.

Don’t work yourself up trying to manage them. Just get some new underwear instead, for the sake of your comfort. You wouldn’t want to be caught trying to pull up your underwear back to your waist, would you? Or would you like your skin to get chafed from very tight undergarments? So change ’em now. The same applies to your singlets too.

2. It’s Got a Tear

When you wear your underwear and you feel air touch the part of your body that’s supposed to be covered, that’s not good. If care isn’t taken, people would see it when you wear lightweight clothes.

If there are holes on your underwear, you need to go to the store quickly. This sign is a very obvious sign. Regardless of what you wear outside, if your underwear isn’t in good shape, you aren’t fresh at all.

3. Discoloration

If your undergarments now have a colour that’s totally different from the original colour, that’s a sign that you need to change your underwear. It could be that it’s faded due to excessive sweat, excess washing or breakdown in the chemical properties of the material. Or perhaps, there’s this stubborn, unremovable stain on it.

4. Odour

Does it stink even after you’ve washed it? Nobody has to tell you this. Trash it already. When microorganisms accumulate on your underpants, there’s a high chance it develops an unwelcoming smell. So, watch out for this sign and act accordingly.

5. They are No Longer Comfortable

If you no longer feel comfortable in your underpants, don’t talk too much. Just change it already. No matter how sexy they are, it isn’t worth your comfort at all. You know, you can always be stylish and comfortable at the same time by watching out for these signs that you need to change your underwear.

Looking good goes beyond dressing up for the world to see. Remember, it’s not just about your outwear alone. What you wear underneath matters a whole lot.

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