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How to Wear Palm Slippers the Right Way

Sylvia wanted to wear matching outfits with her man. She remembered he had this brocade fabric he had bought so they could sew the same senator style. Her only option was to buy footwear and so, she settled for two pairs of matching palm slippers—one for her, one for him.

If there’s one footwear almost every Nigerian man loves to wear with their native wear, it’s palm slippers. This footwear isn’t restricted to the male gender alone.

Sylvia was quick to remember that.  And that was how she achieved her goal of wearing matching outfits for couples with her man.

man rocking white senator with leather palms

She intended to rock it with the senator outfit on their to-sew list. What about you?

How do you plan to wear that pair of palm slippers in your wardrobe? How do you plan to style that pair of palms you plan to buy? Wear it with your native wear and that’s all?

I hope not. But if that’s your plan, don’t carry it out yet. Read this post to see how to wear palms for guys and ladies like a true fashionista.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

What are Palm Slippers?

man wearing senator outfit with palm slippers

Palms are comfy footwear designed to be slipped on as the name implies. 

This footwear should actually be called palm flip-flops because most of its designs come in the form of flip-flops. That is, they are backless and have that thing that goes between your big toe and the rest of your toes. 

However, this doesn’t change the fact that palms come in numerous designs such as sandals, flip-flops, slippers, etc.

They are mostly handcrafted with sturdy leather. And as I said earlier, this footwear is more common among men. But there are adaptations for women too.

How to Wear Palm Slippers

man wearing native wear with palm slippers

First, let’s establish the fact that leather palms aren’t for formal occasions; unless by formal, you mean weddings. 

Furthermore, unless you work in a company that cares less about employees’ outfits, you can’t wear them to work regardless of the dress code of your organization.

So, save your formal office wear and business casual outfits for loafers, Oxford, Chelse boots, and other dress shoes. 

Keep your leather palms away from your suits, formal dresses, button-up shirts, pants, etc. Instead, wear them with any of the following:

1. Jeans and Tee

lady wearing big tees and white jeans with palm slippers

This is the signature casual wear of every fashionista. And if you wanna ace your jeans game, ensure you know how to style jeans and T-shirts before choosing to rock them with palms. 

man wearing palms with jeans and tees

Wear this with your palm slippers when next you wanna go to the mall, cinema, or any casual outing that doesn’t require you to put two and two together to look good.

2. Native Attire

man wearing ankara outfit with palm slippers

Your ankara styles for men and women will look great with a beautiful pair of handcrafted leather palms. And so will your senator, adire, kente, dashiki, kaftan, and other native wear for women and men.

smiling lady wearing ankara dress with palm slippers

If you want to dress down your Agbada, wear it with palms, be it palm sandals or slippers. Since the attire is already a fashion statement on its own, the footwear will tone it down. 

But if you don’t want that, by all means, wear your Agbada with your loafers, moccasins, and even your sneakers.

3. Casual Dresses and Jumpsuits

lady rocking a red dress with palm slippers

Pair that loose dress in your wardrobe with leather palms. What about your bodycon dresses? If the occasion is very casual and you don’t want to wear heels, by all means, wear your palms. They’re stylish and comfortable.

lady wearing jumpsuit with slippers

You can also wear them with your jumpsuits and rompers.

4. Shorts and Top

lady wearing red top and jeans shorts with slippers

Don’t wanna rock your pair of shorts with sneakers? Not a problem then. Pair it with your leather palms. 

man wearing shirt and shorts with palm sliippers

This footwear will always look great with a pair of shorts and a tee or crop top.

5. Beachwear

lady wearing palm slippers with her beachwear

Need a pair of footwear that won’t take all the sand at the beach back to your house? Go for palms. This is what to wear to the beach if you don’t wanna walk barefoot.

man wearing beachwear with slippers

Palm slippers are comfortable footwear. You should have at least one in your wardrobe to exude style and experience ease of movement. Whether it’s for a casual outing, a visit to the mall,  or a trip, palms always come in handy.

And to add more impact to these outfit ideas for palm slippers we’ve outlined here, don’t forget your accessories. 

Keep it minimal and simple to complement the simplicity of your palms. If you don’t, you’ll make your leather palms inappropriate for your outfit.

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