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Latest Senator Wear Styles No Tailor Would Show You

Senator wear is one male fashion that has come to stay. Men of different calibers are seen every day wearing different styles of senator wear to special occasions. The outfit isn’t exclusive to men alone as women and children now rock beautiful senator wears to different events. Senator wear is known for giving men an elegant look in a very simple manner. They can pass for casual, ceremonial or even workwear. With this in mind, this article will show you some latest senator wear styles. Before that, let’s know why this outfit is called senator.

What is Senator Wear?

Many people have worn a senator outfit without stopping to wonder how it came about. The attire is now so normalised such that if a man dare says he’s never worn a senator, he may as well be regarded as being zero fashion-savvy. What then is this senator and how did it come about?

Senator is a two-piece ensemble that comprises a long top/shirt that almost touches the knees. The outfit, although peculiar to people of Igbo and Niger-Delta origin, was made popular by former Nigerian senate president Anyim Pius Anyim (2000-2003) who usually graced almost every occasion with this outfit during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure. Little wonder the garment won the name Senator.

The senator wear bears much semblance to the Igbo traditional attire but unlike that of the Igbos, senators are made with plain suit fabrics of any desirable colour, rather than the tiger head prints known as Isi Agu used in making Igbo traditional attires.

There are many latest senator wear styles such that if a man decides to sew a senator attire, he’d be presented with a wide range of classy styles which may make him wish to sew all at once.

How Senator Anyim decided to make a traditional attire with suit fabrics is something to be applauded. He set a trend in Nigeria fashion early enough and this trend everyone has been following. Ready to see some of these latest senator wear styles? Let’s get down to business.

Latest Senator Wear Styles

1. Short/Long Sleeves

Short Sleeves - Latest Senator Wear Styles

Depending on your individual choice, you can have a long or short-sleeved senator wear and still look as sleek as ever. Just go for the one you are comfortable in; the length of the sleeves does not in any way reduce its beauty.

2. Embroidery

black and gold Embroidery senator wear style

You can decorate your senator wear with embroidery of any kind. This embroidery can be used to decorate the chest or neck area. Just allow your creativity flow as you create the embroidery into any style or pattern of your choice.

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3. Top Length

Timi Dakolo in a Top Length senator wear - Latest Senator Wear Styles

Do you want the top to get to your knee, slightly cover your hips or stop right at your hips? Anyone you choose is very much okay.

4. Senator-cum-Agbada

This is a very creative one. Combining the Agbada idea with a senator outfit is one new trend that catches the eye. To do this, your fashion designer has to make one sleeve a normal senator sleeve and the other like an Agbada as you see in the pictures above.

5. Mix Fabrics

mix fabric senator wear style

You can use different fabrics to make one senator wear. When doing this, be sure the colours complement each other. If you don’t want to make use of embroidery in this case, using one of the combined fabrics to decorate the main material wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can even use different colours of fabrics to create a decoration. It makes your senator colourful!

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