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How to Style Mini Skirts and Turn Heads

Have you long, beautiful legs that deserve to adorn the cover of magazines? You can turn the streets to your magazine cover if you know how to style mini skirts.

Don’t know how to?

That’s no problem.

In this style guide are tips on how to style mini skirts.

Keep reading to the end, because you won’t only learn the right combos for your mini skirts.

You’ll also learn how to flaunt your beautiful legs with these short skirts.

Ready to enhance your style?

Let’s dive in.

How Miniskirts Came to be

lady wearing to-match long jacket and mini skirt with knee-high boots

A miniskirt is a short skirt with its hemline well above the knees, generally at mid-thigh level.

These skirts have been in existence for a long time although they weren’t referred to as mini up until the 1960s.

But before then, they were a staple among cheerleaders, female tennis players, figure skaters, and dancers. 

As for who invented the 1960s mini skirt, we can give credit to iconic designers Mary Quant and André Courrèges.

Now that we know a bit about the history of miniskirts, let’s proceed to how to style mini skirts.

How to Style Mini Skirts

Miniskirts come as different types of skirts. For instance, there are straight mini skirts, tulip miniskirts, layered, flared, A-line, peplum, pleated, high-rise mini skirts, etc. 

There are no limits to your choices.

You can choose from any of them and rock any time, any day.

The goal is to look chic while showing off your beautiful legs.

1. Pair with a Good Top

smiling lady wearing orange shirt and pink mini skirt

A button-up shirt or any beautiful blouse with or without collars will look great with a mini skirt.

You can also wear tops of any neckline. Try an off-shoulder top, strapless, turtleneck top, tank top, etc., with your mini skirts.

lady wearing ankara top with white mini skirt with heels

They’ll look great.

It’s a promise.

Furthermore, to show more skin and create an edgy look, pair your mini skirt with a crop top.

lady wearing to and mini skirt with bag

Just ensure your top complements your skirt so you can look your best.

2. Layer to Add More Details

lady layering her mini skirt with kimono

Never forget to layer your mini skirts. You can do this with a sweater, cardigan, hoodie, blazer, jean jacket, leather jacket, suit jacket, or with a kimono.

lady layering her black mini skirt with snake print shirt

When you layer, you add more accents and textures to your look. Thus creating a stylish attire.

lady wearing mini skirt with jacket

3. Matching Set

lady wearing green matching set top and mini skirt in front of a red car

These days designers and fast-fashion brands alike create matching sets that comprise a miniskirt and a jacket.

lady rocking orange matching set top and mini skirt

This is another tip on how to style miniskirts.

Get a coordinated set and wear them both together.

lady wearing gold matching set top and mini skirt

You can never go wrong with a two-piece.

4. Mix Prints

lady wearing flowery patterned shirt with flowery patterned short skirt

If you are tired of rocking plain coloured skirts, try the multicoloured and multipatterned ones.

Then leave your comfort zone by mixing them with other prints. 

smiling lady wearing black top with polka dots mini skirt

For instance, you can rock a polka dot miniskirt with a snakeskin top.

lady wearing mixed print ankara top and mini skirt

To know more about this, read up our style guide on how to mix prints so you can do that effortlessly.

5. Wear a Tight Underneath

lady wearing sheer tight under black mini skirt

You aren’t comfortable showing your skin? Go ahead and wear pantyhose or leggings underneath your miniskirt. 

lady wearing black tight under her brown mini skirt

The fabric of your tight can be sheer or opaque.

lady wearing tight under mini skirt

Just make sure you’re comfortable in it

6. Wear Good footwear

lady wearing red matching set top and mini skirt with heels

There are many types of shoes for women that go well with this skirt.

Depending on the occasion, you can wear flip-flops, slippers, sandals, and other flats with it.

You can also rock a pair of sneakers to look sporty. It’s among the tips on how to style mini skirts.

lady wearing sneakers with mini skirt

But if you want to look classy, confident, and taller, go for heels.

You can as well wear knee-high boots. They look great with these skirts. They’ll cover some parts of your legs if you feel like you’ll be showing much skin.

lady wearing black top and mini skirt with knee-high boots

There you have it!

The timeless style guide on how to style mini skirts.

Do you have plans to wear a miniskirt soon?

Which of these tips will you begin with?

Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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