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11 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Use

As a woman, looking beautiful is like a job. You have to put in the effort to maintain your skincare routine, choose good clothes, wear perfumes correctly, use good makeup, etc. All that takes time and effort. But there’s good news: you really don’t have to spend much time to get your makeup perfect. There are makeup hacks that can help you achieve the look you desire.

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Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know and Use

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1. Apply Your Mascara Towards Your Nose

If you want your eyes to look wider, apply your mascara towards your nose rather than upwards. It will also give your lashes a fuller look.

2. Apply Foundation Before Concealer

This will help to prevent caking and creasing and create a smooth foundation for all your products. It will also help to reduce any discoloration on your face before you proceed to use your concealer. 

3. Exfoliate Your Lips Before Wearing Your Lipstick

This is one important thing to do if your lips are peeling. If you don’t exfoliate your lips, your lipstick won’t have a seamless look. There’ll be dry and cracked skin all over and this could mar your makeup.

Hence, always exfoliate your lips with a scrub before applying your lipstick. You can use sugar scrub for this.

4. Use a Spoon to Protect Your Eyeshadow from Mascara

After applying your eyeshadow, don’t apply your mascara just like that. Residue from the mascara could smear on your eyeshadow and ruin everything.

Instead, hold a spoon close to your eyelid as you apply your mascara. This way, the residue would drop on the spoon and not on your face.

5. Use Your Thumb to Keep Lipstick Stains off Your Teeth 

If you don’t want to see any lipstick stain on your teeth, use your thumb or any finger. It will help to get rid of any stain inside your lips before they get to your teeth.

To do this, insert your thumb into your mouth, pout your lips around it, and pull it out quickly.

This way, the stain stays on your finger.

6. Apply Translucent Powder to Keep Your Lipstick in Place

After wearing your lipstick, place a tissue across your lips and apply translucent powder over the tissue as it’s on your lips.

This will give you a pout that will stay for long.

7. Test Your Foundation on Your Neck

To get your perfect foundation shade when you go shopping, don’t test it on your hand or face. 

This is because your hand may be a different colour from your face. And your face also may be darker than your neck.

Instead, test it on your neck.

8. Turn Eyeshadow to Lipgloss

When your eyeshadow breaks, don’t put it in the trash can.

Instead, use it to make lipgloss by crushing the broken eyeshadow into powder and mixing it with petroleum jelly.

Any colour of eyeshadow works for this.

9. Moisturise Dry Mascara with Saline Solution

This is also one of the makeup hacks that always come in handy.

When your mascara dries up, don’t throw it away yet.

Add a few drops of saline solution to the mascara. It will become moist and you’ll be able to use it like before.

10. Drink from a Straw When Wearing a Lipstick

If you don’t want to smear your lipstick while you’re out, sip from straw when you take a drink.

This method will keep your lipstick on your lips and make nothing touch the cup.

11. Use a Bobby Pin to Apply Glue on Your False Lashes

If you find it difficult dabbing glue on your false eyelashes, use one end of a bobby pin to spread the glue on your lashes.

This way, you won’t have much glue on your lash extensions as you attach them.

And that’s a wrap!

There you go with the best makeup hacks to speed up the time you spend on your cosmetics.

Never forget them anytime you’re seated in front of the mirror ready to beautify your face with your cosmetic products.


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