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DIY: Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

Ever wondered how some of your favourite celebrities or makeup artists have some of the most beautiful looking soft and plump lips? Ever wondered how they got their lips looking all glammed up even before applying lipsticks? Well, if you have been wondering, you should wonder no more as the secret to their lush lips is that they know the perfect scrub for soft and plump lips.

natural honey - Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

While the perfect soft and plump lips come to some naturally from birth (hereditary), some aren’t so lucky after all. Not to worry, it can also be gotten through basic natural remedy and procedure which you can do all by yourself too! Please don’t freak out as it won’t cost you much. It’s called natural remedy for a reason; you can source ingredients locally.

Ingredients for the Perfect Scrub for Soft and Plump Lips

  • Natural Honey
  • Brown sugar
  • Natural coconut oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon
  • One clean empty container with a lid

Here are a few DIY natural ingredients you can use on yourself for the perfect soft and plump lips. They are everyday ingredients and can be sourced locally too:

Do you know the reason natural is added to some of the ingredients listed above? That’s to guide you so you don’t just use anyhow adulterated products on your skin. While shopping, it’s advisable you carefully lookout for the right products or you simply make them yourself.

Procedure to Make the Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

  • Get all your ingredients in separate clean containers.
  • Measure one tablespoon of your brown sugar to your mixing bowl
  • Add one spoon of natural coconut oil to the bowl as well
  • Add one tablespoon of natural honey to the mixing bowl.
  • Stir all ingredients together until the paste is great.
  • Pour mixture into your container with a lid so you can save for constant usage.
  • Allow mixture to sit for about 10-15 minutes under room temperature.

How to apply

  • Use your middle finger to collect a considerable amount of paste from your container of mixture and apply generously on your lips in a circular motion.
  • Do this consistently for about 1-2 minutes before stopping.
  • Take a clean tissue paper and wipe off the excesses on your lips.
brown sugar - Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

I’m pretty sure some of you want to eat that already (sweet tongues) lol. Yh, it’s totally edible but it is strongly suggested you wipe it off your lips with a clean tissue rather than eat it. So, there you go, soft and plump lips in less than 20secs.

natural coconut for coconut oil

Consistency, they say is key to success. Don’t be a one-time person and expect a lifetime result. This soft and plump lips DIY remedy should be done regularly for maximum results. Paste in the container can last up to two weeks before a new one is made so don’t be stuck on it for way too long.

Empty glass bowl - Perfect Scrub For Soft and Plump Lips

This perfect scrub for soft and plump lips should also be applied before makeup, especially before applying your matte lipsticks, as it helps to prevent the usual breakage and smearing looks of matte lipsticks and allows your lips remain moisturised even after taking in those makeup products. That’s not all!  This paste can also be applied on your face before getting rid of your makeup! I bet your face will thank you and you will thank us for this tip.

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