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Rita Dominic: Nollywood’s Number One Style Queen

Nollywood stars never cease to flaunt the handiworks of designers, adding a touch of style and class to their looks. Red carpet events do not go by without our celebrities proving to us that they have got an impeccable fashion sense. Rita Dominic is one of these Nollywood stars who do not only wear good clothes but also do the Nigerian fashion industry proud with the aura of effortless stylishness they exude with every look.  Besides being great in front of the camera, Rita Dominic is such a terrific style influencer —a look at her Instagram page will convince you.

Born in 1975, Rita Dominic is the last of four children and a member of the Royal Nwaturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State. The fashion goddess-cum-screen diva began acting in 1998 when she starred in her first movie titled ‘A Time to Kill‘. Ever since then, she has starred in more than a hundred Nollywood movies and has won several awards over the years to prove that she is very good at what she does. In line with her acting profession, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt.

Rita Dominic’s penchant for fashion is ostensible in every photo she takes. As though giving it hot-hot to her fans isn’t enough, she opened a separate Instagram page where she posts pictures of fashionable contents and engages her followers to, for instance, suggest what they appreciated or would take out from a particular look.

Rita is a stylish woman who’s never defined by trends. Her everyday looks and red carpet appearances ooze out elegance so effortless that one cannot help but dote on this Nollywood queen. She reminds every fashion lover that ostentation isn’t always needed to pull the crowd; simplicity itself is more than capable.

Also, worthy of mention is the fact that Rita Dominic is a strong supporter of Nigerian fashion designers. Countless times, she has worn designers such as Tubo, Lanre Da Silva, Yutee Rone, Tiffany Amber, Lisa Folawiyo, etc., to both local and international events. She and her stylist, Yummie Ogbebor, do not seem to relent in promoting Nigerian fashion brands while showing the world how to be chic at all times.

Below are some photos to prove that Rita Dominic is indeed Nollywood’s number one style queen. Kindly feed your eyes as you can grab one or two style tips from her.

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