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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: All the Iconic Looks You Missed

Some call her the Queen of pop, others call her the Queen of versatility, but one thing is for sure, Taylor Swift is a queen in her own right. Yet again, she proves this by delivering a world-class tour that left Swifties in awe. But her concerts are just half of the whole sensation; another thing worth the adulation from her fans is Taylor Swift’s Eras tour outfits. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: picture of taylor rocking a sequined dress for the concert

If you followed the Eras tour, you’d agree with me Taylor brought her style A-game alongside her loads of talent. We must commend her team as every outfit was perfectly in sync with all the beautiful songs she dished out each night. And if you’re a diehard Swiftie-cum-fashion enthusiast, you’ve got lots of her Eras tour outfits to recreate. Let’s explore all the stunning looks from Taylor’s Eras tour together.

How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits Shows She’s a Fashionista

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: Picture of taylor swift rocking the sequined gown  on her concert

When the Queen of Pop announced she was going on a tour, Swifties all around the world were beyond excited. The Eras Tour which started March 17, 2023, will end on December 8, 2024, in Vancouver, Canada. It is the star’s second all-stadium tour after her 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour. Grossing over one billion dollars and setting a record for the highest-grossing tour of all time, Taylor sure outdid herself on this one. 

However, besides her electrifying stage presence, her stunning outfits garnered lots of attention. This isn’t surprising; Ms. Swift is known to don custom designs from top fashion houses. And for the Eras Tour, it was nothing short of expectations. She wore the likes of Versace, Alberta Ferretti,  Roberto Cavalier, Nicole+Felicia Couture, and others. 

When you have a three-hour stadium concert every night that spans for months and is broadcast for the whole world to see, you have no choice but to look flawless up until the very end. And that’s what Taylor Swift did. She understood the assignment, taking the stage in 16 different outfits that of course change in every city she tours. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits Adopts Looks From Her Past Albums 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: Picture of Taylor swift rocking a purple gown for the concert

From the tour’s name, ‘Eras’, it is obvious the star would draw inspiration from her past eras to channel all her tour outfits from her iconic career. As the queen of versatility, we’ve seen Taylor go country, pop, indie, and even her famous heartbreak songs that make us grab tissue papers almost every time.

For her opener, she wore a Versace bodysuit that pays tribute to her lover persona. We also saw Roberto Cavalli’s two-piece for her 1989 album and Nicole+ Felicia’s gown for her Speak Now album. This goes to show the tour’s name isn’t an afterthought but was carefully planned.

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All the Stunning Looks From The Eras Tour

Picture of Taylor Swift rocking a gorgeous gown for her concert

Taylor Swift gave us plenty of fashionable and memorable moments on her tour. How she donned outfits that paid tribute to each era(albums) was a stroke of genius. She created a feeling of nostalgia, leaving fans singing and dancing with her through all the eras on her tour. But while we took in her performances, we didn’t forget to take notes on all the favorite looks Swifties should recreate. Here’s a look at how Taylor defined and stayed unique to each era with her fashion choices:

Lover Era

Picture of Taylor Swift rocking a seqined catsuit for  her concert.

The star opened the tour by ushering in her lover era. For this set, she rocked a custom-made Versace bodysuit and paired it with sparkling Louboutin boots. The bodysuit hugged her perfectly, showing that the star didn’t come to play. 

Fearless Era

Picture of Taylor Swift rocking a gorgeous sequined dress for her tour

For this era, the Anti-hero crooner rocked a sparkly Robert Cavalli dress while dancing up a storm. In what we will call a smooth transition, Taylor’s gorgeous dress was cemented as one of our favorite looks from her concerts.

Evermore Era

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: Picture of Taylor swift rocking a gorgeous gown for her  concert

For this era, we saw a softer Taylor. This Taylor bewitches us with her lyrics while belting out champaign problems and stroking keys on the piano. She ensured she was in sync with the soft yet memorable era in a custom-made dress from Etro. 

Reputation Era

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: Picture of  Taylor rocking the iconic one legged catsuit

If there’s one thing that was consistent throughout the tour, it’s sparkles. Her costumes never had a shortage of glitter and sparkles. And for this era, Taylor rocked the iconic Rober Cavalier catsuit that is still memorable to date. The look showcases the star’s fierceness as she pays tribute to her past albums.

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Speak Now Era

Picture of Taylor rocking a sequined ball gown for her concert

For this era, Taylor blessed our eyes with ball gowns. Her beautiful Nicole + Felicia gown cast a soft glow on her performance while she sang fans’ all-time favorite of the album Enchanted

Red Era

Picture of Taylor rocking a T-shirt with  sequined shorts while belting her famous 22 song

While watching the concert, a friend of mine said Taylor came prepared and I couldn’t agree more. In this era, we saw a spirited and energetic Taylor rocking a t-shirt and sequined shorts with a hat to match. The outfit references her outfit in the music video of her song, 22.

Folklore Era

Picture of  the star rocking a gorgeous purple gown  for her concert

Taylor wore a stunning dress made with chiffon fabric. What particularly stood out for this era is her iconic purple  Alberta Ferretti dress. The looks from this era were perfect and in sync with what her album presented—say a gorgeous fairy marking her territory. 


Picture of Taylor in a gorgeous two piece for her i989 eras tour set

I989 is my favorite Taylor’s album with all the iconic songs like Shake It Off. And for this era, the singer wore a gorgeous Robert Cavalli two-piece set covered in sequined, giving room for her to shake it off. The outfits here are quite similar to what she rocked on her 1989 tours. Taylor sure understands details. 

Midnight Era 

Picture of Taylor on a gorgeous faux fur coat for her midnight era set

For this era, the singer rocked a faux fur coat on a sequined dress. It’s a perfect way to tell us she is now in the present as she hopped on trends with the stylish extravaganza she showcased in the era. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Outfits: Cementing a Style Icon

Picture of a Taylor rocking a gorgeous dress for her eras tour concert

While the Eras Tour is indubitably a celebration of Taylor Swift’s successful career, it’s also an unignorable way of cementing her status as a style icon. For every outfit Taylor rocked, whether two-pieces, catsuits, or sequined dresses, the star brought her A-game to the show. 

But all you’ve seen so far on this page is just a drop of water compared to all the Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour outfits. It’s why we’ve included some more to tickle your style buds. So feast your eyes on more gorgeous looks from the Eras tour wardrobe: 

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