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How Taylor Swift Always Slays in a Bikini

Many celebrities love to spend their vacations on the beach. This gives us the opportunity to admire their breathtaking pictures. Taylor Swift bikini photos are an example.

Taylor Swift bikini with black and white stripes

The music star has won the heart of fans not only with her symphonies but also with her bikini photos. With a great and healthy body, it’s only natural for Taylor to flaunt it while having a swell time at the beach or pool.

If you’re a lover of no-coverage clothing, get ready to use your screenshot button. You’ll find in this piece lovely Taylor Swift bikini pictures. They’ll motivate you to get your own swimsuit so you can feel comfy while flaunting your summer body at the beach.

How Taylor Swift’s Bikini Remains a Style Statement 

Taylor Swift in a yellow bikini sitting on a yellow chair

Taylor remains one of the best pop singers in the world and Swifties (her fans) aren’t backing down on their support. The American singer-songwriter is known for her pop and country music which always leaves you self-reflecting. Born in Pennsylvania, U.S. on December 13, 1989, Taylor started singing at the age of nine. And ever since then, she’s evolved into a pop star the world is grateful to have.

But music isn’t all she’s known for.

Taylor Swift bikini in black and pink prints

Taylor Swift is also famous for her bold fashion choices, both on and off stage. For istance, if she isn’t wearing a ball dress, you’ll find her in an embellished bodysuit while on stage.

One would think she’d take a style break when not doing music. But the reverse is the case as even on vacations, Taylor always looks stunning. Little wonder she loves to spend time at the beach or pool where she gets to wear a chic swimsuit.

Furthermore, Taylor Swift knows what it takes to look cute in a bathing suit. She dons colorful swimwear, polka-dots, vintage, low-rise, high-waisted, and what have you. In fact, the “Anti-hero” singer’s taste in stylish swimwear is worth the applause. An excellent example is the music video of her song “You Need to Calm Down.” In it, we see Taylor chilling in the pool and basking in the sun while doing her thing.

But vacations aren’t the only time we get to see Taylor Swift bikinis. Since 2013, she’s been celebrating July 4th, the US independence day, with a party by the waterside. And after a seven-year hiatus, Taylor’s July 4th party returned with a bang this year with the music star chilling with friends: Este, Alana, and Danielle Haim, Selena Gomez, Ashley Avignone, and her brother Austin’s reported girlfriend, Sydney Ness.

As Pop Sugar describes, Taylor Swift’s bikini collection is almost as impressive as her love songs. And to show you how true that is let’s throw it back to all her hottest bikini moments over the years. But first, how about we see…

How to Look Hot in a Swimsuit like Swiftie

Taylor Swift bikini in pilka dot print

There’s only one way to pull this off and that’s by being confident in your body. It doesn’t matter your shape. So long as you feel confident in your skin enough to flaunt your thighs and butt cheeks, go ahead and do it.

If you’re worried about any unsightly belly and side fat ruining your look, consider hitting the gym. Only then can you achieve the summer body of your dreams. And once you begin working in earnest on your dream body, combine it with our tips on how to rock revealing bathing suits and you’ll bask in the thrill of your sensuality.

Taylor Swift Bikini Photos from the Past till Present

Taylor Swift in a polkadot monokini

Whether she’s having a romantic getaway, shooting a music video, or hanging out with friends on the fourth of July, it’s clear that Taylor has a thing for swimsuits. From her teen star days to this moment, she seems to always make a style statement with her swimwear.

Now, take a look at some Taylor Swift bikini moments from past years down till date.

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