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28 Alluring Bathing Suits that Show too Much

The waterside, whether at the beach or swimming pool, is one place to unwind and get in touch with yourself. And when it’s summer, know for sure you have to go all out to slay. If rocking bathing suits that show too much is what you wanna do, you’ve come to the right place.

Though these suits may be considered indecent by many, they’re a must-have staple if showing much skin is your style. In this guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know before wearing revealing swimsuits. Everything including, how to rock it with so much confidence that others admire you.

Why do Swimsuits Show So Much?

lilac bathing suits that show too much

Bathing suits that show too much do so because they’re designed to provide comfort at the beach or pool. You’ll likely be in the water or on the sand. Imagine wearing your jeans and tee to swim or play with the sand. You’ll feel so uncomfortable and restricted.

These suits though revealing let you move about freely on the beach. And when it’s summer, since these swimsuits are breathable, you won’t get sweaty when the sun scorches your skin. 

lady in a nude-colored swimming suit

In addition, revealing swimsuits are constructed to protect and cover your private parts. So while your bikini or no-coverage swimwear focuses on hiding your breasts and genital, other body parts are secondary. It’s why you hardly find full-coverage beachwear.

But there’s something you should know: not all swimsuits are extremely revealing. Some are more or less exposing according to the wearer’s preferences. So, if you don’t like yours showing too much all the time, you can always go for something modest.

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Why do Women Wear Bathing Suits that Show too Much

pretty bathing suit with a sarong

Many women wear revealing beachwear for reasons best known to them. Some of these reasons are:

They Want to Flaunt Their Body

If you’re confident of your body and would like to flaunt it, wearing bathing suits that show too much is a great way to go about it. It doesn’t matter the body type you have. What matters is you wear the perfect swimsuit that emphasizes your figure and turns heads at the beach or pool.

To Show off Their Skin

Bikinis, monokinis, tankinis, etc., are great options for showing your skin. So don’t keep that glow to yourself when next you go to the beach. Let it shine so the whole world may see your light.

To Feel at Ease

There’s this soothing feel the air, water, and sun at the beach gives. And when you wear tight, full-coverage clothing, you’ll miss out on this ease. So, whether you’re sunbathing or swimming, revealing beachwear ensures you savor the full experience.

To Feel Confident

Not many women can bare their skin to the world. Religion and morals aside, it takes some level of guts to do this. One reason for this reluctance is that rocking these clothes gives people room to drop comments about your body. And if you don’t have a tough skin, such comments will mar your self-esteem.

So if you love to rock exposing swimwear, kudos to you. You’re one helluva confident lady. You’re doing what only a few ladies can do.

To Move About Freely

Imagine dancing, playing, or swimming in casual clothes. How restricted would you feel? It’s why women opt for these bathing suits. They allow for easy movement and comfort.

How to Look More Attractive in a Bathing Suit that Shows too Much

lady wearing red bikini

If you want to look appealing in your bathing suit, do these:

Wear Styles that Flatter Your Body Type

lady wearing brown bikini

Your body is a canvas. And the only way to transform it into a work of art is by adorning it with the right clothes and accessories. 

Before settling for any swimsuit, ask yourself what styles and cuts will suit your shape. For instance, if your tummy isn’t flat, wearing a high-waisted bikini will help hide the fat that makes you uncomfortable. And if your shape is straight, you can opt for swimsuits with ruffles around the waistline.

Being deliberate about these little things will ensure your bathing suit flatters your figure.

Ensure You Buy Quality Bathing Suits that Show too Much 

a svelte lady in blue bikini

Investing in a bikini made from high-quality materials will do you much good. It’ll last longer and you can always wear it again to another beach outing.

Cover up When You don’t Wanna Show too Much

lady in a floral bikini and kimono

Say you feel like rocking your bathing suit another day, you can give it a fresh look by restyling. How does that work, you ask? By covering up.

Wearing a cover-up will add some layer of modesty to your revealing beachwear. This cover-up is a light layer of clothing you wear over your bathing suit to take you from your home/hotel room to the beach/pool and vice versa without feeling too exposed. Such layering clothes include kimonos, tunic dresses, crocheted dresses, oversized shirts, abayas, loose pants, maxi dresses, sarongs, shorts, etc.

Go for Simple Patterns or Solid Colors

patterned bikini

A swimsuit is already a statement on its own. So, no point in drawing more attention to yourself by clashing prints and colors. Instead, go for solid colors or simple patterns. They’ll complement your skin and allow your body (the focus of attention) to shine better.

But on the flip side, busy prints help to divert the attention from your body to your bikini. Wear them if you want this to happen. There are no rules, remember?

Accessorize with a Hat

a lady rocking bathing suits that show too much with a hat

Wearing a hat helps to shield your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Don’t skip this when next you have a beach or pool outing. Like any accessory, your hat will also add more details to your look.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

chubby lady in a bathing suit that shows too much

Sunbathing is good. But if you aren’t careful, you may get over-tanned. Not to worry though, with your sunscreen handy, you’ll avert any sunburn.

Do High-Waisted Swimsuits Make You Look Thinner?

chubby lady in a high-rise bathing suit that shows too much

High-rise swimsuits not only hide your belly and waist fat. They also give you a slimming effect. These bathing suits that show too much skin elongate your body, making you look taller and slimmer. And as such, it’s ideal for every woman regardless of your body type.

How Can I Be Confident In My Body In A Swimsuit?

a blonde in a bathing suit that shows too much

The first thing to do is to accept your body and its flaws and perfections. When you love your body, you’d care less about what anyone thinks or says. You wouldn’t compare yourself to others or scrutinize your appearance. Instead, you’d accept yourself for who you are and strut like a queen that you are in that bathing suit that shows too much skin.

That’s how to feel confident in your bikini. But if you want an easy way out, just layer with a cover-up.

What are the Qualities of Good Bathing Suits that Show Too Much Skin?

pretty black lady in a yellow and black swimsuit

The best revealing bathing suits are high-quality, comfortable, and durable with adequate coverage and support. They should also be made from materials that can resist sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater.

What Color of Bathing Suit Makes You Look Darker?

a pretty thick lady in a high-rise swimsuit

If you want to look even more tanned, wear a bright-colored swimsuit. The color will contrast with your skin tone and make you look darker.

And that’s a wrap on bathing suits that show too much skin. Why aren’t you rocking yours yet? Let me guess. You haven’t found the right style that suits you? Not a problem at all. Feast your eyes on these ones, find your perfect revealing swimsuit, and go have fun at the beach.

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