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Bright Summer Nails: 35 Inspos for a Stylish Season

If you’ve been rocking dark hues all your life, summer is here. It’s time to embrace all the bright colors that come with this season. And one easy way to do so is to wear bright summer nails.

Neon bright summer nails accesorised with rings

Summer is the perfect time to rock those warm outfits and let your personality shine through. It’s a time to have fun, rest, and feel happy. And when you wear bright-colored nails, you elevate your look and add a touch of brightness to your appearance. From bright pinks to neon yellows, there are so many bright summer nails to choose from.

Stay with me as I take you through the many inspiration we’ve curated for you. 

How to Care for Your Summer Nails 

Neon bright summer nails with glitter

When it comes to your nails, especially the ones you’ve chosen for summer, be sure to care for and maintain them properly. Since, there’s a likelihood you’ll go for brighter nails this season, make sure you apply a base coat to protect your nails from stains. Then follow up with a glossy top coat to seal in the color and enhance longevity. 

In addition, general maintenance of your nails like keeping them clean, moisturized, and regularly trimmed will keep them healthy and clean. 

Neon or Pastel Nails: Which Summer Nail Inspo is Best?

Bright green neon summer nail  design

Whether you prefer bold and daring colors or a softer, more subdued tone, there’s a vibrant nail polish waiting for you.

Neon shades are many people’s favorite for summers, from electric blues and pink to fluorescent yellows and greens, these nails are guaranteed to make a statement. As Los Angeles-based nail artist, Elle Gerstein, observed, “Neon is always trending.” When you pair them with a white sundress or a neutral outfit, the vibrant nails will pop out and garner attention.

The same also applies to pastel nails.

soft pink and blue pastel nails for summer

So, if neon feels a bit too bold for you, opt for bright pastel shades instead. Pastel nails such as lavender, baby pink, and mint green are perfect if you want a subtle summer vibe. These shades work well for casual and formal attire making them versatile for any occasion.

Bright Summer Nail Ideas to Try

Beautiful turquoise nails to rock for the summer.

Here are the best summers nails ideas you can rock for the season. 

Summer Pink and White Colors

Beautiful pink and white bright summer nail

These gorgeous nails are the perfect fit for summer. If you’re a lover of ice cream, rock this shade to get that sweet, stylish vibe for summer.

Pink and white bright summer nail with glitters

To spice up this look, apply glitter to the pink and white base. It’ll make them really stand out. 

Multicolor Bright Summer Nails

Multi-colored bright summer nails with different hues

What better way to celebrate summer than rocking this bright multicolor manicure? To achieve this look, paint each nail with a different color.

Bright multi-colored nail for summer

You can use all your favorite hues for each nail, this will draw attention to your hands and give you that chic look.

Marble Blue Bright Summer Nails

Marble blue summer nails  to rock for  the season

Marble blue is such a gorgeous bright summer nail color you can rock with any outfit any day and time. The nail exudes a classy vibe reminiscent of the salty beach water.

This bright summer nail idea is cool for the season

If you‘re aiming for a stylish yet elegant look, this nail is perfect for you. 

Wavy Nails

Wavy nails are the perfect vibe for summer, rock them and look good

Wavy nails are the perfect vibe for summer. These striped nails look gives a stylish look that  stays true to what bright summer nails stand for.

This green and black striped summer nail is the best for summer

There’s no specific color for this look, you can experiment with different hues to get your desired result. 

Mix-n-match French Tips

Spice things up with this fun nail art for your bright summer inspo

Mix-and-match French tips are unique nail designs to rock all summer. They’re bold and chic. From the soft cloud print to the smiley face design on its tip, there’s no bad look with this nail inspo.

A blend of light pastel shade and fun nail art is the perfect vibe for summer

So, don’t hesitate to up your fashion game with this pretty nail design.

Bright Orange Nails

This bright summer nail is vibrant and a warm shade that you can rock.

Orange nails are a great choice for that warm feeling. If you’re aiming for this vibrant color as your summer nail inspo, you’re on the right track.

This bright shade is all you need for summer

This color is hard to ignore. It’s bright and will surely highlight the nails shape you want to settle for. You can as well mix different orange hues to further spice things up. 

Squiggly Bright Summer Nails

This squiggly nail is fun nail art that is one of the bight summer nail inspo you can try

Summer is the best time to experiment with colors and designs you were hesitant to try. 

This squiggly nail art is another shade you can try for season

Remember, there’s no such thing as too bold or daring for summer nails. So give squiggly nails a shot. They’re super cute nail designs that exude the perfect summer vibe to rock all season.

Mermaid Bright Summer Nails

This  mermaid and gorgeous bright summer nail art is beautiful

Mermaid nails are gorgeous and a beautiful fit for summer. They bring that aquatic feel to your fingers. 

beautiful cone shaped nail with stones

This nail shade is a mixture of soft hues like light blue and light pink reminiscent of water waves. Spice things up with some glitter and aquatic nail art to further complement your look.

Floral Summer Nails 

short flowery nails

Floral nail designs are spot on for summer. And the best part is floral manicure ideas abound from sunflower fields to tropical breeze, etc.

Nude nail with floral design

This summer, add some extra colors to your fingertips by adorning them with a flowery print. One thing is sure, you’ll never go wrong with this nail look.

 Black And White Print

Black and white nail with cow skin design

We all know the classic black and white nail inspo never goes out of style. 

 Cone sharped black and whit nail with cow skin design in the middle

This nail design has a way of adding a monochrome personality to your nails. And yes, they’re perfect for summer. 

The Extra Confidence with Bright Summer Nails 

Mixture of a bright pink with nude color and stones on the nai

With these nails, you’ll not only feel confident and stylish but also radiate the vibrant energy of the season. So, regardless of the bright nail designs for 2023 you wear, one thing is sure your fingernails will become a dazzling fashion staple and capture the essence of summer.

Need more designs to inspire your nails for summer? Check these out:

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