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30 Cute Nail Designs to Rock this Season

We can agree artificial nails have evolved from what they used to be. From the use of gel to creating art with acrylic nails, there are so many cute nail designs for stylish ladies

Cute nail designs made with brown polish and some accessories to add.

These trendy nail designs are attractive enough to enhance your hands and overall appearance. So, if you’re looking to have a makeover with the latest fashion nails, it’s good you’re on this page. You’ll find the best inspiration in this post, as we show you cute nail designs to step up your manicure game.

Why do Ladies Love Cute Nail Designs?

A perfect blend of ash polish to create cute nail designs and some accessories to match.

According to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  the human body releases a happy hormone called endorphins during nail painting. 

They also found out that a very good manicure can make you happier than eating a Snickers bar. Interesting, right? 

Besides the happy feeling that comes with rocking beautiful nails, you also get to look more beautiful, stylish, and classy whenever you dress up.

How Long Do Cute Nail Designs Last?

Pink and chocolate nail polish with black strips makes a cute nail design.

Your manicures, if properly maintained, can last for up to two to four weeks. But to enjoy this durability,

take care of your nails with good nail prep like cuticle oil and hand lotion.  

What Can You Use for Your Nail Designs?

Beautiful leopard print nails with black strips.

To make your nails stand out,  use the best products in the market. They include manicure tweezers, nail art tape, a dotting tool, a thin-tip brush, glitter nail polish remover pads, a matte top coat, and a nail polish correcting pen, etc. 

Beautiful Cute Nail Designs to Try this Season

Beautiful gold and black cute nail designs paired with rings.

Nails are almost every stylish lady’s favorite hobby. Here are some beautiful nail designs you can try this season.

Pressed Flowers Nails

Beautiful pressed nails and flower prints for a cute nail design.

This cute nail design was a trend in the 90s and it has made its way back. It’s beautiful,  classy, and perfect for a nail makeover.

To create this design, get little flowers and a strong top polish, before going into the manicure, ensure the flowers are pressed between the book’s pages to flatten them. 

Then place the flowers on your nails and secure them with a good coat. 

Floral Cute Nail Designs 

Matte pink polish and light pink with some floral prints  is one of the cute nail designs to try out.

If you’re looking for a simple cute nail design, then floral nail art can be a great choice for you. These beautiful prints are totally appropriate for any season. We recommend a dark pink base, then pair it with floral prints on your fingertips. You are good to go!

Beachy Summer Nail Design

A perfect mix of blue, gold, and white strips is one of the cute nail designs to rock.

Planning a trip or vacation? This cute nail design is for you. It’s the perfect twist for a regular beachy nail look since it incorporates darker hue tones instead of lighter colors. Also, adding the gold glitter will give the nail an extra sparkle that complements your look.

Floral Blue Cute Nail Designs

Light blue and some floral prints are one of the cute nail designs that are perfect for a subtle look.

This style is perfect if you’re aiming for a subtle look. Just add some flower designs on the clear nails and some embellishments to make them more dressed up. 

Purple Ombre Nails

One of the cutest nail designs and the coolest you might want to rock is the ombre shade.

Ombre is one of the cutest nail designs if not the coolest to come out this year. It involves having colors or tones that shade into each other. They come in different colors from black to silver, purple, blue, or any gradient color effect you want.

Black Nail Design

This cute nail design never goes out of style, it is the best for a gorgeous look.

Black nails are too cool to be left out of this list.  These beautiful cute nail designs will definitely catch anyone’s attention because of how glamorous they look. To better achieve this gorgeous nail look, use the poly gel kit for nail art.

Polka Dot Nail Design

This beautiful pin base and gold glittery polish is one of the cute nail designs to try out this season.

Polka dot never really goes out of trend. However, if you decide to style your polka dot in a different way, instead of making use of the regular polish for the dots, switch them for glitter gold polka dots over pink nails. This will make them stand out beautifully. 

Marble Nail Design

Marble nails are beautiful and they never go out of style.

If you want to try something new, try this cute nail design. The marble nails give your nails a smoky effect and they look effortlessly good. You can customize these nail designs to suit whichever outfit you want to rock

Bright French Manicure

These French tips are a modern classic and rocking them with bright nail is absolutely gorgeous.

Instead of opting for the French manicure that seems like a 90s or 2000s faux pas add some color to your nails and redefine the look. This cute nail design is a modern take on a timeless classic. You can use exciting spacing and multiple lines to create a more unique look.

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels are one of the cute nail designs you can decide to rock this season.

Soft pastels are some of the dreamy manicures around. This cute nail design never goes out of style, They are beautiful, and give off this soft feminine look. Try the swirl or watercolor effect to get this gorgeous look.

More Cute Nail Designs to Try this Season

If you’re inspired by the cute nail designs in this post, check out more designs that’ll make you book a nail appointment ASAP.

Black matte nails with some leaf prints are cute nail designs to look out for.
Glossy nails and pink strips are cute nail designs that you should rock.
This glossy black and pink ail polish and some strips on top are one of the cute nail designs to rock in summer.
Beautiful clear nails with multi-colored stripes.
Glossy nails painted with different coats of polish are the perfect cute nail designs for summer.
Black and white nail polish with a funny toon picture is the best cute nail designs that draw attention.
This nail art comes with a beautiful butterfly design.

This cute nail design comes with shiny accessories and gold polka dots.
These beautiful cute nail designs can be paired   with rings for a  gorgeous appearance.
Beautiful black and white  nail  deigns that is perfect for summer.
Rocking cute nail designs like this is the perfect look for summer.
This fire nail art is one look you can try for summer.
The beautiful short nails paired with black and blue stripped nails are one of the cutest nail designs you can try.
Army green nail polish, silver glitter, and some beautiful nail art paired with rings.
Deep blue and sky blue nail polish and some floral prints are the cutest nail designs you might want to try.
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