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44 Fashion Nails Designs Every Trendy Woman Should Rock

Has a stranger ever walked up to you to compliment your fashion nails? If you’re a fashion enthusiast who regularly applies fake nails, then this should have happened multiple times to you. 

It proves that people pay attention even to the little things we think don’t matter. Call these nail extensions small but mighty because as little as they are, they magnify your look and portray you as classy.

That reminds me of a viral proposal picture that graced the Internet a couple of years ago. Since the bride-to-be hadn’t done her nails, her cousin who did, slipped on the ring and flaunted them.

But we all thought it was the bride-to-be’s nails until we saw the complete picture.

While the picture stirred controversy as tweeps argued if it was wrong or right, this goes without saying fake nails always add more details to your outfit. See them as an accessory that elevates your look. 

You only need to take care of your fingernails, apply your fake nails, and polish them into any color you want.

You can even achieve this with your natural nails. It all depends on your color taste and preference.

That’s what we’ll cover in this piece. 

You’ll find the best fashion nail trends to glam up your fingers. So you can add that pop of color to your outfit with your fingers.

Here we go.

Why Rock Fashion Nails When You’ve Got Your Fingernails?

lemon green fashion nails and fingers

Fashion nails are faux nails placed over your fingernails as accessories. These nail extensions beautify your hands. And when you rock a beautiful colour, it attracts more attention to your outfit. 

As a woman, your body is a work of art. From your head to your toe, everything works together to prove that truth. It’s left for you to enhance that beauty with the right clothes, hairdo, shoes, and accessories.

While you have wigs and attachment hairstyles to enhance your hair, makeup for your face, and lash extensions for your eyes, nail enhancements are for your hands.

Unless they go against your principles or religious beliefs, jumping on any fashion nail trend makes you look chic. Moreover, these latest nail designs come with benefits you can’t ignore.

They include:

No Need to Worry About Growing Your Nails

pink and black design fake nails

If your nails take too long to grow, don’t let that hinder you from glowing. Visit the nearest salon and let a good nail designer beautify your nails for you.

But you need to have a design, color, and length in mind so you don’t get confused with multiple options.

They Save You from Biting Your Nails

blue design nails on fingers

Ever found yourself biting or chewing your nails? It’s an unconscious habit you picked from childhood, I guess.

And if you’re guilty of this, there’s no way those nails would grow longer. What worsens it is the fact that chewing your nails aren’t good for your hygiene as you can take in bacteria especially in this era of pandemic variants.

What then do you do?

Apply faux nails. You’ll never chew those fingers so long as you have your fashion nails on. Unless, of course, your case is critical.

They Switch Up Your Look

pretty fashion nails design

These nails transform your hands instantly. They add that youthful feel to your appearance.

Whatever the occasion is, fashion nails glam up your hands. And this is because they add colour and beauty to your fingers, making them look more attractive.

Furthermore, these nails are statement outfits on their own. They help you do the talking when your outfit is minimal. And this you can’t do with your real fingernails unless you grow them long.

Fashion Nails Every Woman Should Rock

Whenever your outfit looks boring, don’t add something else to your look. Instead, jump on any of the fashion nails trends. They mostly come in two types:

Let’s look at them.

Acrylic Nails

glossy blue acrylic fashion nails

To achieve acrylic nails, you’ll have to go to a good nail technician as you can’t do it yourself unless you’re a pro.

acrylic nails on fingers

Your nail designer will customize them to suit your preferred length and color. Acrylic nails aren’t already trimmed and packaged like stick-on nails. But they are more durable. 

acrylic fashion nails on fingers with a ring

Stick-on Nails

black stick-on nails design

Stick-on or press-on nails are fake nails glued to your natural nail. Unlike acrylic nails, they come in different nail shapes such as round, oval, almond, square, cat nail, etc.

different stick-on fashion nails

In other words, these nails are ready-made. They’re already polished. You only have to buy them from a vendor and attach them to your fingernails with glue.

colorful stick-on nails in a case

In addition, they’re cheaper, save you time, and won’t damage your natural nails. The beautiful part is that you can apply these nails yourself.

Notwithstanding, your acrylic and stick-on nails can feature:

1. Nude Fashion Nails

nude fashion nails

Need something that resembles your fingernails? Go for nude nails. They are simple yet elegant. 

nude nails holding car steering

And if you love muted tones and colors, this is the perfect one for you.

fashion nude nails on fingers inn a car

2. Matte Nails

matte fashion nails on fingers

Imagine wearing matte lipstick and matte fashion nails. Perfect combo, right? Matte nails have this unique dry look.

matte fashion nails on fingers

You can achieve them in either of these two ways: Buff your polished nails until they look matte or apply matte nail top coat and allow it dry.

red matte nails

3. Rhinestone Nails

black nails with rhinestones on finger nails

This nail design involves adding glittery stones to make your nails sparkle. Go for this to give your regular nails a different look.

close up shot of rhinestones nails on fingers

You can maintain one color for all your fingers or use a different color on the nail you’ll apply the stones on.

different rhinestones nails

Wanna see more fashion nail designs? Scroll down to feast your eyes.

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