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Frugal Male Fashion: 10 Affordable Items that’ll Always be in Style

Would you like to stay stylish without lavishing your money? I bet you just said yes. And truly, looking good has never been a herculean task. Neither do you have to empty your bank account to exude class. It’s the rule guiding frugal male fashion.

But what do you think it means? Buying only cheap fashion items? Shopping only when there’s a sale or discount promo? Wearing only thrift clothing?

If you found your guess above, I’ll give you a pass. Nice attempt but that’s not what being frugal in male fashion and style entails. It’s a lot more. 

As accessory brand, Elizabetta, explained:

“Being frugal when it comes to fashion means shopping intelligently, not cheaply. It means spending the right amount – not too much, but not too little either – according to the product’s actual worth. And it means purchasing items that you’ll be able to wear for years, so that the value of your investment is spread out over time.”

We’ll discuss more frugal male fashion in this piece. And if you want to always look good on a budget while retaining your style, come with me as we dive in.

What is Frugal Male Fashion?

man posing in t-short and pants and sneakers

The word frugal means sparing or economical as regards money or food. It doesn’t involve splurging but avoiding impulse buying to make logical purchasing decisions.

This doesn’t mean settling for cheap fashion.  It means shopping intelligently to avoid buying what won’t serve you. And since society places more responsibilities on the male gender, you’ll always need this advice.

Know your wardrobe priorities and go for them without hurting your bank account.

There’s no point buying nice stuff if you’d only wear them once or twice and dump them afterward. That’s not even how sustainable fashion works.

Frugal fashion is a great way to green your wardrobe. And since you already know what it means, let’s see how it plays out.

How to Excel at Frugal Male Fashion

man wearing T-shirt with shorts and sneakers and facemask

Are you tired of buying stuff that doesn’t serve you? Would you like to get returns for every fashion item you invest your money in?

If you answered yes to both, kudos! You only need to ensure what you buy meets the following benchmarks: 


man holding a suit and walking

Would you rather buy a cheap shirt that lasts for a short while or you’d buy an expensive shirt that lasts you for years?

Whatever your choice is, remember with one of the shirts, you’d exude class effortlessly. Also, you won’t have to frequent the store to get another shirt just because the one you got looks old, discolored, or worn out.

That’s how frugal male fashion works. Buying inexpensive stuff doesn’t mean you’re frugal unless that inexpensive stuff is durable and of high quality.

If you want to be a frugal man, prioritize quality over price. See every fashion item as an investment. If it’s cheap but will give you frequent visits to your tailor to revive it, that’s not being frugal. Instead, you’re splurging on what won’t give you style returns.


man rocking frugal watch

Frugal male fashion items are never bound by trends. So, while you invest in quality, ensure they are pieces that never go out of style.

Think about dress shirts, ties, suits, chinos, jeans, wristwatches, black colors, etc. These items are always in vogue. 

Go for them and get value for your money for as long as you live.


frugal man rocking shirt and pant with glasses

While going for the above two, have a  budget in mind and try to stay within it. It’s one of the ways to look stylish on a budget. It’s also a great way to avoid impulse buying. 

Shop sparingly but make it stylish and logical.

Frugal Male Fashion Items for the Prudent Man

2 black frugal men layer their fashion outfits

Ready to go frugal with your fashion choices? Buy these items when next you go shopping:

1. Jeans

frugal man in jeans

With the many types of jeans in the market, you have no reason to lack one. Denim pants never go out of style. They suit any casual dress code and are a perfect representation of streetwear outfits.

Don’t know how to rock them? Not a problem. Go through our guide on how to style jeans right away.

2. Solid Color T-shirt

man wearing black T-short with pants and sneakers

This could be white, grey, or black. Every man needs a tee in his wardrobe for the days when he doesn’t wanna look suit and tie.

Just grab on a T-shirt, put on some comfy pants and kicks, and you’re good to go.

3. Button-Up Shirt

Frugal man wearing black shirt with dress shoes

Whether plain or striped, a dress shirt is your go-to attire for formal office wear or business casual outfits.

It goes with any pair of pants be it slacks, jeans, chinos, or what have you. 

Invest in a quality one and you won’t regret it.

4. Sweater

man rocking sweater

For the days when the weather is cold or the days when you want to switch up your looks by layering your outfit, your sweater is welcome. You can find quality sweaters from thrift stores, streetwear brands, or crochet brands.

Apart from a sweater, your cardigan, blazer, jacket, coat, and other outerwear are important.

5. Dress Shoes

man rocking shirt and pants and dress shoes with hat

This could be a pair of oxfords, loafers, brogues, or any other formal shoes for men you love. 

You won’t have casual occasions every time. Some days, you may have to dress to close a business deal or ace a presentation in the office.

And if your industry has a strict dress code, you’ll always need these shoes.

6. Formal Pants

man wearing black T-short with pants and sneakers

These include chinos, khaki, slacks, or any other well-tailored pants. You’ll need them when the occasion isn’t right to rock jeans, joggers, tracksuits, or shorts.

7. Palm Slippers

rocking frugal men fashion on the runway

Palm slippers offer comfort during informal events. Invest in them and wear them with your native wear, streetwear, beachwear, or any casual attire.

8. Wristwatch

frugal man rocking jeans and pants

It doesn’t have to be Phillip Patek, Rolex, or Omega. A classic wristwatch goes beyond telling the time to add that suave finish to your look. If you don’t want a gold or silver timepiece, then settle for leather.

The important thing is it meets the three benchmarks of frugal male fashion.

9. Perfume

Frugal male fashion outfit on point

Smelling nice is a great way to effuse style. But unfortunately, many men forget that. Some don’t even know how to recognize original perfume and end up buying something with a short-lived scent.

That’s not being frugal in fashion.

Invest in deodorants and perfumes and apply them correctly to keep body odor at bay.

10. Belt

frugal man rocking a brown belt in his outfit

What happens when your trousers don’t sit perfectly at your waist? A belt saves the day!

To be frugal, get a belt with a neutral color such as black or brown. They go well with any color of outfits you’re rocking.

man layering with coat and carrying bag

Other prudent fashion items that’ll always serve you are blazers, sunglasses, sneakers, ties, wallets, etc. If you want to keep them in shape for a long time, go through our guide on how to make your clothes last longer and use the hacks you find there.

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