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How to Style a Sweater to Look Chic, Not Shabby

 When the weather gets cold, don’t shiver under the duvet and clench your teeth. Stand up and get dressed because it’s another opportunity to make a style statement. And to do this like a true fashionista, you have to not only layer your outfit for warmth. You also need to know how to style a sweater while beating cold.

It’s important.

The cold weather shouldn’t be the reason you turn up looking like we left you behind in the past century. Your outerwear shouldn’t degrade but enhance your look. 

But how do you do this? Not to worry—that’s what we’ll cover in this piece.

man wearing white sweater on jeans

You’ll see how to wear a classic sweater for warmth.  You’ll also learn how to style a sweater like a style pro. And when anyone else gives you a glance, they’ll wish the weather remains cold just so they can see you looking fab in your sweater outfits every day.

It’s no hype. Just stay with me up until the end. And put to work all you find here. They’ll help you retain (and enhance) your style come rain, harmattan, autumn, or winter.

Brief Background on Sweaters

lady wearing dark orange sweater with jeans

What’s your go-to outerwear when the weather is chilly? A puffer jacket, jean jacket, cardigan, sweater? As you already know, a sweater is one of the go-to outfits for cold weather. It keeps you warm during cold weather conditions

Otherwise known as a pullover or jumper, this wardrobe staple is usually knitted or crocheted with wool, cotton, cashmere, vicuna, etc. It mostly has long sleeves to offer proper warmth. But when it’s sleeveless, call it a sweater vest.

Furthermore, sweaters come in different styles and cuts. They could be extra-large, well-fitting, or drape on your body. It’s left for you to pick one that suits your style and rock it as you like.

lady rocking black and brown sweater with black shorts and knee-high boots

Almost everyone wears a sweater to work, worship centers, fun places, or even as loungewear in their homes. But not everyone knows how to style this apparel. Why? Because they concentrate on its obvious purpose of providing warmth forgetting that it’s a versatile piece of clothing.

Notwithstanding, that’s what makes you different from them. You’re already getting first-hand insights on how to style a sweater without looking frumpy. And as I said earlier, if you put these tips to work, you and everyone else who looks at you will love your outfit.

So, let’s elevate your style sense already with the tips on how to style a sweater.

How to Style a Sweater to Exude Style While Feeling Warm

man rocking colorful sweater

An easy way to achieve this is by rocking a multicolored sweater. It’s a statement piece on its own and will ensure you stand out even without trying. But since arriving at a particular destination isn’t tied to one route alone, let’s see other ways to style a sweater to beat cold and create some style impact.

1. Wear it with a Skirt

lady wearing sweater on leather skirt

Where your miniskirt at? Bring it on. Or is it a midi, maxi skirt, or an ankara skirt? It doesn’t matter the type of skirt. You can pair it with a sweater and feel warm while looking stylish.

lady wearing sweater on black mini skirt

2. Don’t Forget Your Classic Jeans

man wearing sweater on black jeans

You already know your jeans go with anything, right? So, don’t hesitate to pair your sweater with a pair of jeans. It’s also one of the ways to style jeans

lady taking a picture in sweater on jeans

This outfit for cold weather goes with any type of jeans be it skinny, baggy, mom jeans or straight-cut, etc.

3. Pair with Your Pants

man rocking sweater on trousers

You can also wear a sweater with your pants. This includes chinos, slacks, palazzo pants, ankara pants, leggings, ankara trousers for men, etc. Pullovers are wardrobe staples. They don’t discriminate against clothes.

lady wearing red sweater on tight pants

4. Wear it Over a Slip Dress

lady wearing sweater on long dress

Do you have a slip dress you don’t wanna rock with the spaghetti straps so your shoulders aren’t bare? How about you layer it with a pullover?

lady wearing sweater on white dress

If your dress has a neutral color, wear a jumper with a contrasting color to give your outfit a sharp, bright feel.

5. Wear it Like an Accessory

lady rocking a sweater as an accessory

This is one way to wear a sweater without actually wearing it. As Madeline Fass, one of Vogue’s contributors says:

lady wearing sweater as accessory with other accessories

“Swung, slung, or draped: However you wear it, a sweater is your best accessory.”

Madeline Fass

To wear your sweater like an accessory, you can hang/tie it around your neck or waist.

6. Layer it With Another Outerwear

lady wearing a coat on sweater and pants

The fact that a pullover is an outerwear doesn’t mean you can’t layer it. So, go ahead and layer it with a blazer, duster, puffer jacket, jean jacket, etc. Explore! It’s the beauty of fashion.

man wearing blazer on a sweater

7. Do the French Tuck

man rocking sweater on jeans with the French tuck

If you don’t wanna leave your pullover all out, another tip on how to style a sweater is to tuck the front part into your skirt or pants. It’ll add that little touch of sophistication to your look.

lady wearing wearing sweater on jeans with French tuck

You can also tuck the entire sweater in if you don’t wanna use the French tuck hack.

8. Pair with a Dungaree

lady posing in a sweater with brown dungaree

Another way to style your sweater is to pair it with a dungaree. You can wear it over the dungaree or tuck it in. Whichever way, the result will be great.

man wearing black sweater on dungaree

9. Accessorize it

lady taking a picture in a sweater wearing cap

Go ahead and add your statement necklace, bracelets, scarf, hat, sunglasses, to your sweater-inspired look. These accessories can transform an everyday attire into an iconic one.. 

lady wearing sweater with bag and boots

Also, you can pair your pullover with any type of shoes ranging from flip-flops to sneakers, heels, knee-high boots, loafers, Oxford,  and other flats.

10. Go Monochrome

smiling lady wearing purple sweater and purple skirt

An easy way to rock a sweater without clashing colors is to go monochrome. It’s safe, convenient, and very chic.

man wearing brown sweater and brown pants

11. Make it Sleeveless with a Shirt Underneath

lady taking a picture in a sweater vest

Have you tried wearing a sweater vest on a shirt? If you haven’t you should do so already. 

man wearing a sweater vest

It’ll give you a high-school kinda look; one filled with class and style.

man wearing brown sweater cardigan

Bonus Tip: Don’t Like a Sweater? Wear a cardigan instead. The zipper or buttons on it gives you an option of unfastening to show your shirt or tank top inside. This is great to add more spice to your pullover outfits.

lady wearing sweater cardigan

In essence, You can wear your sweater atop a shirt or simply pair it with any bottom without a shirt underneath. 

lady wearing cardigan

A pro-tip when styling your sweater is to go for neutral or solid colors especially when you’re not so good at matching colors. And if you’ll like to learn how to do that without mistakes, read up our guide on how to match colors in your outfits.

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