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Ankara Trousers for Men: How to Style Like a Classic Man

Hey, dandy man. It’s time for you to give your plain trousers a break. Is it to work, church, or a date with the love of your life? Shun your jeans, chinos, and what have you. It’s time to wear ankara trousers for men better than you’ve always done.

Apart from making you look suave, these pants also promote Afrocentric fashion. It’s something music stars like Jidenna do flawlessly. And even if you may not have an eccentric style like the classic man crooner, you should take a style cue from the way he rocks African prints.

Jidenna holding a guitar wearing ankara trousers

What better way to start than to wear ankara pants? If you don’t know how to, being on this page is already is a roadmap. And if you read this piece to the end, you’ll be right on track to style your ankara trousers the right way.

How to Wear Ankara Trousers for Men

1. Pair with a Nice Solid-Colored Shirt

man wearing white shirt with ankara pants

When you pair your native pants with a shirt tucked in, you achieve a smart casual or business casual look perfect for the office. It all depends on the shoes you pair them with. 

So, if you want a smart casual look, sneakers with some nice sunglasses will do the magic. And if you want a business casual look, your loafers, Oxford, and other formal shoes for men would work.

man wearing brown shirt with ankara trousers

Furthermore, ensure the shirt is a solid-colored one so it won’t clash with your ankara fabric which is always multicolored.

2. Pair with a T-shirt

Jidenna wearing t-shirt with ankara pants

You can also pair your ankara trousers with a T-shirt. This is great for a casual look especially when you combine it with a pair of sneakers, pool sliders, or palm slippers.

man wearing white t-shirt with ankara pants on white sneakers

3. Add an Outerwear

man wearing ankara pants with ankara blazer

This works with any kind of shirt whether a tee or a dress shirt. You can add any nice outerwear like ankara blazer, waistcoat, cardigan, jean jacket, etc., to layer your shirt when paired with ankara pants.

Jidenna performing on stage wearing ankara trousers with matching half-jacket on a white shirt

4. Coordinate Your Look

man wearing ankara two-piece outfit

If you don’t wanna style your pants with another top. You can just go for an ankara two-piece. That is, make shirts and trousers with the same African fabric.

man wearing two-piece ankara outfit

It’s simple to achieve as you already know what to pair with the pants. It’ll also save you the  stress of wrapping your head around the other ways to style it. And you can always pair both with different tops and bottoms whenever you feel like.

5. Go Afro-Urban

couple wearing ankara pants with afro-urban ankara t-shirts

How about you add a touch of ankara to your tees and sweatshirts and pair them with one of your ankara trousers for men?

couple rocking Afr-urbann-fashion outfit

You can also make a pair of joggers or sweatpants with this fabric or beautify your jeans with it. They are cute instances of afro-urban fashion.

6. Pair with a Turtleneck

Ric Hassani wearing white turtleneck on ankara trousers

Turtlenecks are versatile pieces that look great with any kind of bottoms whether dungarees, jeans or ankara trousers for men’

Ric Hassani and friend wearing ankara pants

Next time you get confused about how to pair your ankara pants for men, grab on a turtleneck and go command respect with your outfit.

Accessories for Ankara Trousers for Men

man wearing ankara outfit with a bag and sunglasses

Now that you know the right tops to pair with your African print pants, you should also know how to accessorize to add more accents to your look.

man wearing ankara outfit with hat and white sneakers

You can start with the basics by wearing any of the accessories for men. This includes a wristwatch, sunglasses, bracelet, pocket filler, etc. You can also wear a cap or hat to top up your style and make an effortless fashion statement.

These tips on how to style ankara trousers for men are perfect for any occasion, be it an outing or a photoshoot. They also come in handy when it’s time to wear matching outfits for couples with your lover. 

couple wearing matching ankara trousers with white shirts

If you’d like to try that someday, show your lover our style guide on how to rock ankara pants like the elegant queen that she is.

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