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30 Gorgeous Ankara Blazers to Help You Dress Better for Work

Something was making Angela bored of her workwear outfits. It wasn’t because they were no longer in fashion. It was because she needed something different from the regular ready-made clothes for work. Something different and spectacular like ankara blazers. And to satisfy that craving, Angela paid a visit to her tailor.

But something else was missing — she didn’t know the perfect style to sew. All about her were a myriad of chic options from Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google. But Angela found it difficult to make a pick because she lacked the necessary style acumen.

lady with good hair wearing African print jacket

If you’re like Angela looking for the perfect ankara blazers to add to your workwear collection, look no further.

In this article, you’ll find 30 of the best ankara jacket styles for stylish men and women. You’ll also learn how to style these blazers to elevate your look and earn more respect and admiration anywhere you go

Stay with me up until the end, there’s a lot in store for you.

What are Ankara Blazers?

man wearing African print jacket with bow tie and hat

Ankara blazers are blazers made with ankara fabric. They are ankara officewear jackets you can wear to layer your outfits or pair with bottoms to formal gatherings.

Apart from being what to wear to work, these blazers also serve as smart casual and business casual types of outfits.

Types of Ankara Blazers

smiling lady wearing ankara jacket on black jeans

Thinking of wearing African prints to work this week? Start with these ankara blazers. They’ll give you the perfect afrocentric, formal look.

1. Short-sleeve Ankara Jackets

lady wearing 3-quarter sleeves ankara jacket

If you don’t want the conventional long-sleeved blazers, make yours short-sleeved. This way, you’ll be able to show some decent skin by flaunting your arms.

lady wearing ankara jacket on white

The sleeves may not be short per se. It could be three-quarter if you want it that way

2. Long Sleeves

man wearing ankara jacket on jeans

Don’t wanna show your arms? Not a problem. Just make your sleeves long as usual. It’ll also serve as an outfit for cold weather.

lady wearing long sleeves ankara blazer

3. Detailed Ankara Blazers

lady wearing 3 different detailed ankara blazer

Fashion designers are now stretching their creativity beyond limits. This is why you see blazers with details such as peplum, puff sleeves, flounce, drape, long length, and what have you.

lady wearing detailed ankara blazer with matching pants

If you have an occasion where you desire to make a style statement, this style is a great option for you.

4. Mix and Match

lady wearing mixed print ankara blazer

You can as well mix and match your ankara fabric with a plain one to create your blazer. If you wanna leave your comfort zone, mix two ankara prints.

another lady wearing mixed print ankara blazer

The idea is to not only look good but also make a fashion statement. With this type of ankara blazers, you achieve that effortlessly.

How to Style Ankara Blazers

man wearing ankara blazer, carrying ankara bag

Styling your ankara jackets requires the same technique as styling your regular blazers. 

lady wearing ankara blazer with matching matching headwear and skirt

For instance, you can wear it as a dress, an ankara two-piece ensemble or you pair it with any bottoms of your choice which can either be jeans, plain or have multiple prints and colors.  

lady wearing ankara and plain material blazer

However, to ensure you do this right, you have to consider stuff like color matching and prints.

Thankfully, we have a style guide that addresses how to wear a blazer. If you read it, you’ll learn how to style a blazer in seven different ways.

Other than that, feast your eyes on these beautiful ankara jacket styles for men and women.

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