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5 Proven Tips on How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps after Shaving

Jake scowled as his girlfriend walked away. This was the umpteenth time she was doing this— turning her face away from him when he tried to kiss her. But as he wondered what was wrong, later he would know that the reason for her actions was the bumps on his face. He didn’t know how to get rid of razor bumps and that was about to cost him his relationship.

If you were Jake, what would you do?

Lose the love of your life because of something as minute as razor bumps? Or find a remedy to get rid of the bumps marring your beauty and relationship at the same time?

I assume you’d go for the latter. And if that’s the case, you’ve made a brilliant choice. That’s because these bumps don’t only come on the face.

They also come when you shave your armpits, legs, and even your pubic region.

Therefore, if you’re tired of seeing those sickening razor bumps on your body anytime you shave, it’s time to smile. In this post are tips that’ll help you get rid of those annoying shaving bumps. 

So, sit tight and read, and be sure to share with anyone you know who suffers from razor bumps so they don’t be like Jake.

What are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are ingrown hair that comes after shaving, waxing, or plucking. They can be small or large and even contain pus. In medical parlance, these bumps are called pseudofolliculitis barbae.

This is how it happens:

When you’re done getting rid of hair on your skin, the hair may curl inward rather than outside. And when new skin cells grow over this sprouting hair, it traps the hair and creates a bump.

Razor bumps can grow on any area of your skin that has hair. It can grow on your face, hand, legs, head, pubic region, etc. The trigger is to shave, pluck, or wax your hair.

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Even though these razor bumps pose no threat to your health, their appearance is still a problem. This is because it can affect your self-confidence and irritate even those you love (like Jake and his girlfriend).

Hence, to get rid of them, use the following tips:

1. Simply Ignore and Give it Time

You can as well chill out and let nature take its course on your razor bumps. And while at this, don’t shave any part of your skin that has bumps.

Don’t disturb the skin with another shaving. Just give it time to heal itself. But if you can’t wait, the other tips will help.

2. Apply a Warm Compress 

When you notice those bumps, use a wet piece of cloth dipped in warm water to soften your skin and draw the ingrown hair out.  Or you can as well steam in a hot shower to open up your pores.

3. Remove the Trapped Hair

If you can see the hair on the surface of your skin, removing it will help to get rid of the bumps faster. To do this, get a pair of sterilized tweezers.

Afterward, wash your hands and the affected area with soap before tweezing the hair out.

However, if you can’t see the hair on your skin, don’t tweeze it as this can cause more irritation, thereby worsening the problem. 

So, only remove the hair if (and only when) it’s visible.

4. Brush the Skin Gently

This will help to remove dead skin cells clogging your pores. It’ll also help to take out the hair hiding in those clogged pores.

When you brush, do so gently. Ensure your brush is soft so you don’t cause more injuries. You can also use a small skin brush to brush the affected area every day and prevent new bumps from sprouting.

5. Apply Glycolic or Salicylic Acid

If you apply any of those acids, they’ll peel the affected area by removing dead skin cells from your skin surface.  

You may not use these acids per se. Applying a cleanser, lotion, or any skincare product that contains them is enough to get rid of those extra skin cells and let the ingrown hair come out.

These skin cells house ingrown hair so getting rid of them is a good start to solving the problem.

How to Prevent Shaving Bumps

Since prevention is better than cure, use these tips to avoid any bump from cluttering your face when you shave.

  • Shave less often
  • Spend at least ten minutes in warm water before shaving to soften the outer layer of your skin. This makes it easier to remove the hair.
  • Don’t exert much pressure as you shave lest you should cause a razor burn.
  • Exfoliate with a warm piece of cloth for about five minutes before shaving.
  • Always shave with a new blade.
  • Use an electric razor with the settings low to keep the hair a bit long. This reduces the chances of hair going back into your skin.
  • Only shave when your skin is wet. 
  • Avoid skincare products that contain harsh ingredients. They can cause skin inflammation.
  • Sterilize your shaving equipment with alcohol before and after use.
  • Use a shaving gel but consider your skin type to be sure the product is suitable for your skin

That aside, if you use all these tips and you find your razor bumps recurring. Don’t do anything else. Just pay a visit to your dermatologist ASAP.


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