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6 Back-to-School Hairstyles to Give You a Stylish Resumption

The holiday’s over and you’re probably stuck deciding on an epic hairstyle for school resumption? We all are at some point, and if that’s your problem at the moment, I’m excited to let you know you don’t have to worry about the right back-to-school hairstyles that’ll suit you. And that’s because you’re in the right place!

Guess what? We’ve got it all sorted out for you. Any of these 6 back-to-school hairstyles are just what you need for your first day in school appearance. And don’t worry, they’ll look just as good on your Instagram as they do in real life.

In addition, all the school resumption hairstyles on this list take less than ten minutes to get done because they require little effort. That’s amazing right?

They’ll suit you perfectly, give you a lively look, and won’t cause any delay at all on a busy morning.

Let’s check out the latest back-to-school hairstyles already. So you can turn heads and drop jaws as soon as you walk into your first class.

6 Trending Back-to-School hairstyles

1. Faux Bang

lady with faux bangs

You really won’t be needing much tools to do this. A hair tie and a couple of pins will be enough to give you convincing bangs. The result will be a cute back-to-school hairstyle whether you have shorter or longer hair.

2. Crimped

white lady with crimped hair

Hair crimping is a method of styling straight, long hair in a saw-tooth/zig-zag fashion so that it becomes wavy. This hairstyle may not be so easy to try by yourself but your hairdresser can help you out.

They’re so perfect for your first day of school hairstyle.

3. Y2K-Inspired Front Twists

Julia Lester rocking Y2K inspired front twists with her red hair

This is a return from the early 2000s trend currently making waves in fashion and music. But why shouldn’t you rock it? School shouldn’t be an exception, you know.

This hairstyle brings out your elegance and accentuates your beauty. That’s exactly what you’ll get. You don’t have an excuse not to rock this hairstyle.

This is one back-to-school hairstyle that’s perfect for your first day in school. It also gives you the class, convenience, and confidence you need to resume school.

4. Volumized Braids

white lady wearing volumized braids hairstyle

Simply weave the front of your hair, then flatten it out. Pull the rest of your hair over into a side pony and fasten at the bottom for better value. This gives you an easy back-to-school hairstyle.

5. Fishtail Top Knot

smiling lady rocking fishtail hairstyle

All top knots are great back-to-school hairstyles you should wear. The fishtail top knot is one of the coolest hairstyles.

To achieve it, fishtail your ponytail before you twist it into a bun for an elevated back-to-school hairstyle. This fishtail top knot hairstyle has earned its keep in the beauty world. 

Its appeal lies in its super-polished, almost rigid bun aesthetic. In addition, it’s surprisingly versatile and, yes, relatively easy to recreate, with the help of the right products and tools.

6. Top Knot Pony

lady wearing top knot ponytail

To achieve it, take your hair back into a high pony and try not to mess up your centre part. Afterward, fold the ponytail in half, then pin it to secure your tail to the back of your head.

Then, let the ends of your pony hang down. Your top knot pony is ready to be rocked for your first day of school.

With these mind-blowing back-to-school hairstyle ideas listed above, there’s no way you won’t have an outstanding appearance on your first day at school.

Even if you woke up late that morning or you’re not the smart DIY type of person, you’ll still be able to pull through.

Make your hair stand out, it’s the crown you never take off. It’s up to you now: Do you want to appear amazing or not?


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