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30 Mind-blowing Ankara and Plain Material Combination Styles for You

Life has its way of getting us bored of the things we love. Little wonder experts advise we do things differently when things seem to go south. Take for instance, ankara and plain material combination.

I’m pretty sure whoever invented the combo must have gotten bored of wearing only ankara prints all the time.

They wanted something else not entirely different from the original though.

They wanted something that’ll instead further beautify their outfits.

prettey woman wearing lace material/ankara combination for asoebi

A situation whereby…

Whenever they created a style with ankara and plain material combination, the result would be something mind-blowing and magazine-worthy.

That’s what you’ll see as you go through this post.

Mind-blowing ankara and plain material combination styles that’ll get your wardrobe bubbling like a runway.

Am I tickling your style buds already?

smiling lady wearing red plain material/ankara midi dress

I bet I am!

Let’s check the styles out then.

Latest Ankara and Plain Material Combination Styles

lady wearing short ankara/red plain material dress

Need to give your ankara outfits a different look? Combine them with plain fabrics.

They are the perfect facelift to give your African fabrics.

lady wearing plain material dress with touches of ankara

And if you don’t want to mix different ankara prints because you’re scared to, plain fabrics offer a safer solution.

You don’t have to worry about going overboard because as we all know, plain materials are subtle and not busy.

lady wearing plain top with ankara/plain skirt

They go with any print no matter how busy they are.

To achieve ankara and plain material combination, use these tips:

1. Decide on Your Ankara Fabric

lady wearing plain material/ankara dress

Your ankara fabric is the main outfit. Unless you want to create ankara patches on plain material, you should first of all decide on the ankara you want to sew.

lady wearing ankara dress with net hands

Once you’ve done that, the remaining steps will fall in.

2. Observe the Details

lady wearing plain black material dress with some touches of ankara

What are the dominant colours and patterns of your African fabric? Take note of this because they’ll determine the colour of plain materials you should go for.

You can check out our style guide on how to match colours.

lady wearing colorful African print dress with a touch of red plain material

It’ll guide you when choosing colours to complement your African print.

In addition, you don’t have to settle for only one colour. You can create a stunning ankara and plain material combination with two plain fabrics of different colours.

lady wearing a short purple plain material/ankara dress

Once you’ve done that, ensure the colour blends in and accentuates the beauty of your ankara fabric.

3. Decide on the Type of Main Fabric

smiling lady wearing ankara dress with a touch of black net

Not every fabric goes well with ankara combination.

The common ones you can choose from include silk, crepe, jeans, net, lace, etc.

lady wearing ankara dress with jean sleeves

Thankfully, we have a style guide on ankara and jeans to help you out with the combo.

We also have detailed guides on how to achieve ankara and lace, ankara and organza, or ankara and net combinations.

Once you’ve decided on the type of fabric to use for this combo, go ahead and buy it.

smiling lady wearing green plain material dress with a touch of ankara

Then move to the next tip.

4. Pick a Style

lady wearing ankara dress with a touch of bkack material

Would you want a sleeve to be ankara and the other plain?

Or would you rather you used your plain material around the bodice while the remaining part is ankara??

You need to pick a good style to flaunt the creativity you see with your mind’s eye.

lady wearing blue plain material dress with a touch of ankara

There are many ankara and plain combination styles to choose from.

This article you’re reading contains the very best.

Scroll down and feast your eyes.

lady wearing black net/ankara dress

And if you aren’t satisfied, move over to our ankara catalog.

There’s more for you.

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