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10 Cool Photo Poses for Guys and How to Achieve Them

You are photogenic yet your pictures look like you aren’t. Is that why you hardly post pictures on social media? Don’t sulk over it. The reason your pictures don’t come out well is because you don’t know the cool photo poses for guys.

If you don’t strike a good pose for your pictures, it won’t be fine regardless of how dapper you look.

If you must know, taking great photos is not for women alone. Plus you don’t even need to be a model for your pictures to come out well.

Like it or not, good photos boost your confidence. Haven’t you ever gone through your gallery just to look at your photos and then admire yourself?

 I bet you have.

But if you haven’t, it’s probably because you don’t have any great photos of yourself in your gallery. 

Too bad if that’s the case. 

By the way, there’s good news.

It’s about time you changed that by striking these cool photo poses for guys.

You need to know how to pose for pictures, man!

These things matter too just as the money in your bank account matters more.

With a good pose, you won’t have to take 50 pictures and end up deleting 49. 

Whether you are posting them on social media or you just want to have some beautiful shots in your gallery to share with loved ones, this article will show you photo poses for guys. 

We already have a guide for women on how to pose for pictures. Men thought we sidelined them but that wasn’t the case.

Now sit back and read so you and your lover can strike peng poses together when next you pose for the camera.

Let’s dive right in.

Cool Photo Poses for Guys

guy smiling in a photo

Postures matter in fashion and photography. This is why it’s a prerequisite for models to learn how to pose for photos. Men and women who are models have succeeded at this.

But how should a man pose for pictures?

Let’s find out together.

1. Walking

man walking in a photo

This is a great idea if you are shy or awkward. The walking photo pose can be taken from any angle. 

You can look straight into the camera while walking. You can also put your hand in your pocket while taking the strides and looking away from the camera. 

Next time you’re taking pictures and you get confused on how to pose, don’t forget to use this particular cool photo pose for guys.

2. Hands in Pockets

man posing and putting hand in pocket

This is one common pose for men.

If you want to look relaxed, strike this pose.  However, it isn’t advisable for photos intended to be used for official purposes.

You can combine it with any other pose, like walking, leaning or you can just have your hands in your pockets while standing erect. 

Moreso, if you’re leaning against the wall, try putting your left foot against the wall while your hands are in your pockets.

It’ll really look great.

3. The Lean Pose

man doing the lean pose

 Whether you choose to lean on your back or shoulder, you’ll look cool with this pose. 

You can lean on a wall, tree or anything. 

This pose also gives you lots of options. For example, you can choose to look down, look away or look straight into the camera. 

Getting the right camera angle is very important for this pose. You can as well achieve it as a portrait or a full picture. 

4. The Crossed Leg

man in sit and posing cross-legged on a chair

I love to call it the classic man pose.

This is because you’ll look very classic when you strike this pose. 

It’s a great pose for official photos. But remember for the pictures to look good, your posture and the way you position your neck is important. 

For example, don’t tilt your neck to the side, and look straight into the camera. 

5. Arms Crossed

If you love to wear a suit, this should be your go-to pose. You can never go wrong with it. 

Portrait photos are great for this pose. When posing, look straight into the camera, tilt your neck a bit and give a subtle smirk.


You’ll love what you’ll see.

6. Hands on Chest

man possing with hands on his chest

 This pose is great but before you strike it, make sure your photographer is good enough to take the shot from a perfect angle. 

This is because your picture can easily be ruined if the angle isn’t gotten right. 

In addition, for this pose, you can look away or tilt your head downward while looking straight into the camera.

7. Jacket Over Shoulder

2 men doing the jacket-over shoulder pose

With your jacket draped over your shoulder, strike this pose while in motion or just standing still. 

Personally, I prefer looking away to looking into the camera when striking this pose. It gives me that nonchalant look. 

8. Squatting

2 men striking the squatting-pose

For a more casual look, you can try squatting. 

Throw some attitude into the pose by stretching out one of your legs while holding your chin or looking away from the camera.

9. The Prop

man adding props to his photoshoot

Using props in your photo is a great idea especially if you want to pass a message. 

This pose is common among models. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you aren’t a model.

The prop could be anything from flowers, to a bag or even a pet.

 Using props in your photos would beautify your pictures and make you look more comfortable.

10. Touching the Neck

2 men posing with their hand on the neck

This is also one of the cool picture poses for guys.

To achieve it, you can place your palm on the back of your neck while tilting your neck and looking straight into the camera. 

Try this pose if you want to look seductive and confident. 

Pose Tips for men

Now that we’ve seen the cool photo poses for guys, let’s check out the tips to help you achieve them.

Your favourite style influencers also use these tips. And that’s one of the reasons their pictures leave you gasping for more and reposting when you come across them.

So, to get admirable photos that’ll give you engagement on social media, use these pose tips for men.

Look Confident

man laughing in a photo

Posing for a picture can be awkward.

This happens especially when you’re snapping in a crowded place or when the photographer is a stranger you’re not comfortable with.

 You need to overcome that awkwardness and look very confident for your shots to come out well.

 This is not something the photographer can do for you. No editing software can manipulate confidence into your photo.

Moreover, I understand that you might be a shy person but just pretend there is no one there and strike your best pose.

Consider your Physique

muscular guy posing in a photo

When taking pictures consider your physique. 

There are some cool photo poses for men that won’t look so great on you because of your physique. 

You need to put this into consideration. 

That is, consider your height, your size, your posture, etc. 

Always strike a pose that complements your physique. 

Make sure that your pose accentuates your selling points too.

 For instance, if you’re muscular you would want to strike a pose that highlights your muscles and makes you look even bigger.

 Make Random Poses for the Photographer to Take Random Shots

trying random poses for a shot

 Never underestimate random photos.  In 20 random photos taken, for instance, you might find one or two really great ones. And if you are lucky you can even find more. 

Strike different poses while the photographer takes them randomly. When you’re done, go ahead and sort out the photos. Then keep the ones that look great and delete the bad ones.

Get Inspired

drawing inspiration from other pictures on the net

Before taking photos, check out great photos other people have taken. 

It could be celebrities, models or random people with great shots.

Instagram and Pinterest offer a great resource for that. You can see cool photo poses for guys there and recreate them.

And that’s a wrap!

I’m pretty sure you feel more confident about taking pictures now. Because you have a pose idea bank to guide you.

But hold on a second.

There are some things you should have in your wardrobe.  And whenever you wear them and strike the right pose, your pictures will be charming.

Wanna know what they are?

Read our piece on the wardrobe essentials for every man and find out now.

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