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What Do You Think About Burna Boy’s Style of Dressing?

Some months back, I came across a thread on Twitter that spoke about Burna Boy’s style in an unimpressed manner. I can’t remember the exact words of the tweep. Neither can I remember his handle (would have dropped the link here for you to see).

But I do remember that almost everyone on that thread supported him when he said Burna Boy had an awful dress sense. And I won’t deny, when I glanced through the pictures the tweep used to support his claim, I understood why he deemed Burna Boy’s style ridiculous.

Burna Boy in all-white

And that’s not because Burna doesn’t know how to dress well as those tweeps claimed. It’s because our Odogwu has an eccentric fashion style. That is, one that isn’t similar to that of other stars in his industry.

And if his sounds don’t make you nod your head in agreement to their rhythm, at least his unusual style of star dressing should make you recognize him. 

Ready to see what I mean? Let’s delve into the matter.

Burna Boy: Afrobeat’s Living Legend

Burna Boy performing on stage

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of his or not, you must’ve heard a lot about his musical prowess ever since he stepped into the limelight. You know about his singles, albums, social media praises and dragging, and even his never-to-be-forgotten Grammy award.

Oluwwa Burna perfoming on stage

So we won’t dwell on that. But if you want to, Wiki sure has more to tell you about Burna’s musical feat.

African Giant performing

Nevertheless, now is the time you learned about Burna Boy’s fashion style. So, shall we?

Burna Boy’s Style — Crazy or Not?

Burna Boy rocking eccentric suit with overcoat

Perhaps I should have given more options in the heading above. But that’s not the focus of this piece. It’s actually a subtle reminder that we all have different personal styles.

So, what’s good for the goose may not be for the gander.

Burna boy rocking jeans

In fact, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, our African giant, is one of the stylish Nigerian musicians. He’s been featured in top fashion publications like Vogue and the like. He’s also worn designer labels that cost a fortune. So, if his style were actually crazy or ridiculous, perhaps these big guys wouldn’t give him a shot.

But what’s that thing they say about abnormal being the new normal and a good way to stand out?

You’re right.

Burna Boy rocking flowery print

Apart from his music genre, Burna Boy’s fashion sets him apart. To some — especially those who are yet to recognize the liberty of expression in fashion— it may be crazy or plain dumb. But to those who understand individuality and the innate power of fashion to express the self, it’s art.

Take this look he rocked for his GQ feature in 2020

Burna Boy in a regal robe

For his debut appearance in the popular men’s lifestyle magazine, Oluwa Burna rocked nine suave outfits estimated to be worth at least N11.7 million($31, 861).

All to talk about his fame, career, and comparisons to the legend, Fela, Burna was adorned in luxury fashion brands such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto, Christian Louboutin, among others.

African Giant at the Brits Awards

And in the Nigerian scene, he’s a fan of Orange Culture. He’s also donned other top Nigerian designers like Atafo

Some of the signature pieces of our Grammy award-winning superstar include statement sunglasses, Derby shoes, statement coats, loud colors, coordinated sets, and double-breasted suits.

It’s not called crazy. It is called being free to simply do you.

Burna Boy wearing senator

It’s one thing to lock yourself in a shell and dress the way others dictate for you simply because you’re scared of criticism.

Burna doesn’t give a hoot about that. With his distinct music style and indelible vernacular lyrics, what did you expect? That he dresses in a pair of skinny jeans and body-hugging tees to match?

Nah…Burna Boy’s dress sense is non-conformist for a reason.

Burna Boy's style at the BET Awards

And that’s because he himself is a non-conformist. So, let him rock the puffy crop jacket and oversized pants. Let him mix the raging colors as he would his sounds.

It may seem weird to you because it’s not your style. But it definitely has contributed to his carving not only a name but also an identity for himself in the world of music. 

A Lesson or Two from Burna Boy’s Style 

Burna Boy wearing loud colors

Now what’s to take home from all of these? I’ll tell you:

Be you and do you.

Let’s face it. People will always be people. They’ll always say crap when it doesn’t go down well with them.

But that doesn’t mean you should change from you and become who they want you to be. Like Burna, wear what you love and are comfortable in.

African Giant wearing green and black outfit

Even if it makes people think you’re weird or crazy, don’t stop. Wear your “rubbish”. Just own it with some top-level self-confidence and defend it at any level.

Remember, rules are made to be broken. So, go ahead and flout those fashion rules too. Understand your body type and your individual taste. Dress for the image you want to project according to your personal style

One day, you just may not be the guy with the weird look. You’d become the person with the signature style everyone recognizes and attributes to like Burna Boy.

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