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8 Signs to Let You Know When to Replace Your Clothes and Accessories

Your clothes and accessories are like humans. You get attached to them such that it becomes difficult to know when to replace your clothes. It could be because you got it at an expensive price. Or maybe because you simply love the item.

It could also be because the item is still in vogue or reminds you of your personal style. Or perhaps it’s a gift from a loved one or an heirloom that’s been passed down for years and you feel bad about letting it go.

But just as Shakespeare said many years ago, we meet to part and we part to meet. This doesn’t apply to human interactions alone. It applies to your wardrobe too.

Your clothes and accessories aren’t designed to last forever in your wardrobe. One day, you’ll have to part with them. But how do you recognize such moments? How do you tell when it’s time to replace your clothes and other fashion items?

Let’s find out together.

How to Know When it’s Time to Get Rid of Old Clothes

The average person has about 127 items in their wardrobe, excluding footwear and accessories. Before you arch your brows in disbelief, that’s what Inside Out Style  says. Not me.

That’s an outrageous number of clothes, isn’t it? And you know the funny thing? Even with this data, many still add more to the list.

For someone who loves to dress well and regularly reads Svelte Magazine, it’s important that you detox your wardrobe at least twice a year. This will ensure that your wardrobe consists of important staples that’ll always serve you.

Also, by decluttering your wardrobe, you’ll see the items that you need to discard and replace ASAP. After detoxing, go ahead and create a capsule wardrobe with your most functional pieces. This way, dressing up will become easier.

But since you’re right here on this page, it means you haven’t purged your wardrobe in a long while. And the good news is that you’re ready to know how to go about it. But I must warn you:

Before you read on to recognize when to replace your old clothes, you must drop your emotions aside. As I said earlier, I understand how it feels to hold on to a particular item for years even when you don’t wear them. I do that with some of the dresses I design for Ria Kosher. They’re my brainchildren. So, it’s quite understandable not to let them go.

But for how long would that be especially if I don’t wear them anywhere? Think about it and reason with me. How long would you hold on to your old clothes when it’s obvious you need to let them go already?

If you don’t know when to replace your old clothes, let these signs guide you:

1. It’s Been Long You Wore Them

If you haven’t worn that item in a long while, how about you give it out to someone who’d wear it? Or have you been waiting for the right occasion? What if I tell you the right occasion just may never come if you don’t create one for yourself?

Resolve to wear those clothes now or get rid of them ASAP.

2. You Feel Guilty about Parting with it

Sounds silly, right? But it’s possible you feel that way. And if you do feel that way about a particular cloth or fashion item, it’s time to replace it. Otherwise, it would remain in your wardrobe and turn into a piece of furniture.

So, let go of your sentiment. If the cloth deserves to get a replacement, replace it.

3. When They’re Worn Out

Is there a tear on that cloth? Does it look old or faded already? Is there a stain that has refused to take its leave from that shirt? Is the screen of your wristwatch broken beyond repair? Or has the leather of that bag begun to peel?

If yes, stop keeping it already. It’s time to let it go. But if you don’t want to, find a way to fix the issue so you can rock it anew.

4. It’s No Longer in Fashion

If you still have a 1970’s or 2010s style of clothing in your wardrobe, it’s time to replace it.

I know fashion trends are almost always recycled. But that doesn’t mean you should keep that particular one when you know the remake will be better.

Give it out. Get something better in the meantime. When the trend returns to the scene, you’ll get a better version of it.

Or do you want to turn your wardrobe into a museum? If you want to, leave it then. But replace it with a new one still.

5. You Don’t Feel Comfortable in it

If you don’t feel comfortable in it, there’s no point in keeping it.

Why wear that shirt when the fabric itches your skin? Why wear those heels when you can’t walk comfortably in them?

Replace them immediately with something you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Or better still, learn how to marry comfort with style so you don’t have to part with that item.

6. It No longer Reflects Your Personal Style

If you’ve switched up from being that guy who used to love ’em tight jeans to be that guy who can’t do without a suit and tie, it only means one thing:

The tight jeans are no longer a reflection of your personal style. Discard and replace them right away. 

7. It’s No Longer Your Size

This is an obvious sign that tells you when to replace your clothes, right? It could be because you’ve put on weight. Or maybe you’ve outgrown the item.

But there’s no point trying to squeeze into those undersized clothes and accessories. Replace them with your exact fit instead. You should never be caught wearing things that don’t fit. Don’t forget that.

8. When You’ve Fallen out of love with it

That piece of jewelry no longer excites you? Give it out and get something else.

You deserve to be happy. Seeing something you no longer love in your wardrobe isn’t a good way to find happiness, you know.

And that’s a wrap!

There you go with the tips to help you recognize when to replace your clothes. What about your underwear? Wouldn’t you like to know the signs that you need to change your underwear?

We have a guide on that. Check it out now to know if it’s time to change your underwear.

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