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4 Easy Steps on How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Most times, many people say “I have nothing to wear” when they actually do have lots of things to wear. This is because they fail to detox their wardrobe. And they don’t even bother learning how to create a capsule wardrobe that suits the minimalist man and comprises the wardrobe essentials for every woman.

If you check your wardrobe, you’d notice that there are particular clothes and accessories you wear almost every week. You fall back on these items regularly not because they are the only ones you have but because they are items you can easily match together to create many outfits. These items will make up the content of your capsule wardrobe.

They’ll help reduce the regular confusion of what to wear many people experience to occasions. And you’ll be spending less time and money on clothes because your wardrobe will contain only pieces that entirely reflect your style and mood. So when it’s time to get moving, you grab any of them and move.

However, before taking a look at how to create a capsule wardrobe, would you mind knowing what a capsule wardrobe entails?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

 It is a collection of basic wardrobe staples that you can always combine to create many dashing looks. These basic items are mostly in neutral colours and are usually simple. They are usually changed in about three months since you wear them most of the time. And most times, they make up your favourite clothes that suit your lifestyle and body type.

Once you have a capsule wardrobe, dressing up becomes easier. No longer will you be confused about what to wear because your closet will be minimalist yet reflective of your style needs and lifestyle. You won’t have to spend longer time trying out different items before finally settling for one. You’ll know just what you intend to wear and go for it.

Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

Your clothes may be the least of your worries. Indeed, and that’s why you need a capsule wardrobe.

  • Once you know how to create a capsule wardrobe, you’ll see no need to always wear a particular tee all the time when your closet is filled with variety.
  • You’ll have no need to buy stuff you won’t wear because you’ll go for only things you’ll like to wear.
  • Deciding on what to wear won’t stress you or take your time because you’ll already know what you want to wear. And this will save you time and give you more than enough room to worry about other important things.
  • You’ll be spending less money on your clothing needs because they’ll already be suited to your style. This only means you can save some more.

Are you psyched on creating a capsule wardrobe already? Let’s get started.

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

a capsule wardrobe guide infography

Never be confused about what to wear. Make dressing up much easier and cheaper by learning how to create a capsule wardrobe with these easy steps.

 1. Reduce the Content of Your Wardrobe

Just as you would when decluttering your wardrobe, you have to reduce its contents so you can be left with only important items.

Take your time to go through your closet and fish out those items you haven’t worn for a while. Select the ones you won’t be wearing anymore from the ones you’ll be wearing often. Then put the former in a separate bag so your closet can have some breathing space

2. Group Your Clothes into Categories to Form a Foundational Wardrobe

This will help you easily find what you want when dressing up time comes. For instance, you could have a category for each type of clothing and accessories where bottoms include trousers, shorts, jeans, joggers, skirts, etc.

Tops include shirts, tops and tees.

Layers include denim jackets, blazer, cardigan, sweater, etc.

Afterwards, create a category for your shoes and accessories too. Then place the contents of each category into different sections of your wardrobe.

While doing this, remember that unlike the capsule wardrobe, the outfits in these categories will not change throughout the year. This will help you know what you have and what you don’t have and quicken the process of dressing up.

Note that these categories of items aren’t what you need to draw daily outfits from. They are just your bank of clothes and accessories that you can pick from to meet specific purposes.

3. Create Another Category from the Above

You have to further categorise your foundational wardrobe to suit your everyday lifestyle and needs.

You could have a category for activewear to suit your workout and gym needs. This includes tracksuits, joggers, sneakers or anything you wear to exercise.

 You could also have a category for workwear pieces and formal occasions which includes trousers, skirts, dresses, blazers, suits and shirts.

You should also have a category for casual or loungewear which are tees, jeans, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts, mini skirts. Basically, this category includes stuff you wear to stay at home, stroll to the mall, etc.

Go further to classify your casual wear to create a category for fun outings such as dates, casual meetings, nights out, etc. Clothes here could be dresses, jeans or what you wear to such gatherings.

As you select clothes into these categories, don’t forget to fix in your accessories too.

4. Here is How to Create a Capsule Collection

Now, this is where you’ll be getting your everyday outfits from. To achieve this, you have to pick three main categories out of the categories you created above. That is select three categories that are most important to your lifestyle and put at most 10 items into these categories.

Choose the items based on these factors:

  • Functionality: How useful they are to each of the three categories.
  • How well it fits you.
  • Flexibility: How you can easily create an outfit by combining them with other pieces in the capsule.

For instance, your three categories are workwear, loungewear and fun outings and you have a pair of jeans trousers. To know if it is suitable to be in your capsule wardrobe, ask yourself if it fits into your three categories. Then go further to check if it fits you right and if you can easily create an outfit with it by combining with other items you have. Do the same to your shoes, bags and accessories too to ensure they are good enough to be included in your capsule.

Knowing how to create a capsule wardrobe isn’t complex. Just make sure you’re selecting limited pieces of fashion items that you love and will most likely wear frequently. You can as well have a capsule for different seasons of the year. For instance, when it’s dry season, adjust your wardrobe to include capsule pieces that you’ll most likely wear when the weather is hot. And when it’s rainy season, adjust it to suit the season too. Just make sure the content of your capsule suits your personal style.

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