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How to Prevent Leather Bags From Peeling

Bags are necessary accessories. Without them you can’t move about with your everyday essentials. And if you’re a fan of leather bags — whether bonded or real leather — you’ll need to know how to prevent leather bags from peeling. They’ll help you get the value of your money and ensure you don’t move about with a flaky or peeled handbag.

Benefits of Leather Bags

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Leather is one raw material used to make a variety of things. The commonest ones are bags and shoes. However, the fact that it could get flaky and peel discourages people from investing in these bags.

Notwithstanding, these bags offer benefits. Before we see how to prevent leather bags from peeling, let’s see the benefits of having them in the first place:

1. They are Stylish

Leather bags are stylish wardrobe staples. Whether they are in the form of briefcases, backpacks or handbags, they enhance your look with a dose of sophistication.

2. They are Durable

Bags and shoes made with real leather are durable. Everybody knows this. You can use them every day without worrying about losing its shape.

3. They are Waterproof

For days when it rains and there’s no safe place to keep your bag, worry not if it’s made of leather. This is because leather is a natural waterproof material. Even if the rain drenches you, rest assured that no damage will come to your belongings.

4. You Get Value for Your Money

If you decide to sell your bag as a thrift item in the future, you can sell it at a good price. So long as you take care of it well and ensure it doesn’t crack or peel.

How to Prevent Leather Bags From Peeling

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Most of the time, the leather bags that peel are made of bonded leather. This is a small piece of shredded and leftover leather fibers brought together to form a pulp. Then they are mixed with a polyurethane coating to have that shiny look.

 Bonded leather is simply recycled leather. Although they are the ones that mostly crack, this doesn’t mean real leather bags won’t peel if you don’t take care of them well.

If you want your leather bags to remain in a good condition, always care for them. And you can do that with the following tips:

1. Keep Away From Heat

This is one of the major tips on how to prevent leather bags from peeling. Heat can cause your authentic leather bags to crack and peel. Ensure the room you keep your bags are well-ventilated. This will keep them safe and durable.

2. Keep in a Dust Bag

When not in use, store your bags in a dust bag. Dust bags, as the name implies, help to wade off dust from touching your bags. They also prevent cases of colour transfer and excess moisture.

If you don’t have a dust bag, an old pillowcase will be fine. However, don’t make the mistake of using a nylon bag to store your handbags. Nylons aren’t breathable and as such, you put the bag in heat and cause it to peel.

3. Put Old Newspapers in Them When not in Use

Don’t lay your bag flat when you aren’t using them. This can cause them to lose shape. Instead, stuff them with old newspapers or old clothes. They give the illusion of content in the bag and retain its shape.

4. Liquid and Oil Shouldn’t Pour in Your Bag

If the content of your bag includes oil or any other liquid, be sure to seal it properly. To be extra safe, put any liquid in a ziploc bag before including it in your bag. This way, even if it spills, your bag will be safe.

5. Use a Leather Cleaner

To protect the surface of your bag, use a leather cleaner. This will make them look new regularly. However, you should do this once in two months and use a damp cloth to clean them every other day.

Note that no matter how you take care of bonded leather bags, they’ll eventually peel because they aren’t authentic leather. But using these tips will ensure that they don’t have a short lifespan. You’ll instead use them to your fill before they begin to crack.

In addition, if you’re using a genuine leather bag and you notice it is peeling, relax first. Most of the time, it may not peel. It may just be that the bag is losing its colour. You can fix this by redyeing the bag.

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Above all, follow the tips mentioned in this article on how to prevent leather bags from peeling. And remember to keep your bags in an airy room always.

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