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10 Best Types of Handbags for Women

As a lady, a bag is one of the must-have accessories you can’t do without. So long as you move about from place to place every day, you need a bag. It doesn’t just carry your belongings, it also garnishes your look. And because we want you to flaunt the inner fashionista in you, we’ve curated the best types of handbags for women that can transform your outfit and express your style better.

10 Best Types of Handbags for Women

They say what you wear says a lot about you. It could show you’re chic and classy or drab and just there.

woman carrying a black sling bag

Once you have any of these types of handbags for women in your possession and you rock them regularly, you’ll be speaking volumes without saying a word. Because your handbag will do the talking.

Don’t wait until later, dear. Check out the types of handbags for women and shop them right away. You can get any of the types of handbags for women, as well as jewelry to complement your look, from a good vendor or 5 dollar store. You can as well order bulk handbags wholesale to start retailing and increase your source of income.

1. Satchel

a black satchel handbag

Are you a working-class lady looking for the right bag to portray your style? A satchel is a great choice. It’s a blend of functionality and fun. This makes it a versatile piece.

woman carrying a red satchel bag

These types of handbags for women are rectangular in shape. It usually has a single or double buckle that fastens in the front. And there’s a long strap too so you can hang on your shoulders or crossbody whenever you feel like.

2. Baguette

a brown baguette handbag

If you check, you’ll see that the word ‘baguette’ is the name of a French bread that is long and narrow. Yes, that’s where this handbag got its name from because it actually looks like that French bread.

woman carrying a black baguette bag

A baguette is a compact bag with single or double straps. It has a short handle and was made Popular by the designer label, Fendi. It is a great complement for smart casual outfits.

3. Sling Bag

a pink sling bag

Also known as Shoulder bag, this bag is designed to either be worn crossbody or on your shoulders. It doesn’t have a short strap; just a long one. Most bags, these days, are designed to encompass both long and short straps which makes them capable of serving as a sling bag.

Victoria Willie carrying a black sling bag

You can pair a sling bag with your jeans and tees and other casual outfits of your choice. They are functional and stylish types of bags for women.

4. Tote Bag

a raffia tote bag

Wanna go shopping in a superbly stylish way without thinking of the stress of carrying your handbag and shopping bag? Grab on a tote bag. It’s the ideal shopping bag.

These types of handbags for women have enough space in them to contain your valuables and newly shopped items. Their spaciousness also makes them perfect for weekend getaways too.

Because of their size, totes are great for casual wear. You can also pair a tote bag with midi skirts.

5. Clutch

a clutch bag

These types of bags for women don’t have handles or straps. They are designed to be carried in the hand like that. As the name implies, you clutch it.

woman carrying a clutch bag

You can pair it with a casual or formal attire, particularly with dinner and prom gowns. Because they mostly hardly have enough space, designers now add compartments to recent clutch bags to give you, the wearer, versatility.

6. Minaudière

a gold minaudiere bag

This is a type of formal, decorative women’s clutch bag without a handle or a strap. The difference between this type and the clutch is that it has coloured gems, stones and pearls embossed around it. This makes it evoke splendour and resplendence whenever used.

woman in purple aso ebi attire carrying a purple minaudiere

Minaudière will add more spark to your Aso Ebi attires for weddings. Moreover, they complement your dinner attires too.

7. Bucket Bag

a leather bucket bag

This one has a round base. It is somewhat broader than other bags. It has drawstrings for closure and long handles that can be worn on the shoulders or cross body. This bag is a great choice for casual wear.

woman carrying a leather bucket bag

In addition, bucket bags of nowadays are bigger and better; some even resemble a bucket.

8. Fanny Pack

black fanny pack

This type is one of the fashion trends of the 2010s. It is usually worn around the waist. It is a pouch secured with a zipper and worn at the waist by a strap around the hips.

lady wearing a fanny pack

You can pair your fanny pack the activewear while exercising. You can also pair it with any of the beautiful types of dresses for women. It helps to take some attention to your waist region.

9. Hobo Bag

a brown hobo bag

This type is made of soft materials. It has a droopy silhouette and a crescent shape under the handle as a result of how it slouches down when carried or dropped down. This makes it perfect for casual outings.

woman carrying a hobo bag

10. Micro Mini Bag

a red micro mini bag

What can this bag carry? Well, it is mini yet big enough to carry your beauty and swag comfortably.

Victoria B. Willie

Micro mini bags are en vogue. They are suitable for dates, nights-out and events in which the only things you’ll need are your phone, lipstick and credit card.

Which of these types of bags for women would you rock today? Let us know in th comment section. And if there’s any you like that we left out in this list, do drop a comment so we know.

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