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Top Makeup Brands in Nigeria

As the global fashion, hair and beauty industry grows, Nigerians aren’t lagging behind too. There are designers and brands creating an indelible mark in their fields. And this has resulted in their creating impact across nations. Among these iconic brands making their mark are the top makeup brands in Nigeria whose consistency in delivering quality have earned them global repute.

It is indeed a thing of pride to know that the top makeup brands in Nigeria aren’t left out in this ever-increasing success beyond the frontiers of cosmetics as a whole. You must have heard about one or two of these brands and perhaps tried their products. If you have, you most definitely can testify about their goodness. But if you haven’t, you will learn in this article.

Read on to get a glimpse about them, then choose the one you’ll make your go-to for beauty enhancement.

Top Makeup Brands in Nigeria

1. House of Tara

House of Tara lipstick

This particular makeup brand has been in existence for over 20 years and it doesn’t seem to tire in living up to its essence.

Set up in 1998 by Tara Fela Durotoye, House of Tara is one of the pathfinders in the beauty and makeup industry in Africa as a whole. The brand also trailblazed the bridal makeup profession in Nigeria.

House of Tara model

In 2004, House of Tara set up the first makeup school and studio in Nigeria. It also hosted Nigeria’s first Make-Up Conference in 2014. Indeed, it is a pioneer in the Nigerian beauty sphere.

House of Tara has several studios both in Nigeria and other African countries. Not only do they produce cosmetic products for dark skin and other African undertones, they also empower women and groom young entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

2. Zaron

Zaron Cosmetics face powder and brush

Founded  by Oke Maduewesi in Leeds, UK, Zaron Cosmetics has been one of the fastest-growing colour cosmetics brand in Nigeria. Though conceived in 2010, it began operations in 2011. And ever since then, Zaron has expanded to have branches in other countries in Africa.

Zaron Cosmetics model

Besides manufacturing lifestyle products tailored to meet the specific needs of women of colour, Zaron also regularly gives back to society. The brand does this through humanitarian programmes such as its Widows’ Day and Hunger-Free Day.

3. BMPRO Makeup

BM Pro products

This is one of the top makeup brands in Nigeria. Founded by Banke Meshida-Lawal. This cosmetic brand has evolved to become a force to reckon with in the beauty business.

The brand has over 65 products in the Nigerian market with distributors all over Nigeria, the UK, USA, Ghana, and Canada.

BM Pro model

BMPRO  gives maximum results to both professional and amateur makeup users who experience the hot and humid Nigerian weather. This itself is one quality most foreign makeup brands do not possess.

The brand has been in existence for 22 years. It has created beauty looks for fashion magazines like Genevieve, Elan, etc., and fashion brands such as Tiffany Amber, Odio Mimonet amongst others.

4. Nuban Beauty

Nuban Beauty products

Though founded in 2017 by Stella Ndekile, Nuban Beauty has grown to be one of the top makeup brands in Nigeria. The brand is dedicated to providing the best makeup and beauty products designed specially for the African woman.

Nuban Beauty model

5. Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty eyeliner

This is another cosmetic line in Nigeria that offers superior and suitable beauty products that empower the African woman to look good and feel confident about herself. Their products include powder, foundation, matte and metallic lip cream, eyebrow products and a host of other cosmetics.

Yanga Beauty model

6. Blot Beauty Cosmetics

Blot Beauty products

Funke Preghafi founded this beauty brand in 2015. Ever since its inception, the brand has been doling out long-lasting liquid lipsticks, face primers, foundations, powders, etc., curated for diverse skin tones. This it does not to only enhance the beauty of women of colour but to also combat the excess secretion of sebum African women experience.

a Blot Beauty model

7. ElsasPRO

Elsa Pro products

Amaka Okeke founded this beauty line in 2015. Its products range from cosmetics to tools within the skincare and makeup sphere all suitable for any climatic condition.

Elsa Pro model

The brand is focused on engendering satisfaction for the beautiful and classy woman of value. ElsasPRO believes every woman is beautiful, regardless of her race or ethnicity. And to enhance this beauty is its raison d’être.

8. Dabota Cosmetics

Dabota Cosmetics products

Ex-beauty queen and actress, Dabota Lawson, founded this beauty brand. The makeup line consists of powder, lipsticks, foundation, eyeshadow and everything to enhance the beauty of the African woman.

Dabota Cosmetics model

Now that you know the top makeup brands in Nigeria, wouldn’t you like to try them out and stick to one? Be rest assured, the products of these brands are made in adherence to international standards. But before settling for any of them, you have to make sure it suits your skin type.

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