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16 Stylish Nigerian Musicians You Should Take Style Lessons from

The Nigerian music industry is replete with talents who aren’t only good at making badass sounds but also excellent with their dressing. They are so good that fashion publications and houses alike never resist blessing these stylish Nigerian musicians with endorsement deals and features.

We too can’t help it.

I mean, these guys deserve their eulogy.

It’s not easy to birth mind-blowing sounds and still maintain a good style sense.

And to show you what we mean, we curated this post so you also can have a feel of their style.

So, sit back, relax, and read.

Your favourite artiste might be the best on the list.

But if you don’t read to the end, you’ll never find out.

Stylish Nigerian Musicians who Make Fashion Statements

Whether you’re a sucker for their music or not, you’ll definitely appreciate the fashion sense of these stylish Nigerian artistes.

We agree. Some of the names on this list may not meet your personal standard.

But the fact remains that they are stylish and their personal style distinguishes them from the rest of their colleagues out there.

So, drop the bias and grab a cue or two from these stylish Nigerian artistes.

1. Ice Prince Zamani

Ice Prince rocking an overcoat

Ice Prince loves fashion. This is obvious in all he wears. How he combines the jeans and tees would make you want to try them out. 

He also flexes his fashion muscle across other types of outfits. And he never misses ’em accessories too.

Ice Prince dripping hard

If you’re a lover of streetwear outfits wanting to step up your style game, you should pay a visit to his Instagram page.

Ice Prince in streetwear outfit

You’ll get free style lessons even more than you bargained for.

2. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade wearing an edgy hot dress

Show me a lover of Afrocentric fashion and I’ll show you none other than Mama Africa.

Yemi Alade showing her style

From her sounds and her dress sense, you can tell her affiliation with her continent is unbreakable. 

Yemi Alade wearing adire print outfit

Yemi is also a versatile dresser. And she never forgets to exude an edgy feel with her looks. 

3. Jidenna

Jidenna wearing Nigerian native wear for men

This Nigerian-American artiste may not be based in Nigeria. But we recognize the Nigerian blood that runs through his veins.

Jidenna rocking big jeans

And the beautiful thing is that this classic man never fails to identify with his roots. 

Jidenna rocking African print outfit

He’s worn and still wears the works of Nigerian designers. You’ll always find him donning African prints and afro-urban fashion in an eccentric way.

He never fails to appreciate them.

4. Skiibii

Skiibii in his outfit style


He should be crowned the king of Nigerian street style, don’t you think?

Skiibii rocking streetwear outfit

This guy is good. 

Skiibii looking fine in his streetwear outfit

His pictures speak better than a thousand words.

5. Timaya

Timaya wearing multi-colored overcoat

Timaya makes bold fashion choices little wonder he’s never afraid to wear more colours and mix those prints.

Timaya showing off his style

He also knows how to use accessories to magnify his look.

Timaya wearing long overcoat

You should take these lessons from him.

6. DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall rocking his unique style

Here comes another lover of streetwear. 

DJ Spinall rocking his "the cap" style

It’s not surprising. It’s like the general dress code for most music artistes.

DJ Spinall in streetwear outfit

But Spinall’s style still stands out. This is one big proof that he’s not tied in the disc jockey mixing world. And when it comes to dressing up and looking good, DJ Spinall can never be left out.

7. Burna Boy

Burna Boy outfit for his 2021 Grammy performance

Our Grammy award-winning Burna Boy isn’t left out on the list of stylish Nigerian musicians.

Burna Boy rocking diamond accessories

He’s got a bold, eccentric style. Burna obviously doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks so long as he’s comfortable in what he wears.

Burna Boy rocking streetwear outfit

Take that as a lesson.

8. Davido

Davido rocking diamond accessories

OBO has a remarkable sense of style. From his music videos styling to his casual wears, it is evident that he’s a musician who knows the essence of fashion.

Davido rocking streetwear outfit

He’s great at combining accessories, prints, and colours.

Davido wearing blue suit with glasses for Fortune

9. Tems

Tems rocking animal print

Tems is another stylish Nigerian artiste. Apart from her sweet voice, she keeps endearing herself to her fans with every picture she drops online.

Tems wearing jeans jumpsuit with jacket

And while we keep waiting for a picture of her back view, let’s appreciate her style sense.

Tems wearing stripped long gown

10. Phyno

Phyno wearing jeans jacket and jeans pants in front of a car

Simple yet detailed is Phyno’s style. It seems he has a thing for outerwear. See how he never forgets to layer his outfits with jackets and coats.

Phyno performing in red jacket and black pants

Phyno loves street style and tries to create his own version of it. 

Phyno rocking white outfit

11. Falz

Falz chilling in his unique style

Falz has a good taste. A look at his pictures will tell you so.

But there’s one thing that stands him out from the crowd— his glassless glasses which is his signature piece.

Falz rocking streetwear outfit

He never dresses up without adding those glasses without lens. They are more or less his identity card which you can use to recognize him.

And that’s what a signature style does for you.

Falz wearing denim shirt and jeans

Remember when it was all hilarious? Now it’s become a part of Falz such that when anyone rocks those types of glasses, you know for sure Falz inspired them.

12. D’banj

D'banj chilling in casual outfit in front of a white Rolls Royce

Right from the days of Why Me, Koko master has never disappointed. Even as he grows older in the game, his fashion sense only gets better.

D'banj wearing stylish suit

From head to toe, D’banj oozes class and confidence. He’s also versatile as he never hesitates to rock different types of outfits for different occasions.

D'banj performing in a native outfit

13. Banky W

Banky W wearing suit with glasses

Daddy Z is such a suave man. How he switches from native wear to classic suits and even streetwear is a style lesson to imbibe.

Banky W in a native wear outfit
Banky W rocking streetwear outfit

14. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage rocking a hot dinner dress

Tiwa’s beauty is so mesmerizing and so is her style. She gives off this chic vibe that makes you want to drool over her photos.

Tiwa Savage rocking white crop top and jeans

This mother of one not only knows how to bless us with good music. She knows her way with the clothes and accessories too.

Tiwa Savage showing her style

This is evident in her music videos and social media pages.

15. Teni

Teni wearing streetwear outfit

Teni may not be your regular definition of stylish. And that’s because she’s different.

Teni in her lady outfit

She’s got a unique manly style.

Teni in her casual style

So, if you’re a tomboy looking to step up your style game, pay attention to the way Teni gussies up.

16. Wizkid

Wizkid in streetwear outfit

Wizkid seems to be a lover of mild colours and casual wear. This Star Boy made in Lagos knows how to merge simplicity with class to give us a dose of style.

Wizkid showing us his style
Wizkid in his casual style with his daughter

And that’s a wrap!

Music has always been a channel for the spread of fashion. The two go hand-in-hand. That’s why fashion shows use music while the models strut on the catwalk. It’s also the reason musicians wow us with beautiful costumes in their music videos.

If we want to recognize all the stylish Nigerian musicians (both up-and-coming and renowned), this list will be endless. 

That aside, is your favourite artiste on this list? Is there a stylish Nigerian artiste we left out, let us know by dropping a comment below.

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