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How Davido Has Proven to Be a Style Icon

Fashion is the unseen thread that weaves every profession. It is what doctors, lawyers, musicians, writers and even criminals all have in common — the fact that they all wear clothes. And since music right from time has been a channel for the spread of popular culture, we thought it necessary to show you how Davido has proven to be a style icon.

Who is Davido?

Davido on the cover of Fortune Magazine

This question sounds absurd, right? Considering the fact that Davido is one of the most famous names in Africa. But for the sake of protocol, here’s a very brief biography of Davido.

David Adeleke, popularly knows as Davido, is an American-born Nigerian music artiste. OBO Baddest, as his fans otherwise call him, rose to fame after the release of Dami Duro in 2011.

Ever since then, the music icon has been dropping hits back to back. He has grown to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry at large. And his latest album A Better Time, proves that he won’t be leaving the music scene without leaving an indelible legacy behind.

Davido wearing a purple suit on the cover of Fortune Magazine

Davido is also the founder and head of his record label, Davido Music World (DMW). And as common for philanthropic stars to lift others to the stage of stardom, OBO is no exception. He’s brought to the limelight Mayorkun, Dremo, Peruzzi, Liya and the likes.

Since his music life isn’t the focus of this article, let’s not dwell on his musical escapades but rather move to how Davido has proven to be a style icon.

How Davido Has Proven to Be a Style Icon

Davido chilling and talking

The Internet and social media are replete with pictures of OBO pursuing his music career while looking as good as ever. Some may argue that his fashion sense is as a result of the fact that he’s got the money to buy all he wants. But is that all there is to fashion? Money to buy everything without a sense of style?

Of course not.

Davido wearing mixed patterned shirt with black jeans on a music video set

OBO has this sense of style. From his music videos styling to his casual wears, it is evident that he’s a music legend who knows the essence of fashion.

To illustrate, the video of his latest single Jowo looks standout not just because the storyline is very creative. It is also a great one because the costume and everything else worn on set weren’t out of context.

Furthermore, OBO also knows how to combine colours. We’ve seen him wear bright and mild colours in his music videos and other activities of his life.

Apart from the regular streetwear style peculiar to artiste in his genre of music, he’s turned up in suits, native attires and Afro-urban fashion pieces.

What about accessories?

Davido in a native wear

It is apparent that the star understands how important those little add-ons are to one’s look. Perhaps, this is why he never fails to add jewelry, sunglasses, hats, etc., to enhance his outfits.

Apart from that, OBO seems to have this signature piece that you must have noticed while going through his pictures on this page.

It’s his gold chains and rings. Even when he is shirtless, Davido’s bling still adorns his body.  Thus, lending credence to his sense of style.

Davido wearing Ashluxe apparel

In addition, Davido is a strong supporter of African fashion. He has worn different Nigerian fashion brands, both contemporary and streetwear such as Ashluxe.

Davido wearing Ashluxe apparel - close shot

Moreover, while we recognize the efforts of his wardrobe consultants, we still give kudos to OBO for being a fashion enthusiast worthy of emulation.

He is indeed a celebrity who understands the role fashion plays in all profession, including music.

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