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Richard Mofe-Damijo — Nollywood’s Number One Style King

Mention a Nollywood actor who seems to be the dream sugar daddy of many a Nigerian girl, and I’ll show you Richard Mofe-Damijo. 

Why’s this so? Why do they love and fantasise about him? You may wonder.

The reason isn’t far-fetched.

Even at 60, RMD has maintained his sense of style much better than young fashionistas. He is a true proof of the saying that age is just a number.

RMD rocking red overcoat with scarf

This veteran actor has proven times without number that style has no limit. Neither is it bound by age. Rather, it is your sense of individuality that you must own until your last breath.

That’s why we decided to eulogise his style today.

And to prove that we aren’t mincing words —that RMD is indeed Nollywood’s number one style king— we’ll show you what we mean.

So, get ready to use your screenshot button.

Because if RMD’s pictures don’t inspire you to improve your fashion game, then something must be wrong somewhere.

Let’s dive in already.

A Peek into His Life and Career

Richard Mofe-Damijo trying to step out in official outfit

As you already know, Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly called RMD, is one of the greatest talents we have in the Nigerian movie industry.

He’s been in the film game for years now; specifically from the days of a television soap opera in the 1980s titled Ripples. And ever since then, he’s starred in many hit movies and has received awards for his exemplary talent.

But before his journey into the film industry he worked as a journalist for Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine.

RMD was born on July 6, 1961. Apart from acting, he’s also had a taste of politics. During the tenure of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan in 2008, he became the commissioner for the Culture and Tourism of Delta State, Nigeria from 2009-2015.

Richard Mofe-Damijo posing with wife

Did you also know that RMD was once a widower? His first wife, May Ellen-Ezekiel, died in 1996. RMD later remarried Jumobi Adegbesan in 2000 and their love has been growing without bounds since then.

RMD’s Remarkable Fashion Sense

Richard Mofe-Damijo stepping out in casual outfit

One reason we love RMD is his versatility. This stylista knows how to drip with any type of outfit.

Be it streetwear, native wear, casual wear or even formal office wear, he always leaves a lesson with every look he pulls off.

RMD in white senator outfit

And this, fashion brands have come to realise. Little wonder he’s modelled for brands like Fresh by Dotun, Vanskere, Yomi Casual, etc.

You know, it is one thing for a designer to create a dazzling outfit. It’s another for a stylist to combine accessories for a dashing look. But if the wearer oozes no poise, attitude, and style, all these efforts will be in vain.

RMD feeing free in all white casual outfit

We can conclude that Richard Mofe-Damijo is a blessing to the Nigerian fashion industry, particularly menswear. I mean, who’d watch how RMD dons their outfits and not be encouraged to do more?

Enough of the eulogies already, don’t you think?

RMD in street mode for a shoot

Why don’t you feed your eyes on more of his pictures so you can confirm for yourself that we know what we mean when we say RMD is Nollywood’s number one style king.

And don’t forget to pick style lessons from him too. He’s proven he knows his onions when it comes to dressing up.

These pictures are more than enough proof.

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