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Ria Kosher Drops New Collection tagged ‘Loud Silence’

Nigerian contemporary fashion brand, Ria Kosher, has released its 2021 womenswear collection tagged Loud Silence.

This season, Ria Kosher not only makes clothes that enhance the style of women who love to invest in their appearance.

The brand goes a step further to design pieces that seek to tell the story of every young woman who is at that phase of her life where she builds something that outlives her.

Whether it’s a personal brand, business brand, tech startup, or any recent career milestone, Ria Kosher uses Loud Silence to acknowledge the strength of every young woman who desires to make a name for herself and does everything to make it work.

2 models posing in Ria Kosher outfits from the Loud Silence collection

The name Loud Silence is an oxymoron which, to the brand, represents two phases of the building stage of one’s life:

  • The stage when you build silently and
  • The stage when you show the world what you have been building.

In the words of the creative director, Victoria Willie,

“Loud Silence is our way of letting every young and enterprising woman know that we understand what it feels like to hustle in a nation whose environments can make you wish to be a citizen of another country.

It is our way of reminding you that the seed you are planting will definitely yield fruits when harvest time comes.

It is our way of encouraging every young, bold and enterprising woman to keep on looking good while still chasing her goals.

And when down moments come, don’t sulk or brood. Just dress up in a piece from Ria Kosher’s Loud Silence collection and get the compliments that will massage your ego.

Above all, it’s our way of tendering an apology for the long silence on our part before the release of this collection. 

But this silence is no longer long. 

It’s loud.”

Victoria Willie

The collection features pleats, a mix of colours, prints, and patterns, ruffled chiffon, exaggerated sleeves, figure-flattering bodices, flared hems, and statement details delicately constructed to adorn the wearer in a standout manner.

You can shop your favourite look directly from our website:

Or via Whatsapp

Designs: @riakosher

Photography: drgrapher_studios

Muse: @priscilla_azeh @pis_robert

Makeup: @odispassion


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