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Eccentric Fashion Style: The Fastest Way to Stand Out and Make a Name for Yourself

Have you ever looked at the way a person dressed and wondered what they were thinking? If you have, you should stop doing that because some of those guys are only expressing their eccentric fashion style.

Admire them instead. It takes some guts to dress in ways that pull eyes to you especially when those eyes think you’re weird.

And if you’re tired of being laid-back with your looks or conforming to trends, maybe it’s about time you upgraded your style.

You can try developing an eccentric fashion style and if you’re comfortable with it, make it your signature style.

Wondering how to go about this?

Worry not; just dive in with me.

What is Eccentric Fashion Style?

woman wearing loud colors with statement glasses

As the name implies, eccentric style is any form of dressing that deviates from the norm. It is strange, unconventional, and slightly different from what every other person would wear.

A good example of someone with an eccentric style is Burna Boy. The music star never limits himself to society’s definition of stylish.

He wears attires that are considered quirky to others but never gives a damn because he feels comfortable in them.

And guess what…

We’ve all come to recognize that quirkiness as Burna Boy’s style. It’s original and unique. And if anyone tries to duplicate it, they’ll have a hard time doing that because it stems from within. 

Once someone commented to me that Burna doesn’t wear what someone can copy. And I nodded in affirmation because the African giant has not only carved an identity with his music but also with his dress sense.

All thanks to his eccentric fashion style.

Eccentricity is gradually becoming accepted. And the fact that eccentric style never conforms to the conventional ways of dressing makes it more standout.

Thankfully, designers and stylists are taking the eccentric look off the runway to the streets. And if this is your thing, don’t try to suppress it.

Express it to the fullest and watch how it becomes a crucial part of your identity.

How to Express the Eccentric Fashion Style

lady wearing multi-print outfit

If you have a quirky personality and you’re ready to express it with what you wear, use these tips to take up your eccentric fashion style:

1. Be bold

lady wearing ankara with pink gloves

Eccentric style is a look not everyone smiles at. And to pull it off, you have to be bold. You have to care less about what people think or say and just do you. 

This style says, “If you love something, keep your head up high and wear it.” It allows you to explore, experiment, and be different.

Isn’t that the whole essence of fashion? 

So, forget those who arch their brows when you dress to express your non-conformist self. Put on your armor of confidence and leave your comfort zone to explore new fashion possibilities.

2. Set the Trend

man stepping out in torn jeans and big shoes

As an eccentric-nista (a term I coined), you don’t have to wait to follow trends.

You’re a pacesetter because the rest of the crowd prefers to play it safe and blend in. 

Now go ahead and set the trend.

Even if flared pants are no longer in vogue, rock them and get going. You just may be the one to bring ’em back.

3. Wear More Prints and Colours

lady wearing loud colorful maxi dress

Colors and prints are a good way to announce your non-conformist personality.

Don’t be afraid to wear more colors. Don’t limit yourself to neutrals all the time. Mix the warm and cool colors. Even if you’re wearing a dark-colored outfit, a simple accessory can be your touch of color.

Similarly, prints are welcome here. And to make it more fun, mix prints while expressing your style.

If you don’t know how to, read up our style guide on how to mix prints. It’ll get you started.

4. Wear Statement Pieces

man wearing eccentric clothes

Don’t go subtle with this style. Even if you choose to be subtle, your outfit has to say something.

Hence, wear clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories with statement details. They’re the first thing others will notice when you come in.

If you don’t know how to, we have a detailed guide on how to rock statement pieces. You can go ahead to read it.

But if you’ll like to do that later, let’s proceed.

5. Get Inspiration from Others

2 ladies stepping out in eccentric attires

If you love this style and you want to give it a try, there are many individuals to inspire you. 

For instance, in the Nigerian fashion industry, designers like Lisa Folawiyo and Adebayo Oke-Lawal, etc., never cease to dole out eccentric pieces. And stylists such as Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe (The Style Infidel), Teni Oluwo (Style Territory), Jennifer Oseh (The Lady Vhodka), etc., give the quirky vibe with every look they pull off.

And in the international scene, there’s Collins Strada, Prisca Vera, and many others to psyche you up.

You have no excuse to lag behind. Visit their social media pages when you need some inspo and morale booster.

6. Let Your Clothes Say Who You are

lady wearing dark eccentric clothes

Contrary to what everyone else thinks, eccentric fashion style isn’t weird. It isn’t at all.

This is because in life, there are two major kinds of people:  those who stay in line with everyone’s definition of normal and those who never conform.  These defining characteristics are not only evident in our words but also in our actions— especially the way we dress. 

Nobody but you has the right to define you. Hence, you should always dress according to your personal style and live by it.

lady wearing eccentric jumpsuit outfit

If you aren’t a non-conformist, there’s no point dressing like you are. You’ll fall out along the line.

But if you are, go ahead and use these tips to express your personality. Your style is what remains when all trends are gone.

Hold on a second. Don’t say goodbye yet.

Have you figured out your personal style? If you haven’t, it’s no biggie. Read up our guide on how to find your personal style and start dressing to express it ASAP.

See more eccentric fashion styles below:

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