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Make Friday night for skincare not going out

Ever since the pandemic happened, we have had to adapt to new lifestyles. You know what I mean, we mostly spend our lives indoors, more people are getting work done from home, and we even spend most weekends indoors. Friday nights have transformed from being out and about on a night out to relaxing evenings at home taking care of yourself. Here are some suggestions of things you can do at home on a Friday night to prepare for a relaxing weekend or a Saturday night out.

Make bath time relax time 

lady taking a relaxing bath with candles around

Add a relaxing aromatherapy vibe to your bath by lighting scented candles around your tub to have a relaxing bath. But what is a bath without some great skincare tips? Try adding products like the Blue lagoon silica bath oil to your water for a soothing and nourishing bath as it is good for sensitive skin as it strengthens the skin barrier. Adding Epsom salt to your bath is also ideal to help relax the body as it helps ease muscle soreness and ease stress. If you suffer from swelling due to lots of walking or heat, this will also help with circulation. 

Clean your make-up brushes, you’d be surprised how dirty they are

washing a makeup brush

We all have skin bacteria, and over time your brushes may pick up some of that bacteria. Ideally, it is advisable to clean your brushes once a month with baby shampoo to ensure no irritation on healthy skin, or even sooner if you share your brushes with a friend. Cleaning your brushes ensures you get fresh make-up as with time, old make-up builds up on your brushes and they no longer give the best results.

DIY mask

DIY mask

Masks are healthy for the skin after a good cleanse, when pores are open it’s good to let them absorb some essential nourishment from the face mask. Blend the mixture of the herbs you like and apply them to your face and relax in the bath as it does its magic, then rinse off after you’re done and moisturize. Try mixing ingredients like cucumber or ginger, not only because they smell good but because these 2 are magic for your skin. You could also opt for a sheet mask though they could get a bit expensive and may not be the most sustainable option! 

Hair Care

smiling lady taking care of her hair

One can also spend some time taking care of your hair with hair treatments to repair damaged hair and give it nourishment. Hair masks are also a great way to concentrate nutrients that can help target specific needs for your hair like moisture relief or dandruff relief, you could use his time to brush your hair and untangle it as it may take longer to do it while in a hurry, why not do it on a Friday night. 

Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill

Get a comfy silk robe, some chamomile tea and put on the television and relax to some shows you like, or watch some documentaries and learn a thing or two as you relax indoors! By following these steps, it’ll be a lot easier to spend the night at home, of course, you can prepare for a night out Saturday instead.

It’s important to give your skin some love at least once per week. If you live in the city, your skin will appreciate being treated from the pollution and hustle. Think how relaxing it can be also to stay home for once, instead of always running around on the weekends! 

~Written with Mary Davis

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