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5 Warm yet Stylish Outfits for Cold Weather

When the weather is cold, you may get tempted to wear anything and get going. Don’t do that. Resist the urge to do that. Instead, wear any of these outfits for cold weather. They’ll help you stay stylish and warm when the weather is cold. 

How Should I Dress for Cold Weather?

lady wearing a white fur coat

Dressing when the weather is cold isn’t such a big deal. 

The goal of the outfits for cold weather is to create a balance between your body and your environment. If this isn’t done, there may be health repercussions.

Fabrics Suitable for Cold Weather

lady wearing black sweater to prevent cold

When the weather is cold, there are certain fabrics you should and shouldn’t wear. Lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, silk, linen, etc., should be completely avoided unless you’re wearing them underneath your layers. Other than that they are suitable for days when the weather is hot.

lady wearing sweater

Instead wear thick clothing or any of the following fabrics:

1. Wool

Wool is a perfect fabric for cold weather. Since it has air pockets all over, it brings about a natural separation between your clothes and your body.

2. Denim

man wearing denim jacket

If it’s a denim jacket, the fabric has snug linings and other features that keep you warm and stylish every time you wear it. 

3. Leather/ Faux Leather

The beautiful thing about leather is that it is suitable for any kind of weather. And it’s durable too.  If you can’t get original leather, there’s bonded or faux leather to opt for.

You just need to know how to maintain leather to prevent it from peeling unnecessarily.

4. Fur/Faux Fur

lady wearing fur coat

Fur is also one of the fabrics for cold weather. It is thick and also a statement piece that can get you some positive attention.  In addition, it is a very fashionable fabric. So, whenever you wear fur, you can be sure you’re looking stylish while staying warm.

5. Cotton

Cotton is one versatile fabric. If you want it thin for hot weather conditions, you can have it. And if you want it thick for cold weather, you’ll definitely get it.

 Furthermore, cotton is breathable and durable. But since it absorbs moisture, you shouldn’t wear it on its own when the weather is cold. Combine it with other fabrics. 

Outfits for Cold Weather

The basic way to dress for cold weather is to layer your outfits with sweaters, cardigans, jackets, etc. When you layer, it’ll be easy for you to adjust and take off the outerwear when you start to feel warm.

1. Jackets

lady wearing a green cold jacket

Be it denim or leather, jackets are important outfits for cold weather. The beautiful thing about them is that you can rock them in any weather condition as a bonus to your look.

man wearing jeans jacket

And when the coldness reduces, take it off and hang it on your body without actually wearing it.

lady wearing an orange sweat jacket with jeans

2. Coat

smiling lady wearing yellow overcoat

Coat is also one of the outfits for cold weather. It is an outerwear and good for layering too. 

man wearing dark coat

Your coat can be of any length depending on your location and taste. It will surely keep you warm while you look charming still.

lady wearing brown overcoat

3. Sweater/Cardigan

lady wearing multi colored sweater with jeans

Sweaters and cardigans are known to emit heat when the weather is cold. They are mostly made of wool, cashmere or fleece. They are great options for layering too. Just make sure what you wear underneath your sweater or cardigan is lightweight. This way, when the weather feels less cold, you can easily take off the sweater and feel cozy. 

guy wearing a red sweater
lady wearing oversized sweater

4. Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Sweatpants

man wearing black hoodie

These clothes are known to absorb sweat. For casual outings where you don’t want to wear any of the other outfits for cold weather, opt for sweatshirts and sweatpants. They are also good for gym activities. In addition, they’ll keep you warm when it’s cold.

lady wearing black sweat pants
man wearing a cold jacket with hoodie

5. Hats, Stockings and Gloves

lady wearing wearing a beanie hat and jacket because of cold

Although these are accessories, they’ll still keep you warm when it’s cold. You can wear beanie a hat or any hat that’s made with thick fabric. They’ll keep your head warm while socks will make your feet warm and the gloves will serve your hands. 

socks and jeans
man wearing beanie hat

Above all, you need air between your skin while you wear the outfits for cold weather. Therefore, be sure to wear clothes that aren’t too tight lest you should feel uncomfortable.

Rihanna wearing winter jacket

 In order words, let there be space between your body and your sweater, coat, jackets, etc. You will feel warm this way.

lady dressing for cold

Depending on your choice, you can rock any of these outfits for cold weather and kill two birds with a stone. That is, you feel warm regardless of the weather while retaining your style. This of course is the essence of the outfits for cold weather.

lady dressing for cold

And when the weather isn’t just cold but also rainy, be sure to check out our style guide on how to dress for rainy season.

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