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10 Easy Ways to Look Stylish Every Day

Fashion is like mathematics, once you know the formula, you can solve any style equation correctly. The formulas aren’t far-fetched. They are fashion tips that make up the easy ways to look stylish.

Want to look more stylish every day without making it seem like you are trying hard? Read on to see the fashion tips to help you achieve that.

lady in blue outfit with glasses

But why should you even consider looking stylish every day? Let’s see.

Why Bother Learn the Easy Ways to Look Stylish

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According to Prada, fashion is an instant language. Although many people may not agree with this but how you look goes a long way in saying so much about you in a second. And this is just one importance of looking good. Let’s check out the rest:

1. It Gives Off a Good Impression About You

Once you keep appearing well-dressed every day, know for sure that you’ll be creating a positive impression of yourself in the minds of people. And most of the time, people never forget such impressions. They’ll perceive you as someone with enough self-love and that is true. If you didn’t love yourself would you take the pain of ensuring you looked good and stylish always?

2. You Earn Respect Easily

Ever stepped into a place and people accorded you respect based on how you appear? Once you know and use the easy ways to look stylish every day, expect to experience this henceforth.

 For example, you dress like a boss to an occasion and carry yourself in such manner. Don’t you think people will regard you as someone who has their life already in control?

The good thing is that you don’t need to spend so much buying clothes and shoes all the time. With the little you have, you can always earn the respect that you deserve.

3. More Attention From the Opposite Gender

Admit it within you, when you look your best, there’s this part of you that feels on top of the world when the opposite sex appreciates you.

Even if all you have on is jeans and tees, so long as you are able to appear stylish in it, you’ll be loved. Everybody loves good things. Nobody said you can’t be one.

4. It Boost Your Self-confidence

Once you don an attire and you know within yourself that you look dashing, your self-esteem will increase. You’ll feel happy about yourself and won’t hesitate to step into gatherings of high calibre.

It’s not even the clothes that’ll make you feel this way. It’s the style and your carriage. That is why we thought it was to enlighten you on the easy ways to look stylish every day.

Let’s dive in right away.

10 Easy Ways to Look More Stylish Every Day

lady in white outfit with a hat

Looking stylish or fashionable isn’t always about wearing designers or latest trends. It can be as easy as rocking a pair of sunglasses and other tips therein:

1. Match Your Colours Right

lady combining colors perfectly

Colours give life to your look and when you don’t match them right, you create an eyesore. However, you can become an eye candy if you follow our style guide on how to combine colours in your outfit.

There are different methods to it. For instance, you can go bold or mild by using the neutral, monochromatic, complementary, triadic or analogous methods for matching colours. Moreso, every time you use each one, you’ll always look stylish.

2. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

This is very important lest you should be confused about what to wear every time you dress up. However, before creating a capsule wardrobe, you need to declutter your wardrobe. It’ll help you figure out the pieces you love and the ones you don’t need.

After detoxing your wardrobe, go ahead and create your capsule wardrobe. It should comprise wardrobe staples that you can always combine to create elegant looks.

But if you’re wondering how to go about this, read our style guide on how to create a capsule wardrobe.

3. Ensure Your Colours Suit Your Skin Tone

lady in jeans and top with glasses

It is not enough to know how to match colours. You also need to ensure the colours suit your skin tone. And once you do this, your clothes and accessories will complement everything about you. This also applies to your makeup and hair too.

Ensure your colours suit your skin tone lest you should resemble a masquerade.

4. Layer Your Outfits

man layering his outfit with jacket

Layering is a very easy way to look stylish. For instance, you can layer by adding a jacket to your jeans and tee look. Or simply wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless maxi dress.

Layering your outfits adds more details to your look. It also balances up your look, adding proportions here and there.

 It as well boosts your style game and ensures you are perceived as the man or woman who’s got their fashion life in control.

5. Get a Good Tailor

You need someone who’d be making those beautiful attires that are in your screenshot folder. And this person needs to know their onions well otherwise your clothes look bad on you.

In addition, a good tailor will come in handy when you shop ready-made clothes and realise they don’t fit perfectly. They’ll help you make the necessary adjustments so you can rock your clothes as you please.

6. Mix Textures

lady combining different ankara patterns

Combine different fabrics in one look. This is how to mix textures. For instance, you can wear denim or chinos with a lightweight shirt. They can either be of bold or muted colour depending on what you want.

7. Discover Your Personal Style

Your personal style is your identity and in due time, you’ll become recognised for it. It may not happen instantly but as you keep making effort to find and develop your personal style, it’ll come.

We have a guide to help you find your personal style. Do go through it because it’ll also come in handy when you need to buy new stuff.

8. Wear Clothes that Suit Your Body Type

lady in body suiting outfit

Everything you wear has to complement your body. If not you wind up marring your look. If you’re straight, wear stuff that adds layers to your lower body. If you’re curvy then go for stuff that accentuates your figure. If you’re chubby and there’s fat around your belly region, there are clothes that can help you conceal such flaws. Don’t hesitate to wear them.

9. Accessorise

lady in a short dress with accessories

Don’t forget to tie a scarf around your hair or neck once you’re done dressing up. And if you notice the sun is scorching, wear a hat or grab on your sunglasses.

Accessories are those little add-ons that magnify your look. There are must-have accessories for men as well as accessories for women. Do check them out and start using them too.

10. A Dose of Confidence

Ikechukwu looking confident in his outfit

After doing everything stated here, if you don’t add a dose of self-confidence to your outfit, your effort will be in vain. Be confident in what you wear. Own it. It’s your style. And don’t forget to wear a smile too because it’s that curve that sets everything straight.

Toke Makinwa with the back pose

You should always remember these easy ways to look stylish. They’ll help you do fashion even better than those who wear expensive fashion items and trends all the time.

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