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How to Wear a Scarf: 6 Easy Tips That’ll Transform Your Outfit

Something is in vogue (and has always been). It’s one little yet mighty add-on that elevates your outfit and boosts your style. You guessed right. It’s a scarf. But do you know how to wear a scarf?

It isn’t by tying it around your head alone, you know.

There are other super stylish ways to rock a scarf and make a style statement.

lady wearing headtie

I can bet you haven’t tried all of them yet.

Wanna prove me wrong?

Hold on a second.

Let’s get down to business first by learning (or reminding ourselves) how to wear a scarf.

But first…

What is a Scarf?

fine man wearing neck scarf

A scarf is a piece of clothing worn around the neck, head, or any part of the body.

Victoria Willie wearing glasses and head scarf

Some wear it for religious purposes. Also, some wear it for warmth. Some wear it to protect themselves from the sun. While others wear it for the sake of fashion, cleanliness, or to show solidarity for a sports club.

man wearing scarf on his wrist

Scarves are usually made with fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, cotton, etc. And ever since they became a fashion staple, luxury fashion brands like Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Prada, etc., never fail to dole out printed scarves.

History of Scarves

History of scarves from the old Chinese Empire

Scarves have existed for a long time. History has it that during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, cloth scarves were used to identify the rank of Chinese warriors.

In ancient Rome, people wore scarves to stay clean. They called it focale which meant sweat cloth.

It was during the 19th century that scarves became a fashion accessory for both genders. And in the 20th century, it became a wardrobe staple.

How to Wear a Scarf

man and woman wearing glasses and neck scarf

As said earlier, there are many ways to rock a scarf.

But if I keep telling you, you won’t believe me.

How about I show you instead?

Let’s dive in.

1. Tie it around your head

lady tying headscarf

This is the most common way to rock a scarf. 

You can do this when you’re having a bad hair day or when you want to fulfill religious demands.

man tying scarf on the head

You just have to know how to tie the scarf in ways that boost your style and beautify your head.

2. Hang/Wrap it around your neck 

lady wearing jeans outfit with neck scarf

You can as well rock your scarf like a muffler or a tie to replace a necklace.

man wearing outfit with hat and neck scarf

Simply hang or wrap it around your neck or twist and turn to simulate a tie.

3. Wear it like a belt

smiling lady wearing scarf as belt

Who said scarves are for the head and neck alone?

Well, that person is wrong because your scarf also serves as a belt.

lady wearing belt scarf on ankara pants

So, for the days when a belt isn’t close, take advantage of it and make a fashion statement by running your scarf through your belt loops.

You’ll wind up adorning your waist once you do so.

4. Wear it as a Top

lady wearing top scarf and with shades

Fashionistas do this. Why haven’t you?

You can maneuver your scarf around your torso to create any style of top.

pretty lady wearing scarf top

Wanna know how to do that?

Here’s a video to guide you

5. Tie it Around Your ankles or Wrist

lady with an ankle scarf

Can you save your wristwatch and anklets for another day?

Use a scarf instead.

man tying scarf on wrist

Just twist or fold it a bit and wrap it to your wrist or ankle. 

A small scarf or bandana will achieve this for you.

6. Make it a Bag Accessory

lady carrying handbag with scarf

A little detail to make your bags stand out, don’t you think?

And to prove this, some handbags come with scarves.

So, will you try it out already?

bag scarf

It had better be a yes!

There you have it — the stylish ways you can tie a scarf. Scarves aren’t the only accessory that makes your outfits speak volumes.

lady wearing scarf on a blazer

There are others. And if you don’t read our piece on the accessories that can transform your outfits, you just may never know.

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