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5 Solid Reasons Why Every Lady Should Wear Anklets

When you hear the word anklet, what first comes to your mind? Lemme guess —lesbianism or maybe some female cult, right? Well, I don’t know what led to this immodest notion about this accessory but I do know that anklets are very attractive fashion accessories for women. And guess what? After reading these five proven reasons why every lady should wear anklets, you’d be tempted to get one for every lady you know (winks).

What is an Anklet?

anklets on a lady's left leg

An anklet is a body ornament worn around the ankles. In South Asia, it is commonly known as pattilu, payal or nupur. It can be in the form of silver, gold, metals, leather, plastic or beads.

What do Anklets Symbolise?

There was a time this ornament symbolised marital status. History has it that grooms gave it to their brides to make their marriage known to the public. Furthermore, in Egypt, women of varying social classes wore this accessory. While affluent women mostly wore gold and silver anklets with precious stones, commoners wore leather or metallic anklets.

Similarly, in India, women wore the ornament to indicate their marital status or to simply beautify their legs. To create more effect, some Indian dancers attach sonorous bells to the chain so they can make pleasing sounds while walking.

Why Every Lady Should Wear Anklets

These days, women wear anklets as a fashion statement so shun whatever unhealthy prior belief you had about it. It is a must-have jewelry for women with a subtle touch of sensuality like waist beads.

Benefits of Wearing an Anklet

why women wear anklets

If you still don’t like this accessory, these five reasons why every lady should wear anklets will make you love it:

1. Highlights Your Ankles

If you’ve got fine legs and you want to flaunt it, wearing this ornament on any of them will help you do justice to that. They draw attention to a woman’s ankles. Imagine putting on a short/ skirt or dress and as your admirers drool over you, they sight some beads or chain around your ankles and that’s it —they are stuck! Anklets glorify your legs by drawing attention to your ankles. It also creates a slimming effect on your ankles and makes them look longer.

2. Maintains Positive Energy in Your Body

When your feet touch the ground, there is an exchange of energy. Since silver anklets release positive ions, wearing one helps you revibrate the energy lost back into your body. It helps maintain a positive charge in your body especially if you usually walk barefoot while at home.

3. Relieves Leg Pain

Anklets help to regulate leg pains. This happens as a result of the friction between your leg and the jewelry. This friction increases blood circulation thereby reducing leg pain or swollen feet.

4. Complements Your Outfit

Just like your earrings and necklaces, anklets complement your outfit. You can add one to your ankle if you have on a conservative or dull outfit and wish to elevate it. It spices up your attire and make your colours pop out especially if it’s made of colourful beads.

5. Makes You Admirable

Wearing an anklet presents you as a confident and daring lady. People may not walk up to you and tell you that but they sure do admire your guts for having it on amid its negative stereotype in this part of the world.

So are you ready to grab on an anklet? What are you waiting for? Aren’t these benefits of wearing an anklet enough to get you started? Or do you still have your reservations about it? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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