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28 Attachment Hairstyles that’ll Always Enhance Your Beauty

African women may have short hair compared to those of other races, but the fact remains that our hair is versatile. Perhaps, that’s because our creator saw our unique hair and gave us the ability to manipulate it into different styles. Maybe that’s why when you get bored of rocking your natural hairstyles, you add hair extensions in the form of weaves, Brazilian wool, thread, crochet, and other attachment hairstyles.

They all fall under the name attachment. I mean, everything that isn’t your natural hair but you “attach” to your hair is an attachment. But for this post, we’ll strictly look at the attachment hairstyles (particularly braids) achieved with products such as Xpression, Darling, Kanekalon, Lush, etc. 

So, if you plan to wear an attachment hairstyle this season, get ready to use your screenshot button. You’ll find every inspiration you need to achieve a beautiful hairdo from this post.

Let’s dive in.

What are Attachment Hairstyles?

pretty lady wearing attachment hairstyle

These coiffures are braids made with hair extensions composed of fine plastic fibers made to look like human hair.  Once attached to your hair, attachment increases the length and density of your natural hair. However, your hairstylist will trim it and massage it with hot water to give it a neat finish and also ensure it doesn’t pressure your scalp.

But before this happens, the hair extension will be prepared. That is, your hairstylist will cut the pack of your extension into three or more parts, depending on the length you have in mind. Afterward, they’ll manually stretch it to increase the length and ensure it’s not blunt or rough when attached to your hair.

Victoria Willie wearing attachment hairstyle

Many hair brands produce extensions for attachment hairstyles. Some of them include Darling, Kanekalon, X-Pression, Lush, etc.

These brands have recognized a need in the market and that’s to fasten the installation of these extensions. And to solve that problem, they’ve introduced another kind of extension: the pre-pulled or pre-stretched hair attachments.

Pre-stretched extensions don’t need to be drawn or stretched. They’ve already been stretched to their maximum length. You only have to give your hairstylist the style you have in mind, make sure your hair is clean, and begin the braids immediately without forgetting to soak in hot water once you’re done braiding too.

That’s how fun achieving attachment hairstyles has become. 

Latest Attachment Hairstyles in Nigeria and Beyond

beautiful lady wearing braids with attachment

You can achieve any type of African braids with these hair extensions. But since you’re looking for something that’ll make you look gorgeous as always, we recommend these:

1. Knotless Braids

lady with facemask wearing black knotless braids

At the time of writing this piece, knotless braids were in vogue. And they probably will still be for the rest of the decade. 

These braids don’t have knots as normal box braids do. And to achieve it, your hairstylist braids the root of your natural hair before attaching the extension to it.

lady wearing brown knotless braids

You can get long, short, straight, or curly knotless braids. You can also mix different colours of extensions so long as they complement each other. Just ensure your extension is a good one.

2. Butterfly Braids

lady wearing butterfly hairdo

This is another trendy attachment hairstyle. It’s similar to the usual box braids only that it comes with more effects which make it more beautiful.

lady wearing butterfly braids

To achieve it, your hairstylist will have to pull a part of your extension as they braid your hair. This will result in small curves around each braid.

3. Twists

lady wearing twist braids

This is one of the attachment hairstyles that’ll never go out of style. I love twists because they are easy to achieve and easy to loosen when you get tired of them. They are also beautiful and easy to maintain like every other protective hairstyle.

lady wearing long twist braids

It involves wrapping two strands of attachments around each other to create a rope-like result.

4. Bantu Knots

Victoria Willie wearing bantu knots with attachments

Would you like to unleash the African queen in you? Then go for Bantu knots.

pretty lady rocking bantu knots

These attachment hairstyles aren’t only beautiful and easy to install. They also protect your natural hair too. They are the perfect coiffure to complement Afrocentric fashion.

5. Box Braids

lady wearing box braids

Your box braids are really lovely. They can be thin or chunky. You can also make them short or long. It all depends on your choice.

To achieve these types of attachment hairstyles, your hairstylist will cut your hair into different sections in a square-shaped manner. They can also, for more effects, give the sections a triangular shape.

pretty lady rocking red box braids

Unless your braids will be chunky, prepare yourself to sit down for a while so your hairstylist can do it for you.

6. Ghana Braids

lady wearing black Ghana weaving

This is another attachment hairstyle you should wear. It’s been existing since the emergence of hair extensions itself. And now, we even have Ghana weaving wigs to wear if you don’t wanna sit long to achieve it.

lady making brown Ghana weaving

If this is your choice, check out our catalogue on the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles. You’ll definitely find one or two that meet your fancy.

7. Inverted Cornrows

lady wearing didi hairstyle

The Yoruba people of Nigeria call this style Didi. If you’re having trouble with growing your hair, this is one hairstyle that spurs hair growth and boosts hair density.

woman on didi hairstyle

Didi is just another cornrow braid. But the major difference is that you weave the hair on the reverse, as though you are weaving your hair inside out. 

8. Cornrow Braids

smiling lady rocking cornrows hairstyle

Cornrows are the genesis of all attachment hairstyles. You can also use your natural hair to achieve them if you want. 

You can go for all-black cornrows, shuku cornrows, two-step cornrows, zigzag, and many other types of cornrow hairstyles. You can also use any colour of extension to achieve it and curl the tips too.

9. Stitch Braids

lady wearing stitch braids with accessories

Stitch braids are the perfect way to make your regular cornrows unique without adding hair accessories. 

lady wearing stitch braids - side view

You use the feed-in technique to achieve this hairstyle. Even though it takes time to manipulate, stitch braids are super cool. And the space from the sectioned lines always adds more details to your hair.

10. Shuku

side view of a lady wearing shuku hairstyle

A braided updo is another type of attachment hairstyle. You can never go wrong with it—not even for once.

lady wearing shuku hairstyle

And if you’ve been considering braiding your hair into cornrows in an updo fashion, choose from any of the latest shuku hairstyles. They’ll frame your face and give you a dazzling look.

As you decide on any of the latest attachment hairstyles to settle for, don’t forget to adorn your hair with hair accessories. But what if your hairstylist picks your braids tightly? You know you’ll be too busy nursing your pain than to remember accessories.

fair lady wearing braids with extensions

So, ask them not to apply much pressure on your scalp. But if they do, use these tips to relieve tight braids without loosening your hair.

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