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35 Dirty Blonde Hair Colors that are Perfect for You

If there’s anything special about blonde hair, it’s the fact that it never comes in one shade. For instance, if you don’t wanna rock the golden blonde, you can always go for other hues like bleached, honey, platinum, dirty blonde hair, etc  

Gone are the days when women stuck to rocking one blonde hue all the days of their lives. Now, they experiment with different hues until they find the perfect match for their skin tone. Dirty blonde is one of such popular hues. As you already know, this hair color is a fashion statement on its own. And even the hottest blondes in the world and other celebrities rock them. 

lady wearing gorgeous  dirty blonde hair with waves.

You don’t have to be a natural blonde to achieve this look. Besides if you are a natural brunette or black attempting a color-changing journey, this look is perfect for you without causing any damage to your hair.

In fact, this piece you’re reading is the nudge you need to carry on. And to help you start your dirty blonde hair transformation, you’ll find awesome ideas we curated for you in this post.

What is a Dirty Blonde Hair Colour?

Beautiful  lady shows off her  dirty blonde hair gathered in a messy ponytail

This hair color is the darker shade of the blonde look, with the perfect mix of wheat blonde, medium blonde, and brown tones. Another name for this hair color is “dishwasher blonde” Unlike other blonde hair colors like platinum and icy blonde, it’s less yellow and browner and this makes it so much easier to maintain if you have dark roots.

Benefits of Dirty Blonde Hair

a lady wearing beautiful dirty blonde hair, middle parted with bangs

Most dirty blonde hair colors are tailored to fit each person’s unique natural shade. It doesn’t matter if you have light, medium, dark blonde, or even brunette roots, you can still rock this hair color effortlessly to match your skin tone. It weaves together various dark and light hue tones of the signature blonde hair making it a flattering color that looks good on anyone. 

Another great benefit of this look is that it gives your hair a break from all the damage that comes with bleaching. So if it’s your choice, you need not worry about hair breakage or any long-term damage. 

What’s the Difference Between Dirty Blonde and Dark Blonde?

Gorgeous lady rocks a wavy hair with dark roots and blonde tips

Dirty blonde is a blend of different hues such as light brown and dark blonde. It’s not as dark as dark blonde as it most times has a golden highlight or hue. On the other hand, dark blonde is a deeper shade of blonde hair that looks almost brunette in color.

How to Care for Dirty Blonde Hair

Lady shows off her middle-parted waves with blonde highlights.

If you’re ready to go dirty blonde, then you should amp up your haircare routine. Although this hairstyle is low maintenance, your home haircare routine is also important to ensure your hair remains vibrant before your next touch-up appointments. 

To achieve this, swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for hair treatment formulated specifically for colored hair. Apply the shampoo first on your wet hair and massage it until it lathers. Rinse out, then follow it up with the conditioner and leave it for at least one or two minutes before rinsing it off. 

This would help maintain your hair up until you’re ready for another hairstyling appointment

1O Amazing Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas to Try

So where do you begin searching for inspiration? Right here in this post. Keep reading to see the dirty blonde colors we’ve curated to prompt your next hair appointment.

Natural Looking Dirty Blonde Bob

Side profile of a dirty blonde hair and a bob cut.

This gorgeous look is the best choice if you are opting for a low-maintenance look. This look is achieved by asking your stylist for blonde and light brown baby highlights. Adding a finishing touches of a bob cut will make you look polished without spending too much.  

Reverse Dirty Blonde Ombre

Beautiful dirty blonde hair in curly waves.

A beautiful textured dirty dark blond hair root adorned with wavy curls and brunette tips is one of the best ways to rock that summer look.

Dirty Blonde Hair Pixie Cut

Beautiful lady shows off her dirty blonde pixie cut.

If you’re going for this look get ready to tell your stylist to add some side-swept bangs that will flaunt your facial features and add some flair to this amazing haircut. To get this style, blow dry your hair with a paddle hair brush and lock them into place with some hairspray. 

Natural Color Waves

This hair color is gorgeous if you are aiming for a a beachy wave vibe.

This look is quite common with Jennifer Aniston. But it’s not for her alone. You also can rock it. Complement your natural hair color with this dirty blond look. Feel free to add curls if you want to spice things up.

 Icy Blonde Shaggy Bob

Side profile of a lady with beautiful lady with a gorgeous icy blonde hair.

Icy blonde pieces, dark roots, and shaggy curls give your dirty blonde style new dimensions. And if you’re ready to turn heads, pair this look with a bob cut and an off-shoulder dress.

Stunning Dirty Blonde Bayalage

Back view of a gorgeous dirty blonde hair.

This dirty blonde hair color is the perfect low-maintenance look. The warm hue tones are a great complement to most skin stones, making them widely accepted and universally flattering. When styling this gorgeous dirty blonde look, don’t forget to add some curls and hairspray to get that beachy look.  

Dirty Blonde Curly Hair

Beautiful lady rocks dirty blonde hair  with honey blonde highlights.

This hair color is also great for ladies with curly hair. The beige shade looks beautiful on any skin tone. To achieve this gorgeous hairstyle, book an appointment with a curl specialist. 

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

Side profile of bob-cut icy blonde hair.

Dirty ash blonde hair paired with a shoulder-length cut, smokey roots, and subtle balayage looks will look gorgeous on straight-layered hair. This dirty blonde hair look is also a great choice for mid-length, thin, and fine hair.

The Perfect Balance of Blonde and Brunette

A mix of blonde hair and brunette look

Ever heard of the best of both worlds, well you can have it with this look. This gorgeous dirty blonde hair color is the perfect blend of brunette and blonde. We should call it Blondette, right? Just kidding. 

Light Dishwater Blonde

Beautiful lady rocks wavy icy blonde hair.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that gives all the perks of a platinum blonde hair color with going entirely white. Then this is the look for you. The vanilla highlight with blended lowlight will enhance your features beautifully. 

More Dirty Blonde Hair Colors To Inspire You

Ready to try out any of these dirty blonde hair color ideas? Scroll down for more pictures that will inspire you.

Side-parted honey blonde colored hair.
Gorgeous lady with long blonde hair
A blend of brunette and blonde highlights.
Side parted look of a dirty blonde hair.
Beautiful lady shows off soft look with a middle parted blonde hair.
Beautiful lady shows off her short dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights.
Beautiful lady shows of honey colored hair.
Side parted icy dirty blonde hair.
Khloe Kardashian shows off her long dirty blonde hair.
Beautiful lady shows off her dirty blonde hair wrapped in a messy bun.
Beautiful lady shows off straight side -parted dirty blonde look
smiling beautiful lady rocks her blonde hair with a gorgeous smile.
Gorgeous lady shows off her long wavy hair with platinum highlights
a pretty lady rocking a perfect mix of blonde hair and honey colored tones.
Gorgeous lady with honey blonde hair..
Beautiful lady with long gorgeous dirty blonde hair.
Gorgeous lady show a side view of her long  hair.
Jennifer Lopez shows off her dirty blonde hair center parted with waves.
Back view of long, wavy gorgeous  blonde hair.
Gorgeous lady shows of her long hair with blonde highlights.
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