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80s Hairstyles: 25 Hair Ideas to Rock in 2023

Most modern hairstyles you see were inspired by the past. So when we ask you to draw inspiration from 80s hairstyles for your next hairdo, don’t think it’s out-of-place. 

Coiffures like bangs, wolf cuts, afro hairstyles,  finger coils, and many more were modified to look modern. So, don’t look at your parents’ and granny’s old pictures and laugh at the hairdo they wore back then.

Gorgeous lady rocking voluminous  hair

Hold them close because in the next few minutes, you’ll be looking at more vintage hairstyles you can recreate with a modern touch.

What Inspired the 80s Hairstyles?

Lady in red rocks the blonde wavy hair that was popular in the 80s

The 80s were categorized by huge and voluminous hair on men and women. Most times, these hairstyles were long and curly and some were inspired by heavy hair metal bands, that later earned the name hair bands

While some voluminous locks and long hair on men started in the previous decade, the looks became more exaggerated and extreme in the 80s. This wasn’t unusual as the popular theme for hair then was “the bigger, the better.

Which Hairstyles were popular in the 80s?

This beautiful 80s hairstyle featured women wrapping their hair in a messy ponytail

Most of the hairstyles that trended in the ’80s were mainly, mullet, tall mohawk hairstyles, jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fades for men. And the ladies rocked puffed-up styles, permanent weaves, large hair-dos,  and softer cuts. 

You’ll learn more about them as we proceed.

How Do I Style My Hair Like the 80s?

This gorgeous blowout was one of the 80s hairstyles in vogue then

One of the popular features of most 80s hairstyles is that it has more volume or bangs on top.. So if you want to style your hair like the ladies from the 80s, here’s one way to do so:

Pull your hair up to the top or side of your head, the higher it is, the better for you. Also, ensure you brush the sides only and leave as much volume or bangs whichever you prefer is fine. You can add extra teasing and the right product to the front once your hair is pulled up to a ponytail. Then create a side-swept look to give it that flair. 

What Tools are Best for Achieving 80s Hair?

The beautiful lady rocks the gorgeous blonde blow out

To get the 80s hairstyle look, you need the right hairstyling tools and products and this depends on the hairstyle you’re going for. Besides comb and hair brushes, some of them include foam hair rollers, blow dryers, flat iron, curling wands, etc.

You can also use a crimping tool to get mid-lengths, shoulder lengths, and longer lengths. 

10 Amazing 80s Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Blown out and messy hair wrapped up in a bun was one 80s hairstyles to try then

Tired of wearing trendy hairstyles and want something different? Travel back in time by wearing any of these 80s hairstyles we curated for you:

Jheri Curls

Jheri curls was one of the  80s hairstyles that both men and women rocked as seen on this lady.

Also known as wash-n-wear curls or jerry curls,  this style was created by hairdresser Jheri Redding and was very popular in the 80s. It features shiny permed curls meant to hang loose. Big Stars like Micheal Jackson, Ice Cube, and many others rocked this look. But it has become more popular among women and is still rocked today.

Big Teased Hair

The wavy long blonde curls also represented the 80s era.

This 80s hairstyle is perfect for women with small round faces. If you take a look at your parents’ photos from that time, don’t be surprised they rocked this look too. 

The Mullet

The mullet was one of the edgy looks that men and women rocked back then.

Men and women rocked this hairstyle back then.  It features short hair, cut on the sides and the front but left long and flowing at the back. The look started getting waves as early as the 70s, but it became a fashion statement in the 80s. You can go ahead and rock hairstyles it works on both straight and curly hair. 

Ponytails with Scrunchies 

This look involves ladies wrapping their hair in scrunchy accessories

Ponytails had already been around for a long time, but in the 80s there was a resurgence as women used scrunchy hair accessories to gather up their ponytails. This 80s hairstyle is perfect if you want a fun and carefree look.

Crimped Hair

The crimped hair was one of  the 80s hairstyles  that rocked that era

Crimped hair was one look in the 80s both men and women rocked, including celebrities. Just in case you don’t know, this style involves styling your hair into zig-zag waves with a crimping iron. The look is still in vogue to date. 

Hair Blowout

Massive hair blow out were all for the 80s

Blowouts were one of the best hairdos women rocked back then. And this trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Since voluminous hair was categorized in the 80s, this style was very popular.


Locs was one of the 80s hairstyles that was popular among the rasta community.

Locs was another popular 80s hairstyle for men and women. The coiffure was used to identify those in the Rastafarian community. 

It involves letting your hair grow into long, rope-like strands that can be styled with beads or any other hair accessories. Nowadays, people go for modern dreadlocks styles, faux locs and butterfly locs as a modern spin on the style.

Box Braids

These beautiful braids rocked the 80s and were popular among African-American.

This hairstyle was quite popular among African-American women in the 1980s. It involves parting the hair into small, square-shaped sections and braiding them from the root to the tip. 

The style is still in vogue and popular among younger generations. Box braids were cool then, but they are cooler now.

80s Pixie

This pixie haircut was gorgeous on both men and women

Apart from the famous long 80s hairstyles, women also rocked edgy pixie haircuts with asymmetric bangs. This look is still in vogue and you can rock it with any outfit. 

Floral Accessories

Putting floral accessories in the hair was one of the popular look women rocked back then

The 80s were trendsetters when it came to hairstyling. Besides the edgy, sporty look that categorized most 80s coiffures, some others were girly and romantic. And women who rocked such girly hairstyles were often accessorized with flowers and other hair accessories.

More 80s Hairstyles to Try Out

Not satisfied with the ones you’ve seen above? Here are more 80s hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

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