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Male Wolf Cut: What to Know About this Hairstyle

The male wolf cut is a great hairstyle for men looking to wear their hair in different lengths and layers. And since you’re on this page, I guess you’re one of them.

a man with full mustache wearing male wolf cut

This hairstyle is expressive. It oozes a deliberate unstructured finish that gives you a cool look. Though it originated in South Korea, it’s gained global acclaim and men with all types of hair be, it Asian or Caucasian rock it.

a man looking sideways showing his untamed shaggy cut

I know you have some questions about this haircut. For instance, which style is best for you and how can you tell if it’ll suit you? That’s what we’ll cover in this piece. Read on to find out.

What’s the Male Wolf Cut About?

a guy sticking his tongue out while wearing red male wolf cut

A wolf cut is a type of haircut featuring short layers that start at the crown and longer layers that taper toward the ends of your hair. It’s a combination of the shag haircut and the mullet hairstyle. You can call it shaggy messy bangs. And as the name implies, it looks like the mane of a wolf.

The style is perfect for framing your face and adding volume to your hair. It’s a coiffure you should go for if you love to look cool yet wild or untamed.

Is a Wolf Cut Low-Maintenance? 

An Asian guy with messy shaggy cut

This haircut isn’t so low maintenance. You can’t simply wash, and get going like you would if you wore a buzz cut. It needs some styling especially if your male wolf cut has curls or waves. You’ll also have to apply hair products, blow dry, and visit the salon regularly to keep your layers in check.

Is Male Wolf Cut Good for Men?

a barechested dude showing off his tousled male wolf cut

Yes, it is. It’s a well-detailed hairstyle that’ll complement your beauty and accentuate your hair’s length. So, go for it.

What Face Shape is Best for Wolf Cut?

a man with tousled cut and curtain bangs

This hairstyle works for all face shapes. But if you have an oval, square, or round face, it’ll look more perfect on you. Why? Because it’ll create movement around your chin and jawline and frame your face to suit its shape.

Does Wolf Cut Suit Everyone?

a guy in a turtleneck wearing blonde male wolf cut

Yes, this coiffure suits anyone looking for hair volume. It also looks good on all hair lengths, hair types, and hair textures. But the cut looks better and more carefree on those with thicker curly or wavy hair. 

Is Wolf Cut for Everyone?

a guy in a knitted sweater rocking black and white wolf cut

No. This style is for only those seeking to achieve more hair volume. So if that isn’t your goal, skip this cut.

Do Wolf Cuts Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

a guy in a tattered top rocking shaggy bangs

Yes, this hairstyle makes your hair look thicker. The choppy waves and layers help to add more depth and volume to your hair. Furthermore, the combo of top short layers and bottom long layers gives the illusion of more hair on your head.

Are Wolf Cut and Mullet the Same?

a guy rocking a mullet

Wolf cuts hairstyle and mullet are not the same. Sure, they look alike but they’re still different. Though both hairstyles feature short, heavily layered hair in the front, the main difference between a wolf cut and a mullet lies in the way they’re layered. 

For one, the mullet has this haircut at the top that resembles a bowl and a long bottom that looks like a tail. 

a man wearing a mullet hairstyle

On the other hand, the male wolf cut is more like a shag cut than a mullet. Its layers are more even and graduate into different lengths. Also while wolf cut usually has bangs, mullets seldom do and when they do, the bangs stop at the mid-forehead.

a man rocking wolf cut hairstyle

Another difference between the male wolf cut and mullet is that while you can do the former by yourself, you’ll have to go to the hair salon to get a mullet. One reason is that it’s more intricate and requires professional styling.

In addition, the wolf cut is more versatile and suitable for different hair lengths and textures. But this isn’t the same for the mullet.

How to Maintain Wolf Cut

a Korean actor in shaggy cut

Brush Your Hair Daily

If you don’t brush your wolf cut hairstyle daily, you’ll look unkempt and that’s not good for you.

Furthermore, brushing daily helps to prevent your strands from tangling or frizzing. You can use a round brush for this and if your hair is prone to having knots, apply detangling spray to prevent hair breakage.

Apply Hairstyling Products

Products like leave-in conditioner, pomade, and texturizing spray help to keep your cut in place. They also offer more beauty benefits too. For instance, the leave-in conditioner moisturizes your hair, keeps it growing healthy, and protects your hair follicles from buildup.

Trim Regularly

If you don’t the short layers will grow to the length of the long layers and it will no longer be a wolf cut. So, try to trim every six to ten weeks to preserve your shaggy bangs and layers.

Types of Male Wolf Cut to Try

A man rocking long male wolf cut

There are different styles of wolf cut that’ll suit you. From curly to wavy, straight, short, and what have you, these styles abound. But before you settle for any, consider your face shape and be ready to play with different textures too for a more tousled, shaggy look.


Once you’ve made up your mind to do this, pick from any of these styles and recreate them:

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